Sunday 20 February 2011


Asking people as to whether they are happy or not always brings a slow response followed by a somewhat brief yet quick analysis based upon how they currently feel, what mood they are in, how life is, who they are speaking to and why they have been asked such a question in the first place,etc. Followed again by a brief but very sharp 'reality check' as to what their answer is going to be, most people tend to veer on something from "yes, I'm OK, to yes I'm happy - ish" which is intermingled with various body language movements and facial expressions or contortions together with a variable but sober tonal quality and perhaps a few sighs too to demonstrate that what they have just said is really a facade to the truth. It's no different on the phone either, we still communicate those responses via a subliminal interpolation of nuances and tonal gestures. Not that we are unhappy or that perhaps life is that bad, but yet again how we think and feel is down to our perceptions of life and that can cloud the way forward throughout all our lives. Some people indeed go through life hypothesizing and in the process missing the very essence of life itself and have to formulate excuses as to why they can't move forward when others who seemingly do little but zoom onwards. It's this eternal 'digging' in to explanations that throws up a myriad of unsolvable solutions, many of which will however come to fruition or will be answerable only through the echelons of time itself. The only way one can ever move forward is to look at the bigger picture, even if the dissemination of the minutiae throws up both intangible and evidential information that has consequences of an unsavoury nature, life's always had those facets, and everything in its place and time. The bigger picture rules, for that is where one can manipulate and move and shake with much more ease, and at the same time commune with those who can make the 'journey' far easier and more accessible than living in the substrates of others tabulations and diatribe, no matter how interesting and plausible it may be. What some know and understand in context is at times not only illuminating to others as they feel they have stumbled upon "the real truth" what is does denote is that our vast knowledge of the bigger picture is really minuscule and if taken out of context can be our Achilles heal by default.

Days come, days go, months come and go, years come and go, and where does that leave us, have we moved on substantially or just gained more information and piled on more excuses as to why we are standing still or that the time isn't right or whatever it is we throw into the explanation field. Evolution and progress do not run concurrently and it's only those that create a positive environment in all areas that can command their respective success, life is more than knowledge it's a complexity of application too and that in itself is a field of understanding human nature rightly or wrongly and not hypothesising on what is correct or not, things work the way they do go with it or be left behind, the choices are very clear and endless models identifying this are more than evident all around us. We are not isolated human beings whether we have great aspirations or not, we are not alone, alone-ness is what we create for ourselves and sometimes it's our own inability and failings that keep us there and not allow us to translate what we have into a more palatable form to commune with others and access a better quality of life. With telecommunications today we can see, hear, attend global on-line conferences on any of our chosen subjects, we can get invigorated, enthralled, enlightened, aroused, elevated, excited, uplifted, informed and finish off with a feeling that we are part of a very special community who "understands" the subject matter discussed. But two things come clear from such attained knowledge. The first is the emotional aspect that leads us often into an area of both elation and disenchantment, that we are hearing from so called "like minded" people - gives a warm but false sense of purpose, and then what we have heard throws what we know into another light or dimension, in reality this could happen every day based upon what's out there and what little we really know. Secondly it can belittle what we do know no matter how limited that is and throw us off our own pathway and our mind then forms extrapolations and hypothesis and ideals that are all totally unworkable and unpractical. Reality makes things work, smart rhetoric doesn't.

Our daily lives are in fact who we are, whether we aspire to that or not or feel that we are two different people in that we work at what we do and then after that we are someone else doesn't hold water. We can only be who we are 24/7 and until life radically changes we will be on the treadmill of our mind set and anything else we think about. There is an urgent need to give solubility and freshness in what we do or say and in whom we meet, vibrant thoughts need vibrant thinkers and not those one has to continually repeat life states just to make conversation, often the zany and "off key" are those that allow mental stimulus to find a pathway of higher thinking even if at times conversations differ and even becomes discordant. It's this dichotomy of interstitial thought that dictates how we picture our thoughts and overrides the mundanity of mediocrity and small minded emotional clap trap that can often cause a 'downness' and frustration in our own thought process and heighten those feelings of temporary 'isolation' too. The "dullness" that at times can pervade us does alter our mind perceptions about people, life, things, etc, and until we look at the bigger picture and really do understand that most people rich or poor do make an effort to better themselves, how it materialises varies enormously, but the quest for that position in life is a truism of humanity. If we are to make a difference in what we do, and hopefully what we do has a real purpose over and above our own perceptions of our daily life, then we need to be part of life and not scurrying around at the periphery wondering where to find the entrance, then when we get there find that that entrance is closed for refurbishment and we have to go back from whence we came. Our daily life is down to us, if we are happy with our lot fine, if not then it's only us that can change it, no theories, no subversive thoughts, no barriers of others, it's down to us.    

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