Sunday 14 November 2010


The basis of all my writings is about the foundation of society and that is “love”, for without love we are but drones or robots just living for the sake of living, a grown up ameoba without cause and feeling and without the ability to commune with life itself. But love comes at a price, it’ a great price to pay, but for many the “evil ones in life” it really is a step too far. For those religions that preach “Love & Tolerance” yet still kill, maim, stone, and everything else it’s the beginning of the end, for with true love there is absolutely no violence whatsoever, why would there be because no one would wish anyone else to be the cause of suffering no matter what the nature. “Evil” religions need control, and the words “unconditional freedom” and ” unconditional love” don’t exist, everything is conditional and oppressive, hence all the religiously controlled countries around the world are backward in every way and breeding grounds for terrorists. The Love Swingometer is very simple it outlines various potentials and thoughts as to where you are in life, it gives a visualisation of thoughts and feelings and puts home within yourself where you are. If you believe in God (and God in every religion is pure love) then you are on the left hand side of the swingometer, Light, happiness, goodness, etc, and if you believe in the Devil then you are on the right hand-side, it’s that simple and that accurate. If you religion is oppressive and resorts to killing and maiming then there is no “Almighty compassion” it’s just cheap words, if you are on the right for any reason it’s Darkness and Evil and Devil, death, suffering, fear. etc so you may wish to review who you are worshipping and how your thoughts are constructed.

The more to the left hand side you are of “The Love Swingometer” the better life will be, it will be lighter, happier, more healthy, more fun, not at all neurotic or paranoid, it will not be stressed out or depressing, nor will it be lonely, it will not be vile or jealous nor will it be full of avariciousness and greed and divisive playacting, it will be creative and intuitive. And of course if you are on the right it will be the opposite, repressive, fearsome, psychosomatic, dark, lonely, isolated, conditionally loved, dreary, future-less, negative with hatred, anger, greed, indecision, full of paranoia and neurosis and all the rest, your God will demand retribution and all in all you will by default be a devil worshiper. It matters not what your ego tells you, nor what schematic plans you feel are needed to control or grow a society, but where love is in gross evidence the defaults of life, crime, rape, murder, embezzlement, burglaries, theft, etc, are but almost none existent. You create your life not circumstances, circumstances are what you have to live within, how you react to them or apportion them to your life is purely down to you. So if you throw a “wobbly” then that’s how life will be to you, if you say “sod it, I’m going to be happy anyway” then life will automatically be elevated even before any change has taken place. Such is the power and nature of our mind thoughts. We tend to migrate to those who share a common ideology of life, negative to negative and positive to positive.

TheLoveSwingometer is an indication of what life is all about for you, it’s how you react to life how you feel how you manage your emotion or perhaps why you don’t, it’s how you interact with life and how you see yourself in relation to others as well as they to you. Peer pressures, media hype, friends attitudes, plus other’s lifestyles at times have an influence, they shouldn’t' but they do, what is inherent in just about all is the camaraderie of humanity and life itself. It’s only edged apart by politics, ignorance, and cultures, many of which are not compatible with life today, the stupidity of the gross failures in life such as the ”politically correct” morons, who have nothing to offer except early death of themselves, and those that are greedy and avaricious. For the average person being loving and kind is the best credential they can hold to going forward in life and attracting the “right” sort of people around them to make life as comfortable and as secure as they can. TheLoveSwingometer is but an indication of where the good and the bad in life lies, the real litmus test is within and that is where you experience life for all it is. Life is what you make it, you can’t control outside forces but you can control yourself and how you feel. The rest is now up to you, follow your heart not the diatribe of nasty religions and worthless people.

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