Wednesday 30 November 2011


Just about everywhere we go today their are sets of rules and regulations, there are conditions and parameters, there are "unspoken" ethics and "unspoken" ways and protocols that we adhere to or we become the odd one out, something that most people are reluctant to be. The vast majority of people want an easy life of sorts, they find it difficult enough coping with the instability of fluctuating markets (not that they understand what it's all about), crime, forever rising prices, unemployment, biased radio, television and media programmes, the unfairness of being treated like an alien in their own country, and politicians playing at "international" games whilst messing around with their own home turf. Life today isn't what it used to be, it's a mixture of both better and worse. With our technology advancing at such a great pace we are in the West suffering or experiencing systematic problems and afflictions as side effects of what we have created. Of course this is all nothing new, every age has had its problems it's just now they are exponentially growing at a rate of knots that's in some cases even taking the creators outside of their comfort zone or sheer knowledge levels. Behavioural experts whilst identifying problems can do very little other than state the obvious and state bureaucracy is so slow it never really catches up with anything, forever lagging behind whilst still holding meetings discussing it all and of course their own rights and conditions as well and wasting even more money.

It's those that literally jump out of the box and punch the matrix that make life what it is today, it's the entrepreneurs and the advanced often initially seen as zany people who break the mould and move and shake creating employment. No one else creates employment even the government, whilst employers themselves they don't create wealth, they spend what others have created and earned. Governments are parasitic in that they rely on sales generated by their populous to fuel their coffers and support alien nations, overseas wars, international aid and anything else that's seen as good and wholesome whilst leaving garing gaps in their homelands. Politicians live is a global world of "make believe" feeling that their knowledge will solve problems, just look at Palestine and Africa as an ongoing example on nothingness. And why immigration is a one way stream, where tin pot governments of many countries never ever get to grips with problems because they are part of the problem hence it's a perpetuating cycle. Emerging markets are desperate for strong leadership that otherwise would squander it's own growth not knowing the difference between investment and bribery and corruption.

But closer to home, individuals need to feel that there is a future and some who are advanced thinkers need more scope than others as the future lies in their hands. Everyone has a place in life, everyone has a purpose and everyone has a job to do to contribute to the bigger picture. Within all of this are vectors in our time continuum that allow those that have the clarity to see through and make their entrance. There are no credentials other than that of future vision, perspective and decision, it's this that allows the future to develop for mankind, not the closeted and fear based Iran syndrome model and such similar nations who live in an envelope of hatred and darkness and will do so until Armageddon arrives and it will then be all too late. The politicians of the West at this present time are the lowest denominators of history, fooling themselves by combining commercialism, politics, popularity, smugness and deceit which results in building a platform in a swamp as opposed to firm ground, hence the massive unrest and upheaval in many areas and endless press statements of underhanded dealings. Where even the press have delved to the depths where detritus lives.

For most people the future is bright, the future is good, the future is rosy the future is sustainable but it comes from following ones inner heart, not that of the lemmings that latch on to today's deeds to find a common cause only to realise that it's flawed and unsustainable because commercial antics have perpetuated it for personal gain of which you are not a party to. Life is good and wholesome for many, it's how it should be even if not perfect. It's always the imperfections that tend to gain kudos in life and not the vastness of what is already just fine. The scratch on your new Rolls Royce doesn't make any difference to the driving experience or comfort, yet it becomes a talking point, it's the negative mind re-alignment that we must change and put a stop to the scant minutiae of dull thoughts and enjoy what we have and not the little bits of what we don't have. Who rules your life, you or circumstances of little virtue. 

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Tuesday 29 November 2011


One of the main reason many people get so fed up and mentally estranged from what is going on is that media reportage is virtually a "one way medium" as is that of television and the press in general and especially so of politicians. Whereby the tone and content of the subject matter has seemingly been devised to be definitive in content and delivery regardless of the many other permutations that are available. In short it's trite and narrow and ultra biased, says very little like a bromidic sermon even if well written and has been designed to "fill in a publishing gap" for the sake of getting copy out. The way everything is hyped up and specific content left out to highlight events that in reality aren't what they seem. The headlines read that 5000 jobs to go. What is left out is that it's over 5 years and through natural wastage and retirement and that no one is actually going to be fired or made redundant, deceitful content at the expense of attracting readers and fuelling discontent in the process.

The use of a soliloquy is often used in theatre whereby the actor or actress addresses the audience with very personal thoughts and feelings as if others were not a party to their thoughts and lives and it can be very effective in its place. Sadly many people today are wrapped up in their own thoughts and feel very much isolated and cocooned in their own world addressing those around them at times with snippets or glances of their inner self which can not only be very disturbing but alarming too. Especially for those who presumably thought they knew the person concerned and then to hear somewhat intimate (within reason usually) feelings come out in drubs and drabs that has highlighted their internal plight and struggle with an aspect of life that's not only troubling but has far reaching connotations. Hearing such prose from those around has often that feeling towards the self of sorrow but more importantly helplessness in that there is little one can often do other than venture forth and say "I'm here if you need me" but even that sounds wet and insidious and without much merit even if it's well meant.

Our mental health is just so important for if it slips one degree we can start to fall behind in our ability to reason, feel constantly upset and put upon, feel threatened by anything no matter how small, fear the future, forever wonder "what it's all about", have constant agitation within and feel stressed and anxious in areas that we can't even identify. The need for calm and inner peace is a crusade that forever seems to be thwarted on every step we take, to feel more at ease with those around and to be able to laugh from the heart and not just a fleeting robotic movement of the lips that resets itself back into a stern look. Are there other players in our lives or are we just a part of a scenario called life and here we are enacting it as a sole performer going through the motions of 'me' and 'them'. We see others interact in better and warmer ways at times yet it just can't touch ourselves as that micron thin membrane separates us from the outside world one that has depth and understanding on levels that we used to know so well.

