Wednesday 2 February 2011


We all at times have deep aspirations and ideas that we would like to carry out, we also have "duties" too that we more or less must carry out like getting repairs to the home or car or some such thing, and at times we ponder and procrastinate over getting around to getting them done. Of course if there are considerations like finance and time these have to obviously be taken into account, but the bottom line is they still need to be done. How we go about affecting change is down to us as no one else will or can do it for us, we have to go about making it happen. Life is full of ups and downs and our minds take on board life, process it, which produces the effects of our "highs" and our "lows". We have two parts to our mind one that is allways gathering information and reacting accordingly and another one which  controls this side and deems what decisions we make. In effect we have the mechanical side which is literally our mind working (our motor) and then we have the control panel which decides what we do and how we do and why we do and anything else we want to put into the end result, that's the real us. Whatever we ever do comes from us, even if we choose to follow others and blame them if it doesn't work, it's our decision to have gone that route, so we are still to blame for not taking ownership. There is no way we can get away from our actions, especially the "they made me do it" or "they got me angry" or  "they made me say it" (unless you were captured by terrorists and that chance is more than pretty slim). The modern attitude of "blame culture" is really for the pathetic, low-minded, insincere, devisive, lazy and those lacking in ability, and there are quite a few around, not to be trusted, always seeking the easy option 'out' at the expense of others, life's parasites.

Our control panel is where it all happens, it's where we make our decisions and how we implement them, how we view others and how others view us, all this is fed by the "motor" side that collates information stores it and processes it, so if that's not in tip top working order and is not as slick as it should be our decision making will not only be flawed but it will produce dubious results that will not do us any good. If we reside predominantly on the negative emotional side of life or have attitude problems then what we put out will always be below par, we will by our own hand hold ourselves back. As humans we are complex creatures, never the less the commonality of life and residing in it has almost identical threads as our feelings are all the same, how we respond to those feelings can vary. There are those low life creatures who are politically correct who are always getting offended and upset and put out, and there are the real human beings that just take life in their stride and get on with it, it's a decisional thing. Politically correct people tend to have the worlds worst relationship problems, be dull, negative and be lonely more so than others, often eternally seeking resolution whilst everyone else moved on ages ago.

If we feel bright and ebullient then we have the impetus to move on, we see everything as a step towards progress, it's a joy to do it, even if that step is really a chore, it's advancement it's everything that's good and progressive and enhances the self. If we feel low and dowdy and lacklustre then even the most effective things that we do seem like trudging uphill, as there seems that even if we do this and that there's still a way to go and thus the way forward seems heavy, even if it isn't and that in reality success is but around the next corner, which is frequently the case. Getting yourself psyched up isn't that easy, although for some it's easier than others, many who are used to predominantly looking at life glumly tend to allow it to subsume their overall feelings and this habit is hard to break. Always relating to past feelings and regurgitating the past forms a descendant check list which is forever at hand and it's all too easy to allow it to appear the moment things don't go well, and then add to it placing even more weight based on current details. It's imperative that we make a conscious decision no matter "how hard" that is not to allow our thoughts to dwell on the past, then feel bad because of it, the future is where it all lies the past is just a constraint in history nothing more no matter how good or devastating it was, it's all gone and finished and the future is where we walk in to. Getting our act together is more than a 'mind set' it's an attitude about us, if we want to progress then it's us who have to do it.

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