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If someone put the question to you, "Who Are You?" how would you answer, possibly like many people with that instant response of "ermm", which usually indicates that you are trawling your mind for something to say, rightly or wrongly for anything that sounds almost plausible and not corny. But it's important that we know who we are, because if we don't know then what are we doing with our lives, where are we going, or are we just following a thread that's in our minds of where we would ultimately like to be based upon lots of spurious parameters and situations. Of course the bottom line of who we are has many angles, it encompasses who we are as a character - which in itself has many facets and substrates, it incorporates our thinking and desires and wants too - real or imagined, which is important for without those we are basically aimless. And it incorporates almost holistically everything else that we have touched upon in life including family, friends, likes, dislikes, aptitudes, love, and the little nuances that make who we are and different from everybody else. But it still begs the question "Who Are We?", other than a carbon based entity made up of over 80% water with sentient capabilities, and with sentient capabilities comes individuality and with individuality comes creativity and that leads to development and progression of the species and that in turn leads to an evolution of its own making. It's only when religion comes into play (Not God - religion) that some societies fall behind and become backwards as is evident today in all the religiously controlled countries, where anything new and advanced is bought in from those countries that allow freedom and creativity. The "darkness exists in life".

But how would you describe yourself and where would you start? If I were to describe myself I could start by saying I'm tall dark and handsome with a fiery Wit, intelligent (humour me please), adventurous nature (I've been around the world endless times and have a pilot's licence and martial art black belt) and love meeting people and seeing what makes them tick. Indeed all my writings on emotions have come from this premise of global knowledge, and I bring this to the fore on my many radio programmes. I love just about all foods and drink, like challenging traditions and cultures that enslave and hold people back, putting religions on the spot and asking why they have so many opt out clauses to allow them to function when God has none, he's all around all the time, and if you don't believe in God then you're dust. I like to think I'm kind, but then I write about what constitutes a kind person and many other people call themselves kind but it's just so far from the truth. So we end up with both objective and subjective descriptions, tall, dark, possibly handsome, (I am really) then the rest is all subjective and can vary depending on how they relate to others and situations and indeed others perceptions. I see comedians on television that make me go cold, yet they are billed as the best thing since sliced bread, at the same time I have a laugh every day with friends and family all of whom can see the funny side of everything, those are the people I mix with, I can't stand dull people. Oh and yes, I'm not in any shape or form politically correct, that's like a red rag to a bull, stand clear, politically correct morons are life's greatest losers in fact they area embarrassment to humanity. But apart from saying a little about me most of which is unimportant as I contribute nothing to the lives of billions of people even though many buy my books and like my radio programmes, what does it say about me?

Of course you can do the "marketing thing" and wax lyrical about one's virtues and attributes but that's no guarantee that you will be liked or like whoever it is or indeed that they they are honest and stable either or that their character is compatible with yours, and if it isn't then no matter how nice they are you just don't want to know. You can top a list of bullet points and these would form some kind of mental picture to help fill in the gaps if you already had a picture or viewing. But everything is just so relative, we have a very profound way of describing people to friends, it always starts with the emotional aspect, "Oh he's really nice" or "She's a lovely lady - you'll like her" and without seeing the person or knowing anything about them you are already warming to the description, the rest just pads out the picture. Similarly, if someone was described as "He's a real blaggard" or "she's bitchy" then no matter what follows you are completely sceptical about further description until at least you have been proven wrong, and you may never allow that to happen, and be wrong for not allowing it to be so.

So who are you, what you look like is that important? What you are - status in life, your background credentials and achievements, even if applaud able does it form who you are? Your character, that's what most people will pick up on and view you by, or is it a combination of all those, because most people will not interact with all those facets at any one time, and whilst you may have an impressive pedigree in life it's still you're character that will interact with others and that says a lot. If I'm tall dark handsome and fabulous, does it really matter if I'm going to perform life giving surgery on you, it's what I can do nothing else matters. I could be a pop idle and yet find it hard to string a whole sentence together, let alone keep a conversation going for a couple of minutes, and as for general knowledge - what's that? No matter who you are it's important to know your the facets of yourself and not hide behind illusory aspects that you think you are something you are not. Mean people never think they are mean and talk about generosity, yet generous people never say a thing, we do at some stage almost upstage ourselves and carefully listening to what people say, even on the phone will very soon ground and establish who they really are which will counteract their vocal stance. It's easier to be open about yourself and honest that way you will neither sell your self short nor cause disillusionment with others which if that happens is very sad.

Your friends and family will know who you are even if they can't really tap in to your inner thoughts and feelings, so it's good to be "at one" with whom you are and acknowledge your good points, bad points (although you don't have to broadcast them) and areas in between that you would dearly like to expand upon and grow. You can initially fool or hoodwink people at the start, but after a while the real you comes out and that's the real litmus test as to whether you can literally "cut the mustard" or go into a nosedive. So many people falsify their self abilities, get a position then six months down the line start suffering from stress or even worse have time off for stress. Find out what you would say if someone asked you to describe yourself straight off, forget being embarrassed and feeling selfish as it's "all about me", just say what you are and how you look, you know all the answers and get them into a short mental paragraph, you'll be amazed at how you sound to yourself.

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