Of course a soliloquy is a tool to use, it's not a way of life, and our plight or feeling that is akin is but temporal, even if it is to us so very real. Our happiness regime can change in a flash, and it literally needs that initial spark to rapidly alter our every thoughts and feelings and grasp and align them to where they need to be in the here and now and not wandering off in some dank mind place that's self generated. We deserve to be happy, and we must at all costs proceed down that route and definitely not follow others anywhere where the destination smacks of anything else. Many people often find themselves mentally in a place where they know they shouldn't be yet seem to feel that they are helpless to get out of it. Well the very good news is that you will get out of it, and once out you will not revisit it again.   

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Monday 28 November 2011


Even within the limitations of our own abilities and mentality there are permutations far in excess of what we ever think about or even venture towards. We are mostly our biggest enemy and hold ourselves back because of so  much we have clutched on to of the past, our ego, our pride, our status and anything else that's of an ethereal nature. Of course even the most mundane person has aspirations even if in reality they don't amount to much, but for them it could just be everything.  The word "everything" is so relative to each and every one of us too because what we seek in life, our likes and dislikes make life what it is over and above the essentials that we need to hopefully enjoy a good and decent life. The problem with the majority of people is that they define life based upon what they know as opposed to what could be available, which is a totally different ball park. What we know could well be either very limiting or relatively wide in terms of the broad spectrum of life opportunities. However no one knows and never will the infinitesimal availability of choices, jobs, positions, opportunities which are out there because we are not privy to such information. The presumptuous attitudes that many have preclude a far better life that they could have ever dreamt yet because opportunities that avail themselves don't fall within the narrow criteria that the self mind  dreamt up, they are not only discarded with almost flippant ease but greatness is turned down in that same response.

When we are little we see no barriers to what we want to be whether it's a spaceman or ballet dancer or whatever it is, the choices are relatively narrow because our learning skills are are narrow too, but regardless of circumstances barriers rarely exist. As we get older we realise that there are other things in life that suite us better and veer towards them, or that what we once desired when younger we don't hold the relative skills or abilities which need to be almost inherent to become "at one" with success. In between those two areas are vast swathes of defined activities and opportunities for employment, positions, lifestyles etc, that exist and would admirably suite us yet we know nothing of them, even though many others are enjoying similar things which they have spotted or just stumbled upon in their search "to be different" in life. Thinking to oneself "where are these jobs is a failure mentality" so perhaps if that's what you do your desire to do something different is greater than your ability to do it.

We have to be real with ourselves and honest as to what it is we seek even if the end package isn't so definable, but the area is, we need to be able to do a whole host of things in order to comply with where our desire lies such as moving, working weird hours, travelling, meeting lots of people, etc, etc, often new elements removing our comfort zone. The mind many times seeks out opportunities but from a staid perspective, i.e. if I got this n' that but based on staying where you live, it's almost like writing a prescriptive from your perspective, that rarely exists, or having the most fantastic boat permanent docked in harbour. Those that move and shake have usually had to make great sacrifices and have done so without muttering negativity under their breath, they have taken advantage of what has been offered realised that this is possibly a "once in a lifetime" opportunity and just gone for it.

Our thoughts are only as good as we allow them to be, if we hold ourselves back then the writing is on the wall. We can't mirror image what others have done which is so often the base for "inspirational books" or those books on "how to be a success" because there is always a time line difference, and whilst there may be parallel areas the parameters and variables which happened to them then don't exist anymore to you, although they could even be better. The bottom line is always yourself, not others no matter who they are, it's you, only you can ever walk your pathway and only you can ever see the ultimate as far as you can of what you would like. Very few people ever share something close to what you would want because what you want is intermingled with very personal facts, figures and statistics about you as well as your likes and dislikes.

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Friday 25 November 2011


It's easy to forget or overlook the good and pleasant times of the past, negativity has an edge especially if we are disposed to a negative stance on life. The press and media live on negative reporting many of those that contribute have calluses as brains and wouldn't know what a 'good time' was forever seeking the little chinks of imperfection to seize and criticize upon. None of that however is important, what is important is who we are for if we haven't a clue as to who we are and don't understand who we are then we are at a loss as to doing anything at all in life and thus will not receive anything of value either.

There are those who make an effort and look forward and there are those who because they don't do anything hold on to the past as a permanent conversation piece then wonder why life stinks. It's not rocket science and it really does as it were "separate the men from the boys" in every way. The great successes are those who take failure as a part of life and not make it a feature and then become greatly successful, and then there are those who live failure because they make it a subject whereas it's just something that happened in the past and have not totally moved on from such events. Giving life a chance is going forward regardless, residing in pity is well beyond failure it's just being useless in every way and totally selfish, self centred and conceited.

Life isn't a game nor is it a version of what some pathetic author has written in a book to try to explain it, such explanations don't exist, life is what you make it, and how you enjoy it whatever it happens to be life is down to you. Life is not fair or just, so as long as you understand that you have a great chance of overcoming the odds and doing something akin to what you want. Knowledge can be a wonderful tool in moving in any direction you wish, but once you start to intellectualise with that knowledge you start to interact within yourself and at that point you lose contact not only with the outside world, but reality, opportunity and those around you who could help you as they can't read your mind nor do they want to. Letting go is the only way to move forward, if your ship is harboured then the ropes need to be loosened in order for it to move off, it's the self same thing with your life, if you do nothing you can't hope to move forward in any other way. Good 'Attitude' is paramount to not only being positive about moving forward but to how you enjoy the ride, so it's down to the self as to what you get out of life and make the best of whatever it is you have, which at times can be great and at other times not so great.

