Saturday 20 November 2010


There are so many books written today about Self Help, written by those on therapy (all about life and failure), Transcendental Meditation, (lazy and lost people), Guru’s rambling on about life and yet haven’t done a day’s work in their lives, about Spiritual Consciousness, (massive hangover), Finding God (he was never lost), Getting in Touch With Your Inner Self, (what have you been doing up until now), acknowledging your “feminine side” or “masculine side” (latent drag queens), and so it goes on. Psychologists and psychiatrists have over the years had a field day of looking up their own rectums and seeing if at the end of it life still exists, and in the process gotten used to the dank environment of negativity that they predominantly dwell in and within themselves have an overwhelming problem concerning the word “why” and resolution to it. There’s a market for it all however, and there are those who for some reason seem to feel that life could be better than what it is if they could just find what it is that they are missing. Such people are either already screwed up or have lost the plot or they are predominantly single and lonely and just can’t seem to make a connection with life or those around them or indeed make any tangible relationship with anything or anyone. Their all too frequent stares and glazed expressions and peculiar responses to what others would just take for granted sets them way out above the - dare I say it - yes I dare, the ‘norm’, whatever the ‘norm’ is, and already there will be those getting hot and flustered as to what the ‘norm’ really is, well, it’s probably doesn’t include them to start with. But for those who have a life, i.e. they are not glued to the media news, they don’t follow the fickle aspects of celebrities and how stupid they can really get, one doesn’t take everything as ‘gospel’ that anyone says about whatever it is they have to speak about, and one doesn’t believe the rhetoric of politicians in their eternal task of trying to convince ‘everyone’ that they are right.

The transformation of the self is almost a ‘coming of age’ in that it’s that sudden understanding and inner peace to do with a feeling of ‘knowing’ even if you really can’t translate it and put it into words. It’s an overall or homogeneous feeling that you can ’see’ for what its all worth the good, the bad and the indifferent and it no longer bothers you even if you intrinsically know deep down that some aspects are totally wrong. Being able to ’see’ life and what bothers so many and why some do what they do, allows you to stand back and feel the real breeze of life, that almost silent freshness that’s all around us that we are apt to ignore preferring to cloud our mind with minutiae of worthless detail and illusions of self importance over and above what is really important. People are making inordinate amounts of money running courses about the “inner self” and “happiness” and all the rest, and of course there are those who are so pathetic they believe it’s all “out there” for them to access when if the idiots only realised it’s already within them, but they are entitled to be stupid and at least going to the courses gets them out of the house even if it does mean mixing with other “oddballs” when they get there. Oddballs always attract oddballs and they tend to do the rounds as if it’s a ritual or “rite of passage” for them to do and very often takes the place of what a real relationship would be. Of course they’ll rarely ever get a relationship of any worth as they just can’t “let go” and give, hence there is this “single” phenomenon of people doing the circuit with other single people, nothing wrong with it, it’s just the way it is, but they often self isolate themselves and rarely know they are doing it, backing it all up with excuses, but everyone else notices why.

If one feels that they are out of sync with life or life is out of sync with them then it’s purely and simply down to your attitude, life won’t change and it’s viewed by billions every day all from their own perspectives and from vastly different circumstances. If the “resonance” or “vibe” isn’t good then it’s you that is not in harmony with life definitely not the other way around. You have to make the effort and not the excuses which is an all too easy cop out. It matters not what effort you make but effort is paramount in breaking through the invisible barrier that makes you feel like you do, mistakes are par for the course and only help to provide roughage with the grist in eventually dismantling that segmented wall that stops one feeling that life is good in all its glory despite the conditions. You can have your own theories on life, you can believe what others ramble on about but at the lest resort it’s you who has to come to terms with who you are and life and no one else nor anyone else’s theories or take on life. A positive mind can change the values, feelings, thoughts, circumstantial effects on the self in an instant, our mind has that ability without any pain or consternation. All the barriers we ’see’ for ourselves are self created even if there are hurdles in front of us, the magnitude and our ability to climb over them or transcend them rests with us, no one else, no matter what we have to do. In short life is all about us and how we engage with it and not about the problems or environment or anything else that we can’t always change. We can always change ourselves, which is often the biggest stumbling point for many as they have this illusion that there are those “out there” that have answers, they may have some, but it’s still YOU that has to effect the change.

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