Monday, 29 November 2010


Yes we all have multiple identities and no we are not psychotic or schizophrenic, every day we utilise who we are and our knowledge to appear more aptly and somewhat differently to whom we talk to. We can at anyone time be a son, brother, father, grandfather, friend, lover, husband, boyfriend / girlfriend, businessman / women, expert, novice, patient, student, amateur, professional, club member, etc, etc, the list goes on and on. For each and every occasion we draw on different areas of knowledge and thus utilise different traits about ourselves and what’s involved in putting ourselves forward and communicating effectively at a level commensurate with what we feel and deem expedient to that situation. How we talk to our friends is not the same as how we talk to our partners or parents as we hold different information and have different experiences and feelings and thus reflect and relate what makes that relationship what it is.

Within those identities we have a number of sub identities that forms our character and outlines our identity, it’s these traits that separate us from others or link us into a “type” whether we like it or not. Our attitude is paramount as to how we get on in life and if it’s good then we have greatness at our door if it stinks, then no one really wants to know who we are, and why should they. Our ability to be the person we need to be to others either limits us or enhances who we are, those that make excuses or have a chip on their shoulders usually do badly, all of which is self engineered even if they wouldn’t admit to such. Of course over and above our multiple identities we can assume an identity that is one of our own design, such as a confidence trickster or a disingenuous salesman or women, (or a politician) all of which take on a role of playing to others emotions and needs for self gain and contrived delivery of their own product or service which they hope to sell on.

The media is the ultimate in chameleon two faced-ness, where it sees everything as fair game, upholding the rights of someone until they make a mistake then tear them apart and all in a matter of a few days if that’s what it takes to make the news. Understanding life and what makes it tick is paramount to the “self” to enable it to proceed forward without the divisive thoughts of others, to see the bigger picture over and above the narrow thoughts of those who seek only self gain. The information that’s put out for us to glean at our own behest in the free society we live in by and large has little to offer other than of interest value little of that that will change or enhance our lives. We all know what we need to keep body and soul together and over and above that we can drip feed ourselves with additional material so as to not overload our minds and whatever we might be going through ourselves which may have repercussions of its own.

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