There are endless opportunities, chances, options and avenues all open to us and good ones too, so it's imperative that we are readily available mentally to accessing these opportunities otherwise they will fly by and become the domain of others who are more receptive. Dwelling on negativity takes our mind off solutions, ways out, good happenings, etc, and we then get even more bogged down in our selfish way of "poor old me". We like to think when things go wrong that we can have another chance or go at what it was we tried to do, and similarly we must give those chances to life also if we are to bathe in the possibilities of far better things happening in all areas of life. Being staid and dull is tantamount to moving backwards, then there is usually nope hope at all. We have to see the optimistic side of everything even if we decide it's not for us, because fostering a judgmental point of view will bring the onset of negativity back into our court which is the last thing we would want.

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Thursday 24 November 2011


There are books written on the subject, there are courses run on the subject, there are Guru's who proclaim to know the secret or answer yet none of them have taken the world by storm or become part of the national curriculum to provide better and stable students for the future. Life at times isn't easy and some seemingly cope better than others when under duress. Others goes to pieces at the mere thought that something might go wrong but that 's another story in itself.

We all have ideas, aspirations, dreams, thoughts etc, about how we would like life to pan out, we have our standards too and for many we like to try and better ourselves in many ways allowing us the ability to grasp a part of life that pleases us and tastes better than what we previously had. We also need to keep our feet firmly on the ground too for if we allow ourselves the luxury of wandering off mentally to another place we will then have unwittingly placed upon us an expectation that we may never ever be able to realise. If we have too many of these expectations in life we will probably have many areas in which we fall short, and when we do fall short we become disappointed and downtrodden and start to compare others and situations and that makes us feel even worse.

The general peace and quiet we need at times to allow ourselves to "chill out" gives us time to recharge our batteries which is vitally important. Other recreational activities may also be useful even going to the gym allows us to "let off steam' and feel better both physically and mentally. But where we are in our mind is where it all happens. Everything in life happens within our mind, our world lives in our mind, everything we do is in our mind and there is no getting away from it, so it's vitally important that we keep our mind in tip top condition so that we are in tip top condition too.

So many people let themselves down by internally bickering about trivia and what others do or say that they have little time for original thought about who they are and their lives and those of their significant others around them. It's all this extraneous thought that keeps us from having peace within, it's this external knowledge that the vast majority of us harbour that is useless or needless or about others who contribute nothing to whom we are. It's us who becomes fodder for the news media and press that blow out of proportion every single event as if the world is living day by day and surviving because of them.

To reside in that place of peace we need to know what's important to us, and what isn't. We need to know who we are and where we are in life even if it's not ideal at the moment, we need to accept that to move on as and when the time and circumstances allow. If we can't have degrees of inner peace now we will find that when we we move on we will drag the mayhem with us and then become dissatisfied that what we thought would elevate our lives has just run out of steam.

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Tuesday 22 November 2011


Wouldn't our lives be so much better if we could just control the word "If", that we could harness the potential it gives us to reach new standards, a better life, a more balanced outlook, to stop poverty and suffering and for our friends and family to be just so wholesome. But sadly we can only dream about what "If" can do, even if at times what we seek actually comes to fruition, not by magic but by circumstances aligning themselves at a certain time line. "If " is a word we so often use and whilst only two letters long it holds many connotations and permutations pertaining to our own abilities and our thoughts. "If" is not wishful thinking, and it's not a derivative of hope either, it's a product of our own mind and the plans we have or wish to create based upon circumstances at some future date, thus in all reality we have a high degree of maneuverability within it. "If" gives us options, it allows alternatives and it gives credence and strength to back up plans when events or conditions alter beyond what we had allowed for. The unfortunate aspect however of "If" is that it can allow us to float away into realms of fantasy if we are not careful and bank on extreme possibilities as a possibility to alter our current mind sets, such as winning the lottery and removing our current financial restrictions or our health, etc. The chances are stacked way against us from the start to winning the lottery, concrete thoughts utilising "If" as a conduit to our goals are almost akin to fantasy.

On a more domestic level we plan our summer bar-b-q accordingly "If" it's fine we bar-b-q outside as planned, "If" it rains we eat in, based upon those criteria we are ready for almost anything to enjoy ourselves regardless of external conditions, utilising "If" as an alternative and a conjunctive between variable circumstances. What many do however is hypothesize to a degree that they get carried away and start interjecting "If" in almost every other sentence and that in itself lends to the mind almost going 'awal' or taking leave of actualities and thus edging nearer and nearer towards failure, even if it all sounds rather grand. "If" I win this I'll do this and that, and then I'll get this and that, then I can go there and I can get this, and suddenly a conversation whether internally sprung or voiced has built up an empire of possibilities based purely on the first and possibly only "If" in the sentence. What one finds is that "If" by chance the original "If" ever came to fruition the rest would not be enacted as planned because reality has more conditions and permutations than fantasy either directly or  via deliberate daydreaming.

It's so important to ground conversations especially in marketing terms or in forward planning because  "If" can literally remove real grounding and cause both dourness and disappointment and a dowdy feeling within. Nothing wrong with getting carried away and exercising mind thought, but when life isn't so good, "If" can make it even worse because it implies conditions many of which are circumstantial and way out of one's own domain and control. Of course strategies often use "If" in the equation to see what sort or type of permutations would or could be available extrapolating information and stringing it along together to see where it leads and any consequences financial or otherwise could take shape. Super computers do this all the time, and often come up with amazing results. But for mere mortals with less mind power it's always prudent to seek life from a real aspect even if it's fun to 'let go' and see potential a times. There is a difference between "out of the box" thinking and "If", out of the box thinkers see an advancement utilising real values that can be enhanced, modified, or literally 'stretched' in their usage without any degree of fantasy or ideology, which is why ' real 'out of the box' thinkers are priceless to companies to progress further. Unfortunately many "out of the box" thinkers in large corporations are processed to comply with extraneous "corporate detritus as deemed by whoever" and thus it literally negates their true potential.

