Tuesday, 2 November 2010


Hope is an essential aspect of our lives, it’s not some woolly thought that we have that we win the lottery or it stays fine for the bar-b-q at the weekend, it’s something far more fundamental, for real hope can be our guiding light especially in times of turbulence and darkness. Our hope for life and what it represents in life to us all can differ greatly, some people are gregarious, some timid or introverted, some plane greedy and selfish, others egotistical and bombastic, and at the end of the line of endless possibilities there are those who are just lost in time and space and don’t really know what life’s all about, other than the fact that they are living it. Hope gives us a hook upon which to extend our rope and try and get a catch, it’s that eternal feeling that there is something out there pertaining to our thoughts and despite the setbacks and upheavals and disappointments behind all that lies substance, something that’s there for us and that something is both solid and ours. How we live our lives has a direct bearing on our attitude, if we have love in our hearts we see life differently from those that can’t fathom out what love is all about, those people are often jaundiced and somewhat arrogant, and tend to live a lesser satisfied life that than others. Hope for them is a pure selfish thing and is not really shared if at all with anyone else, whereas those that have love within want to share as the camaraderie gives them a feeling of purpose and humanity and a warm feeling within that makes life feel feel good even if current circumstances are not that great. For those that have a belief, at least a Christian based one then hope is part of the doctrine in going forward, for those that don’t believe then it matters not, you are just biding your time until death arrives.

Whether we are entrepreneurial or quite satisfied with out lot as it is now, hope is always there for us to reach out to, it’s an intricate part of our mind complex where our emotions and logic fuse together to give a stance on life and where we are within it all. If we are emotionally lead we tend to fall into a myriad of negative scenarios as we often do foolish things based upon our emotions, if we are the opposite and logically based we can tend to be cold, insincere, selfish and have little regards for anything or anyone who doesn’t serve a purpose in our own grand plan. A combination of both is ideal, it never is an equal split, but provided we look at life in a timely manner we can assess what lies ahead in a more balanced way and that allows hope to be a positive attribute and not a feeling of just endlessly wishing and hoping and getting frustrated and disappointed when nothing happens. Our input in life is paramount for hope to manifest itself in a way that we can utilise and latch on to, those that dwell on problems miss out on seeing the solutions not giving hope a chance, hope is part of our ’seeing’ process so when we see opportunities we can jump for them, unlike the our mail hope will not arrive through our letterbox and wait for us to open the envelope and read the opportunities that are available, diligence is par for the course.

Our private “wish list” in life can grow or diminish as we progress, maturity seeing a side of life that youthfulness lacks, our “hope” for what is to come can also change and what we once hoped for is now just a redundant memory of past thought as new areas comes to the fore and our wants and needs change. Circumstances play a big part in our lives and at times unless they are good circmstances can throw us off course quite substantially. But with hope it carries a flame of possibilities and leaves us open to suggestions no matter how daunting they may be that guide potential for future prosperity or solace or degrees of happiness that at times we think has eluded us. Hope is contagious, it can elevate those around us that also need encouraging or a change in mind shift to see the better things in life and not dwell in a dowdy mode that percolates our thoughts and feelings and outlook. Hope highlights what sheer mind thought can’t do, we are not privy to the myriad of possibilities that are out there, our tiny minds think we know what’s available but in reality we know nothing, and allowing our thoughts to combine with hope brings to the fore this endless stream of options, ideas, perceptions, understandings, jobs, people, and everything that’s out of the box and beyond that also exists if we are receptive to it all We can be the most blinkered people and thwart our own chances based purely on what we deem we know best. On the other hand we can shine brilliantly, but if you think you can’t - you won’t.

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