Thursday 5 August 2010


One of the most pleasing aspects of human interchange in the human condition is the smile, it needs no rehearsing, no prompting, no translation, it has no hidden agendas and it costs nothing too, in short it's the best way to communicate with someone else in an instant. The smile transcends barriers of religion, status, situation, language, and whatever else, it's the perfect way to express who you are and transmit or relay it to another, without having to carry on further and without the need for reciprocation. Having a pleasant disposition is one of the best assets you can have, it not only has a warming effect upon life around you it elevates who you are and provides a platform of heightened response and attitude towards life in general, especially when things go wrong. A smile means you are approachable, it means people can engage with you should they want to and it means that you are approachable even if deep down you aren't too keen on talking or conversing with certain individuals.

Our disposition in life or our attitude plays a vital role in how we both enjoy life as well as how we think of ourselves and others.  It may be "cool" to look mean by media standards but such ideology is fantasy land and covers up their own neurosis of life, failings and gross apprehension about how they fit into the grand order of things. For the every day pedestrian a smile lifts life beyond the "poor old me" approach to something that's good and gracious and likeable, it even by default elevates those around as they can sense and feel goodness radiating from within. For those who can smile easily even when on the phone it brings a new dimension to conversations, something that advertisers who get their audio clients to smile when talking can't do as it's all contrived, but the inferior beings will one day learn otherwise. Building up warmth from within is like a degree of maturity that just gets better and better and better, it's the grand fine wine that's aged and brings out the very best of what's on offer.

Those that smile get better help than those that don't, they are more readily liked, they tend to get better more quickly than the dull and dowdy, they are less selfish, more active in life and see beyond the horizon whereas the melancholic can't see anything but downhearted aspects of life. Smiles convey love, the base of our very existencee, smilest convey trust, and it brings a degree of unity too which melds people together and how they feel into an overall commonality, which is also essential to make us feel a part of life today. Smiling is definitely an asset and if you don't subscribe to smiling regardless of what others do or whether they reciprocate or not, you will lose out big time in life,  just be you and smile.

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