When next using the word "If" see where it is to lead, because in your mind you may have an idea and a clear thought process forward, others may not and thus misconstrue what you are trying to say or do or at times completely not even see where you are heading or what you are eluding to, even if they get the gist of the conversation.

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Monday 21 November 2011


It's imperative that our minds are as proficient as they can be, that we know who we are, where we are and that life holds immense possibilities ahead of us. Where we are right now is a culmination of events and situations, whether they are good or not so good it should not affect our happiness trail. The moment we apportion aspects of life as to why we can't be happy we have given over our power of reason to circumstances and once that happens we lose the plot. Something the modern "blame culture" society throws away at its peril, their ability to proficiently contribute. A modern society of "lemmings" who forever wonder why things aren't as they should be yet do absolutely nothing themselves as to changing it is forever increasing. Where a culture of conversational topics renounces positive aspects of life in favour or repeating with gesticulations a life that they seemingly have to trudge by, which is often not the case, and indeed far from it for many it's a situation that's perceived than real.

Life is not fair, we are born into a life that isn't fair, there are no natural laws pertaining to fairness, fairness is something that man has created himself under a "moral" code that sees goodness in areas where others suffer. However, there are those the selfish and the mean who always want something for nothing, taking from life and never give such is their narrow nature. But for the majority of people, striving to live a happy life at all costs is a paramount consideration. Regardless of what one might be going through, we are in charge of our feelings and emotions, and as long as we realise that we can overcome and make ourselves resilient to the negativity that's around us and allow ourselves to see the good which is there if we only but look. Societies often create their own demise, more people suffer in Islamic societies than in any other, yet they have choices, unfortunately years of oppressive fear and religious diatribe has whittled the life base down to its core and it produces nothing of value for the world at large, it's even a negative contributor in world events.

Mental health is a major concern in Western Countries, not mental illness, mental health, our ability to remain stable and fixed in our lives without reverting to panic, endless internal conflict and self oppression as to what's happening and what to do about it, which for some is almost a step too far. The volatility of 'mind talk' and indecision coupled with the eternal journey to be happy is a so far removed reality that most people don't even 'get it' and try to 'outsource' aspects of life as if that's the answer to their problems. If they but knew they are their own problem, seeking elsewhere what's already within is a major problem in itself, it's a route to not only failure but ill health and a lack in every area of one's life. What's even more disturbing is that people who go on courses which are run by people who've been on courses too, and try to find what wasn't lost anyway, here lies a modern dilemma especially for those who are single and 30+, who make up the majority of places in such events, it's almost a captive market. If you are partnered and go on such courses you definitely need to get to grips with more than the happiness trail, a real good hard look at yourself, a strong kick up the behind and a real sense of life is needed - without any outsourcing - which will only dilute your own abilities even further to a state where one will end up pathetically useless.

If we take our eyes of positivity and allow the "woe is me" attitude to prevail we will automatically lose sight of the endless possibilities and ways out from where we are to something far better. Positive people get more help than negative people. There's even a breed of people today that have previously suffered some sort of set back and constantly broadcast eternal messages on Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere quoting and displaying "well known and smart sayings" which is in effect a smokescreen for what still lies smouldering below. It's not that the smart words or sayings don't have a value it's like everything else its the application of same that tells all. What we say and how we say it really does tell everyone where we are in life and laughing and being ebullient whilst in itself is great stuff, quite often belies a darkness beneath. Unless we are really good actors and actresses we don't pull it all off, and why should we have to act, what's wrong with being who we are because that's us, if we try to be something else then we have opened a hornets nest of negativity that will just fester within.

Our attitude is just so important, if our attitude - which is our shop window to the world, one which others see us by stinks, then we stink too, and who wants someone like that? However, we all have free choice, so it's up to you... Enjoy...

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Thursday 17 November 2011


The emotional aspects of disappointment can be almost crippling in that they can alter not only how we feel, which is usually low, but the way we view life, ourselves, others and indeed our whole future. It can affect our current state of health and it can distort the way we interpret life from just about every angle. In short it can virtually impair our reasoning and our happiness trail, it can subliminally pull us down via our own volition. Furthermore we can ostracise ourselves by being glum and moody and thus others don't want to commune with us as they have better things to do than to foster an association with a person who is dull and dowdy and depressing in their presence, no matter who they are. Some people are forever disappointed in life, it's the way they have allowed themselves to become, after all what goes on in our mind is something we are totally in charge of, even for the thick and stupid, what actions we do or say emanates from our own minds. There's very little that we can apportion to others, all this "they made me say or do it" is utter rubbish, at the end of the day it's the self that decides what to do even under duress.

Of course disappointment can be self manifested, our expectations can be flawed, our idea of what something should be like was wrong, our ability to see beyond what's in front of us can cause great consternation, ego and arrogance and indeed selfishness can topple our ability to stay calm and cool and even when all seemingly goes well, many need that extra boost to inflate their own ego state in order to enjoy that "feel good" factor. Small mindedness and lack of self esteem, self value, self worth tends to fuel disappointment, as does a lack in creativity. Often when things go wrong many don't have any idea as to what to do next other than feel low and indeed be disappointed then dwell on it often. Looking elsewhere for others to introduce an external aspect on their behalf to stave off further disappointment and hopefully raise the bar so "all will be well" again is silly and foolish, but sadly there are those out there that fit the bill only too well, you could be one of them!

