Friday 2 November 2012


Life is what it is and there's no getting away from the fact that at times it all goes swimmingly well then all of a sudden Whoosh that proverbial spanner gets dropped in the works and all seemingly comes to a grinding halt. Our fun and excitement are suddenly reduced to a low ebb and our vision and fun for what's ahead gets put on hold. No matter how many sighs we make and no matter how many tut tuts or other noises we make it doesn't make the slightest difference as it alters nothing whatsoever. We are amazing people, we do so much that we take for granted that we assume we can do so many things and we have gone through so much that when something daunting hits us we at times wonder why and how are we going to manage. Yet deep down we know are going to get through it even if the task ahead plays on our mind. However, something a little more closer to home tends to hit us and that is that feeling in the pit of our stomach or that nagging feeling that we have in our mind that just won't go away. It's not that we are ill or indeed suffering from anything whatsoever, it's a whole culmination of events that are straggling or dragging on in our lives that we seem not to shrug off but deem that we will get around to but don't. Like the small stone in our shoes it's the size of nothing yet hurts so much.

At the end of a busy day many people feel the need to either "chill out" or meet up with friends, the same result is expected, to overcome the day's hustle and bustle and 'normalise' life so that we can rest and start off a fresh the next day, seeing life new and vibrant and wonderful. It works, but only so much as we let it, for over riding what's lurking beneath is like putting a plaster over an open wound without cleaning it, it just festers and festers until it gets worse. Our mental health is so vitally important because if we let that diminish then everything we do will be lacklustre and if that becomes the norm then we effectively live below par. Once we live below par life takes on a different perspective and mantle, we look at all around us with different eyes, it all means something different and we start to calculate life as opposed to living it. Whereas once we would do things and enjoy company now we have to "think" about it and see if we really want to or just be on our own, this is the "half way" house to loneliness and a selfishness brought on by ourselves. Ironically it's quite often that those who do least feel the most tired and start to cosset themselves and feel precious because they have entered that "downward spiral" that's controlled from within. 

Lethargy, tiredness, lowness of life, vacant thoughts, lack of spontaneity, lack of sparkle, lack of communicational abilities, lack of social conversation, irritability, lack of patience, making gruff noises to yourself when waiting for the elevator - it's taking too long, etc, are all pointers to a mind un-rested, as it's an exclamation to the self, for nothing else will speed up or change what is in motion already. Patience runs thin and we take exception about others making out that by default we are badly done to whereas what we are giving off is allowing others to take the lead because we certainly aren't, wrapped in our own mentality. Everyone has a life, so get out of the notion that "your problems" are of interest to others - they are not. It's not that others won't listen but they have problems too and only you can sort out what you have to sort out and only you think in your mind, no one else.

We have the power to start and stop a whole array of things and events in our lives, and not base it on what others think or do. It's not being selfish or self centred that's different it's us doing what's the best for us. It's here that the very selfish use that adage to do whatever they want based upon selfishness, but for most people they do what is expedient because that resides well within as opposed to having to fight within to effect change. Life is what it is we can't "dip in and dip out" to suite ourselves as that causes instability. Fun exists every day, friendship and love are there every day, happiness resides within every day and if you have to make any excuses as to why you can't be happy YOU are the problem, it rests nowhere else. Getting back to "square one" is essential and one should not have to put up and carry needless burdens, if stuff happens stop all the "Oh not again" or "why me" or "it doesn't happen to others" or "when will it all end" because that gets you nowhere it's allowing stupidity to enter into the affray, and when that happens you become stupid and you're not. Respect yourself, allow all that's good to enter into your life, don't be a bystander, don't makes excuses why life isn't as it should be, circumstances can change in an instant so don't rest on them be assured that whatever happens you are going to be fabulous, so be it - fabulous.

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