Wednesday, 3 November 2010


It’s not that one has the will not to live but the thought that goes through the mind is literally “The Will To Live” life can at times seem all so daunting, out of reach, where everything is at arms length and the inner impetus to go forward is thwarted by lethargy and ‘what’s the point’. Coupled with gross indecision and a total lack of knowledge as to what to do next and how and where, and all the rest, nothing quite seems to fit into place and all around life appears to be moving on for everyone else and you are stuck right where you are, almost super-glued to the spot. Of course all of this can’t be further from the truth, life is experienced from within your own mind no where else, no one can see life from your perspective and why should they, they have their own. How we all view life is both complex and simple at the same time, it’s simple in that what we all see is exactly the same, how we register it all can be as different as chalk and cheese so it’s vital that we take care of our minds and not let them play tricks on us or allow our sluggish feelings to take us into a state of self pity, which is quite common. Our backgrounds can play a big part in our visualisation of the future, if we come from a somewhat negative background then we are likely to have that stance within us, and similarly if we come from a positive background then we are prone to being more positive in life and don’t let the knocks and setbacks hinder our way in going forward, knowing that all we experience is grist for the mill in making us stronger and more resilient and knowledgeable. Whereas the negative idiots fall back on “why me” all the time as if they have been singled out. What negative people do is to literally selfishly single themselves out and thus make matters worse by churning over and over again their predicament and mixing it with a bit of ego, arrogance, self esteem (or lack of it), and the rest and formulating some kind of monster thoughts which then take on a life of their own, and in reality don’t exist. It’s often this self created world that many live in and then wonder why life doesn’t have the sparkle it should, and often letting themselves down thinking that there is some magic formula to success whereas it most cases it’s purely down to diligence and ongoing pursuits that wins the day.

Life is crammed full of contradictions, truths and untruths and its disseminating which is which and why when even plausible aspects of life can be full of remorseful endings and the seemingly simplest of things can be full of subliminal meanings that fast forward us on to bigger and better things. The press and media don’t help as everything they do and say has been “treated” with ‘lipgloss’ to make it appear either more sexy, more horrifying, more desperate or more gloomy to give it added depth and to enhance what often is humdrum comment, real news speaks for itself without the fanfare of hyped emotion to try and give kudos and meaning to the subject matter. We should elevate ourselves from being passive sponges absorbing everything around us regardless of its content and stick to what is important to us, ourselves. If we can’t take refuge in ourselves and be “at one” with ourselves and be happy, regardless of our circumstances, what can we do, happiness is self generated no one can give it to us, so we are always going to be the product of lacklustre and an inner fatigue feeling that life must be better than this, when in reality it is. There are no quick fixes in life, there are highs and lows, but no quick fixes even winning the lottery despite it sounding grand has on most people a long term detrimental effect as they can’t cope, they think they can until it happens then the story changes over night. Our perceptions can deal a deathly blow to reality and if we don’t take a reality check at times we lure ourselves into a mind set of fantasy and then we really lose the plot big time. If we become stable in our thought process then we are better at looking after others, communing with life and seeing the bigger picture, whereas negative minded people pass by then wonder why nothing ever happens.

Hubble, bubble, toil and struggle, is that you? Do you wax lyrical about how you are dragging yourself along in life, that others are getting this n’ that, and you have been shunted into a siding and left there? Well, you haven’t been left anywhere you didn’t want to be, no-one shunted you into anything, no-one lives your life, no-one has an agenda for you - why should they - they have more important things to do like looking after their lot. It’s nothing to do with God, if you believe then you have free-will, and then you must have faith, but you obviously don’t otherwise you wouldn’t be whinging and moaning you’d be believing, so that puts the ball firmly back into your own court. Mild depression, apathy, lowness of self, little going at the moment, people around you are glum, circumstances not so hot either, and so it goes on, but our feelings are just emotional, and we only have to have one bit of good news and all the negativity falls away, at least for a while such is the power of self thought. Nations thrive on overall positivity that’s why the West always does better than most other countries because there’s an impetus overall that propels them forward, negativity attracts negativity and that’s in some cases ingrained into cultures that are today outmoded and defunct, yet exude parameters and ritualistic and cultural diktat that gives rise to hurt, stress, guilt and the rest and where that four letter-word is overlooked - love - in favour of old selfish protocols. We have but one life so it’s imperative that we enjoy it not dread it, even when things go wrong we don’t have to make a meal out of it otherwise we establish it further as a situation of greater importance then give it gravitas and it then starts to grow into something that we live within even after it has diminished and is no longer. Those that make the grade seek only the future, the past is literally history, an area we can’t enter anyone other than via our own emotions, others can’t join us in that so it’s all pointless and futile to our future happiness. The Will To Live, there’s no other option than to live it as best you can evey day, that way it just gets better.

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