Respecting ourselves eliminates the deepness of disappointment, it lightens the load of discontent and it paves the way for a speedy recovery, it also allows us to see the bigger picture that for us includes happiness not long bouts of selfish depression and melancholy which self feeds on itself and produces that "poor old me" attitude. Those that make it in life are predominantly positive towards just about everything regardless of what beset and befalls them, it's their resistance to that inner voice saying 'I'm being pressured by circumstances' by "I'm in charge of my life - not circumstances". The weak think the opposite way and resort to the low "blame culture" mentality where all that goes wrong and how they feel is the responsibility of someone else or circumstances, hence they never get anywhere, and what happiness they do enjoy is but fleeting.

Disappointment can be self generated always seeking something out of reach, and whilst it's good to stretch one's ability and even commendable reality needs to be in place. If effort and in saying that real tangible effort not just an excuse worthy of nothing isn't applied with substantial thought behind it then all will turn out to be something of a repetitive failure. Disappointment can't be melded into a thought of comparing to others, or assigning greater things to the self than is feasible it can it be the "be and end all of life" that so many feed upon. After disappointment there are many other options and indeed solutions often even better than originally first thought of. The more we interact with life the more choices we see in front of us, the more opportunities and available positions present themselves to us. Nothing is the result of nothing, and even with application the statistical response is usually very low, but knowing that is a strength to "go all out for it" so that we are receptive to the positive average of our endeavours.

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Wednesday 16 November 2011


It’s not the nicest of things to happen, it blows our mind like a mini atom bomb going off inside of us, triggering all of our feelings and emotions all at one go, our minds almost disconnect from reality and we live in a place of self concocted hurt and indecision and unfathomable thoughts. Reality is not an issue as it hardly exists other than the fact that we are still alive, but only just, and interest in life whatever that is has ceased and anyway we just don’t want to know anymore as it’s immaterial and not worth it anyway. What’s more no one understands even though others have gone through it too, it’s not the same as your heartache, your pain is different. Well anyway, that’s an idea of what heartache is all about especially if you haven’t been through it, and it’s not a recommendation to put on your list of “things to do and experience”. Heartache is felt differently by “blokes” as it is by girls, men see things more technically and women see things more emotionally and although each and every feeling is just as real to men and women the thought process can vary somewhat and at times neither side can see where either party is coming from or going to and the end result is that they don’t care either because if you can’t understand then that’s the whole problem in a nutshell. So there.

It’s usually worse for the person who is let down rather than the person who lets the other down, as the latter has usually a premeditated thought which tends to buffer them from the impact and actually they have had some time to think of other things even if it’s just having time on their own to ‘chill out’ and sort themselves out, unless someone else is on the scene. It’s a complex thing and for some it’s a point where they really think that life will never be the same again, it won’t it never is, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be 100 times better either, so there’s always a flip side to the way we think and the way we stilt our conversations towards a goal that seems always out of reach. It’s not rocket science either that relationships break down at any age. And for those who are single and 30+, mind thought is the biggest culprit to having a relationship or staying single because 'staidness' has usually crept in, and at the same time 'compromise' is nearly always an issue. (It's not an issue really where deep love is concerned - it's usually a love -ish/convenience balance). Often it's the woman feeling she has to compromise more than the man, unless it’s a gay relationship, but it’s usually one partner that acquiesces, and not necessarily for the worse either, that’s something to think of and not the egotistical side of “why should I” which is a ‘kiss of death’ attitude but so often prevails. Relationships are what they are and provided the equation equals 100% (70/30 - 80/20 - 60/40) etc, then it works, and it's no one elses business why it is what it is, love has all the answers not onlookers.

It’s rare not to get over a broken heart, even if it takes time. And all this “I’m sceptical about any new relationship I’ve been let down before" or worse, "I'm not getting into that situation again” etc, is rubbish, it’s self centred and selfish and maybe with that attitude it’s you that was part of the break up cause in the first instance, even if you didn't instigate it (nothing even happens in isolation). And remember if you have had a number of broken hearts, failed relationships etc, the common denominator in them all is you, not your partner, so what does it all say about you? There’s nothing wrong in playing the field except that “playing” is the operative word, so expect what you get when play stops, nothing, and thus nothing is what will happen time and time again. You must be honest to both yourself and others that way any let down will be be lightened as it will have a purpose and not just “it was fun whilst it lasted” which is why many “have a go” relationships are just that, shallow and hollow from the outset with a destination of failure written in it from the word "go". One of the main causes of breakdown is not infidelity it's "hidden agendas" coupled with selfishness, and with the "why should I" and all this "I need my space" and whatever else YOU need is all fodder for the day of reckoning that's about to happen. And if you keep harping on about the past either in jest or deliberately or refer to ongoing comments about past failure "and now you are alright" - just who are you kidding. Life is always ahead and doesn't consist of dragging the past as a validation for now, or as a self jolt to make yourself feel better. If you do any of these things then if there is ever a next relationship it will be countdown from day one to failure as it will be ingrained subliminally within what you do and say.

A relationship changes the command from 'I' to 'us' and 'me' to 'we', so if conversations predominantly keep to the singular then all the relationship is in effect is two single people shacking up together as the commonality of a plural doesn't exist. The harmony of the other person being a constituent part of your life in everything is paramount to longevity and an ongoing bond of unity. All of this doesn't effect either party enjoying stuff on their own "girls night out" or "blokes going to football" or whatever it is. A relationship should be just that, if you think age, convenience, company, etc is better then being on your own, stay single and get plenty of friends. Even with admirable credentials relationships fail, but far less so than those that are fuelled by initial infatuation and then fizzle out through boredom and lack of common presence. The common ground however for any relationship is mutual 'love' and if that's in question then so is everything else.

