Monday 7 February 2011


How many people are ever prepared for the inevitable or whatever crosses their pathway without prior warning? We are all different and cope differently with regards the self same thing, often our culture, religion, upbringing has an input as to our thinking or in many cases lack of it. Coming to terms with aspects of life can not only be shattering it can be life changing too, and for some it's a step almost too far. Bereavement, financial loss, health, relationship breakdown, friendship breakdown, losing your job, having an accident, being mugged or assaulted, robbery, fire, the list in endless and what it means to each and everyone of us is very personal. But what we must always understand that every second we are on planet earth time is literally ticking by, we owe it to ourselves to live the best way we can, and that has nothing to do with anyone else, nor are comparisons a worthy litmus test or gauge as to where we are or what we do. In the grand order of things nothing is in isolation, it's just that when something of great enormity happens to us we override the possibilities or potential of what could be thereafter. When bereavement hits us, our partner dies or something similar, we rarely want to see what options lie ahead for fear of it being disrespectful or not very nice or ungodly or callous and cold, but it's far far from that stance, life is ONLY for the living. And where REAL love comes into play - and you would be amazed at the difference between real love and "comfort love" the deceased would not wish you to be unhappy after they had passed on, with real love they would wish you to be happy, happy, happy, happy, and if you don't think that way then there is something wrong with you, your thoughts, your relationship, your love, your religion (and  religion has little to do with God), and respect for yourself. Religion has repressed people for centuries and held them back to the point that many fear aspects of life and live below acceptable standards. Every religiously controlled country is unstable and has massive enforcements to keep a dictatorial stance, (all under the name of religion) but in reality it's the few controlling the many, what you believe is between you and God NO ONE ELSE, not the government nor society.

Our thoughts about life fluctuate between how we are currently living and how we see ourselves, so we need to be real in this respect for if we veer off into areas of fantasy we will always live below our own expectations, even if our standard is currently relatively high. Adjustment in life is also something we need adapt to and stop the endless comparisons of how life was and how it is now, even if at times it turns out even better, which often happens. Many a bad scenario has a positive outcome, we must never lose sight of greater potential that we can't see or don't want to see for feeling unworthy of or from a lack of self esteem. There are few reversible situations in life because we can't ever turn the clock back, life presents itself in a different way as our 'mind set' changes and as we are mentally challenged en-route and thus see things from a different perspective and from a different time line. Our future thoughts are also re-aligned and that has a lot to do with our stability and how we physically live. How we as individuals see life has a bearing on what makes us tick, if we follow that 'love walk' and see 'happiness' as something that we are in charge of then we have a head start above the rest who seek to find love and happiness in others or situations, and thus rarely ever get anywhere except fed up and jaundiced. The end of one thing is always the beginning of something else, even though the new event may be totally different in what it is. In science the end of one thing is the begining of something else the use of energy is transferred to a different state, our lives are all molecular in structure from how we are born, develop and how we decay it's all governed by molecular structures. Our spirit and consciousness is something totally different, something that utilises science as a medium and a structure to allow - on earth at least - its ability to function, it's the medium called the "human form" but after death there are no limits whatsoever. (Unless you are an atheist or a Darwinian and then you are reduced to bone meal and will eventually be recorded as a joke in the annals of history).

For someone somewhere every day it's the end of the road, for all of us as a collective of humans beings there is a new dawn a new beginning and new start a new purpose, in fact everything is new except our past mind history that if we are not careful could continually hold us back to try and show us that nothing has changed, but that's all a lie, it cannot be the same even if the differences are minuscule because time has moved on. Stunting our growth and future with sad and disgruntled mind sets, deep sighs and self pity will only lead to enhanced upset and despondency, it will be our self created downfall that will firmly fix us to the present and stifle the opportunities and availabilities that life has in store for us. Our narrow thinking should not let potential be underestimated, after all what is 'out there' is beyond our comprehension and success and happiness is always a positive option if we don't allow 'religion', ignorant people around us, the pathetically negative media, and the rest to influence how we think and feel. Our vision of life no matter what it is is ours until it's modified at some stage, it most likely will not be the same vision as anyone else's vision even it has similarities, and it's this difference that can make or break us by acquiescing to others ideas or copying others opinions and thoughts or by literally giving up and like sheep following the herd then wondering why life isn't that good, because you've allowed someone else to take over and they haven't a clue what's best for you. If we create our own end of the road based upon someone else's vision or religious interpretation, unhappiness lack of productivity and decimation of the soul will ensue. Ending our lives having contributed nothing to life and perpetuating an ongoing status quo like religiously controlled countries, always lacking, enforcing, buying from others, never developing, and at the end of their time, like a time bomb Armageddon will be a self created prophecy. But for the rest of us who have free will the end of the line should only be that of death in our earthly form, the rest will be a new beginning.

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