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Tuesday 15 November 2011


Evolution over time evokes many memories for us, and the older we get the more incidents we can recall of having had to do something, get over something, get ourselves out of something, engross ourselves into something, and a whole host of other scenarios that take us way past our inner feeling of confidence and comfort. Of course it's nothing unique, everyone has done it, even if by default they've been forced or pushed into it, but they've done it. Sometimes the journey into unknown territory is just so engaging that we want to "bring it all on" and to savour the newness of experiences that we have never met with before sometimes way out of our comfort zones and in other lands far from our home base, family and local calls to friends for help. When familiarity doesn't exist we have to muster our thoughts together and preside over due diligence and just "get on with it". The flip side of this is that while new and fascinating for some gives them an overall "high" in life for others it's a step far too far and overwhelms them with dread and even makes them ill with a sick feeling pervading throughout their whole body. There are even actors and actresses who have "first night nerves" every night even after 500 performances, yet they wouldn't swap their job for anything. As people we are all different and the old saying "one man's meat is another man's poison" is very true indeed. We do tend to migrate towards those that have similar affinities to those of our own, we feel a better vibrancy and uplift, even if others have equally good characteristics but are less outgoing.

Equilibrium of the mind is essential in that we must "know ourselves", which may sound funny but many people know how they react in certain circumstances yet never realise that part of their ideology is in fact one of pretence and not reality. We aspire to many things in life and it's good that we do, but there is a difference between aspiring and ever doing or going down the route to fulfilling that aspiration. Young boys often aspire to being big time footballers, yet it's almost akin to winning the lottery as to it ever coming to fruition, so their desire then leans towards being an amateur league player or avid spectator and that for most people rests comfortably within as they meet like minded footballers and enjoy the camaraderie as and when they can.  How we react when things go wrong varies enormously from person to person, some are cool, calm and collected come what may, whilst others just go berserk and even lose the plot. Some races of people tend to be "emotionally charged" over and above logic hence they are always in such a mess and never seem to get to grips with anything. The "blame culture" syndrome is basically for both losers and ambulance chasing lawyers who are only out for what they can get treating it all as a sport for which they get paid and keeps them in a job, more than their concern for their clients remuneration if they win. It's in many cases greed over morality not that there aren't legitimate cases to be fought.

We don't have to look very far to see many of those around us who when things don't go their way just lose their cool and off they go like a battery operated robot, we can even model their emotions and quote scripts as it's all so predictable. They of course are oblivious that they have launched into the familiar pattern of response yet again and get even more upset when all around them do little or nothing in response to it all. It's a deja vu moment, and what we need to understand is that element that others seem to either lack or not be able to control, where the mind in times of crisis almost stops and seeks out solutions that it thinks others have. Others do have solutions, however their solutions even if correct are minded and modeled via their own thoughts and not those of anyone else's. We only progress when we leave our comfort zone, anything else is just playing or toying with potential and not putting it into action. Being yourself and not allowing  emotions to control you, but you control your emotions is a key element both to stability of the mind and not doing stupid things or getting emotionally hyped up and regretting what was said because of a false ego rant or something similar. Our happiness relies totally upon ourselves and if you think otherwise there will be a long wait at the "happiness shop" for it to really emerge. Whilst material or emotional ties can give us a degree of happiness it is fleeting in that once it arrives there will always be a new horizon that needs to quench that inner desire. Our comfort zone is an area which we control totally, so the bottom line for our lives is up to us.

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Monday 14 November 2011


We live in a more complex place in life now than we ever used to and it's going to get more difficult too especially as we as a race get older. The young become far more IT literate and as we advance in incredible ways we will be utilising microchips embedded within the body. It's already started with tagging animals and the advantages of incorporating a chip within is that it can open up areas of life without having to remember passwords and codes and will enable individuals to do far more than they ever dreamt of. Of course all of this has a grossly sinister side too, one of "big brother" and one of control. Our every movement tracked and every step recorded which to the free and creative it's almost a nightmare to enter into, yet it's almost here as we speak. If you have a smart phone the chances are now that where it goes you are tracked. if you have it turned on, if you have sat nav then not only do you use it to find where you are going you are telling the world at large that too, even if it's not broadcast as such. So your so called "secret affair" is not so secret after all, especially when it's presented in court as evidence, and your undercover mission posing as Mr Smith fools no one at the control centre as they know your real name, billing address and all your previous movements, including airline, train and hotel details too and where you filled up your car, the list is endless. Of course from a parents point of view, especially today's neurotic parents "chipping" your child will give you 24/7 access to whatever it is they are doing and where and when.

In most societies within all the developmental structures there are those who buck the trend, most people will moan and groan but go with the flow because they know no better, the press and media will make headlines out of it all but do nothing, and it will be only those that actually make a difference who will enjoy a freedom that others can only dream about. Far from being restrictive to be part of a minority in life it offers excitement in that it allows one to always think outside the box and enjoy the realms of wild creativity that others either can't understand or more likely feel threatened with. It's a closed world to some extent yet the Sunday Papers and "so called" intellectual magazines will wax lyrical about it all as if they are past experts on the subject with articles by writers that feign knowledge, but all in vein as in reality they are but onlookers into a world that will never ever admit them. Most articles are researched rather than written from inherent and real inside knowledge but for the punters a good read is a good read and as they can't contradict what's been written because of their sheer ignorance it's just another published article, archived, then on to the next.

Our lives are more interwoven with world events than ever they used to be. Once most countries were singularly cushioned by world events because of their own productivity even if it wasn't that great, the icing on the cake or the fall in return wasn't as reliant upon overseas conditions as now it is. With an on going global financial crisis enveloping, areas of deceitful finance and corruption on a massive scale, often brought about by circumstance of greed more than a deliberate end, the fragility of life is for many becoming even more brittle. The professionalism of large companies is at an all time low, the global avaricious factor has taken the humanistic element out of the work and production environment  and even with the newly cited areas of "eco" and "sustainable" threaded into corporate speak, underlying it all is a vociferous hue of cruelty and cold venom of expendable humans. Nothing to do with sweat camps or slave labour, but corporate deliberations at playing games of business as if it's a Monopoly of "heads I win tails you lose" and  "I'm all right regardless of what happens". Governments are impervious and grossly impotent at this as their professionalism isn't that of high business and never will be, politicians are rarely that smart nor bold enough of themselves to make long standing decisions without fear of their own positions. The really good and trusted politician is almost a dying breed if not on the verge of extinction.

Despite the gloom and doom and the rift between rich and poor, it's a mentality concept that keeps people alive. If it wasn't for the relatively wealthy or moderately comfortable there wouldn't be anything at all for those who can't or won't make it in life. The biggest costs of social services are for those on low incomes, the biggest social problems on just about all levels are in this self same category. The poverty, the education, the lifestyles, the illegitimate children, the violence, the mental health, etc all fall also into this area of life. It's virtually the same the world over no matter what society or governmental strategy is run, except for Islamic countries which suffer more natural disasters and ingrained failure than anywhere else, where their own governments hold the populous back because control is false power, breading even more fear and more control in the process. The Arab Spring will ultimately bring upon more upheaval, desperation, failure, internal fighting of great magnitude and intrinsic unrest, in fact as long as Islam is an inherent characteristic doom is the only end in sight, which is already manifesting itself.

There is however a bright and fabulous future within all of this, and latching on to it is but a mind meld with what's out there, there's no one holding anyone back personally, we think and move within ourselves, it's us that has to make the effort, not talk about it. It's us that has to see the opportunities and go for it 100% not clutching on the doom and gloom stories as that's the opt out and cop out for failure. There are areas in life that are ripe for development as new ideas and technologies and services are every day needed. If we look we will find, if we rest at home lapping up the detritus that's washed ashore then we can expect what we expect to see, the odd bit of driftwood for a home decoration and nothing more. The story continues......

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Sunday 13 November 2011


It's funny how when we grow up we are taught, or at least most of us to be respectful to others and others property, it's something that we more or less readily take on board because we don't want others to take advantage of us and do things that we wouldn't do. It's somehow got a bit sque-wiff but the essence of all that is still firmly in our minds, and by and large most of us adhere to it. We intermingle with people at home, at work in the street and we form certain types of relationships that at times proceed to bonds of some description, our family usually being the almost inherent bond we encounter and others as we get older, possibly with "best friends" and then our own relationships. But over and above this there are those who seek to impose criteria and unwritten rules as to what they require or about who they are. The weak step right in to adhere to such always wanting to please and those that know better do what they know is expedient and cause friction, it's knowing who you are and getting your priorities right by not giving away your own authority.

Parents can abuse authority where selfishness turns into emotional blackmail and causes untold anxiety within the family as well as guilt, it shouldn't but it does. Then there's the self proclaimed responsibility "If I didn't do this they would starve or die or whatever". And if you died yourself tonight would they starve or die, no they wouldn't, they would still survive. So we have to be clear on what our life consists of and the needs of others too, it's a two way thing and the base line revolves around love, where there is an inherent understanding of the problem. Where love has been turned off to allow selfishness to rise, then there is only a one sided aspect, which is the me, me, me, me, regardless of what the others need to do. Many Middle Eastern families and other cultures impose historically this attitude via emotional blackmail, although it is getting better with subsequent generations of families.

Self esteem also plays a major part too, where some forever seek permission from anyone to do anything just to make themselves feel good or better or get a "blessing" to do what they need to do but require none whatsoever. Subservience isn't smart nor is it warranted, despite that society has both leaders and followers and it's a natural trait within. There is a fine line between being selfish and doing what you need to do for yourself, but that "feeling" you have identifies that clearly and guilt has no part to play whatsoever. If we can't do things for ourselves then no one else can. There is always should we seek it out a solution, amicable solutions and forced solutions, the former is the one that has real meaning and cause for the self and should not be fuelled with regrets. The latter shouldn't by and large have regrets attached too because you only have one life and if it's done with the best intention under the circumstances then it must be done. If it's family orientated the "love" should be the corner stone of moving forward regardless of the circumstances.

Fear fuels the need for permission, the invisible "they" comes into many conversations and the worst of all are the worthless "politically correct" morons who take it upon themselves to be bastions of society, whereas they are but useless inept people seeking to gain personal kudos for their own gross insecurity and a total lack of creativity and utmost selfishness in a life of painful nothingness. Those that enjoy and contribute to life just go and "do it", they stick to humanitarian and moral codes as they need followers to uphold eventually what they set out to do. It's ironically the "armchair" brigade that fear the most and as such never do anything for the "fear" rising of what others may think or do. For most cases in life the "others" (whoever they are) haven't an opinion on what you do as they are in the same boat themselves and more likely don't understand your motivation, hence it's so important to "go for it" as you are the only one with your thoughts which no one else has privy to.

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Saturday 12 November 2011


Often when things don't go right or as expected we get disappointed or despondent or dismayed etc, as much of the time we put a lot of energy into what we do with the hope that the outcome will serve us well in whatever way it is deemed to do. How we think about life and more to the point "our take on it" defines much of what we do and our ability to progress. The more insular we are the more we see taking steps forward as boulders standing in the way and it's a struggle to stir up the energy to do things. It's a case of the mind's willing but the body somehow is disengaged and tethered to a cossetted version of stability and staidness not wanting to venture forth without a massive safety net, and of course that attitude is not what creators nor entrepreneurs are all about. If we don't live outside of our comfort zone then our aspirations are no more than mere thoughts that will never be translated into positive actions, we are no better than armchair experts the sort you see often on television. Excuses and regurgitating past failures or avenues of empty virtue are common conversations as is linking the state of the economy and others struggles and weaving them into your own story. For those that "see" what they are doing everything is a possibility within what is broadcast and that which has made headline story. The real reality is that if you make any excuse whatsoever especially based on current situations you will never pull yourself out of the rut you so cosily live within and often then marvel at others seemingly doing well as if it's astounding. Whereas this aspect is available to yourself, it's just you undervaluing yourself and negating opportunities based on hypothetical conjecture, which is the kiss of death to positive growth.

Reality and truth as it is is at times light years away from our version of it. It's not that our version doesn't hold merit it's just that our version is a failed version full of excusable rhetoric and solutions that are predominantly pie in the sky. Sitting at home talking about the future and doing little if anything about it, or if deeds are done it's almost negligible on the scale of things indicates much of our ability or perhaps lack of it. If we have uninspiring friends / people around us then our conversations will reflect a dowdiness of life. If we have vibrant friends and those who are positive and do well then our whole thought process is subliminally filled with great potential even if at any one time we are not experiencing it, we know it's there and exists and it isn't that far away. Our level of intelligence and knowledge on a certain subject can fall on to stony and sterile ground if we don't exude whom we are, and that's akin to the "Shop Window Effect". We can wax lyrical until our hearts content but few will pick up on what we say because the plausibility and belief behind it will be too somber and dull and lack that zest that should have made it all come alive. Those that live in a dowdy world mock those that have or enjoy any exuberance with degrees of superficiality, whereas it's them who holds life back not the other way around.

It's often the case that rather shallow people do well, and those that have more depth struggle, and whilst there is a degree of truth in that it's not a smug resting place for those that find the forward route heavy going. We see often people in jobs and wonder how on earth they got them, then we see those that interviewed them and it all falls into place. Life is like that people in a company are only as good as those who select them and often the interviewers are subliminal gatekeepers with narrow personal views affecting their judgment. However the route to self governance is always wide open and it's up to the self to make it regardless, there's no one stopping you but yourself and of course your service or product. The really scary thing about our own reality is that for many it's just not compatible with the reality that many others have and there is an almost permanent discord then with the on-going reality of truth, which is yet something else. The truth is always the same but perceptions of it interwoven with how we think also produce convoluted versions of our ideas and mind workings so that unrest is an almost permanent fixture in one's life. This slightly discordant temperament in life perceptions is a major cause of problems for many in that they never quite feel easy at rest or satisfied in life, feeling that they are missing out, and to some extent they are, thus their overall mental condition isn't that good either. Enjoying the moment every day brings home everything into a place of understanding that then allows us to see all angles and all sides and be more harmonious in the way we think and feel, and more importantly the way forward.

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Friday 11 November 2011


There's a greatness in collective thought, but at the same time it all depends upon what the thought is, lemmings commit suicide collectively as indeed do wales and some religious orders have done so for whatever reason. Hitler produced an almost collective overriding thought in his followers who were rigid in what the Nazi movement was to stand for, similarly in some religions the collection of 'likeminded' souls all enacting the self same thing produces an ambiance and energy that many can commune with. Unfortunately or sadly in many cases it's not always that good, collective spirits gives rise to a pseudo stability that in reality doesn't exist. It also gives rise also to a quasi base which fragments once the collective has disbanded and old ways, evil doings and narrow thoughts almost revert back to how they were before. In any society good breeds good and bad breeds bad, and those who stand out in either camp as exponents of the opposite doctrine are either ostracised or feared. Collective thought especially in areas like prayer has been proven to be beneficial over long distances where such energy has raised the healing threshold substantially, all difficult to statistically give factual results other than improvement has been over and above chance or current medication and noted accordingly. The power of multiple thought can be something that many find gives rise to feelings within of security or possibly fear, it stems from a base ideology and for the general populous they subliminally take such feelings on board and unless they are of free thought themselves they start to think and feel as a collective then wonder why life isn't going their way, even if the base product is good and solid. If we think collectively then we ruin and dispel any credentials we have for our own abilities after which everything slumps and life becomes a trudge and unfulfilled.

Dark forces exist not only in organised crime or religious fanatics, but in the general populous itself, ignorance and lack as well as under developed minds produces negatively biased thoughts that forever seek out what they haven't got themselves or possibly can never achieve. The undercurrents of right and wrong shift towards the uneducated, although crime in law and finance is the fastest growing areas where deceit is the most common cause for sheer personal greed. Our whole society is based upon love, love in its pure form would eradicate any evil, it would eradicate murder, rape, embezzlement, fraud, muggings, and everything else because with love harm would not be a subject nor would wanting to do harm to any other person or animal for that matter. Bring man and religion into the equation and already there are fundamental flaws, add that ongoing factor "time" and one has a hotch potch of ideas, interpretations, doctrines, and anything else that can be drummed up and unless everything is brought up to date it all starts to form growing pains, as there is a dichotomy between man's past doctrine and current situations.

Quantum thought can move mountains, it can cause wars, it can sustain peace, and unless one has a stable religion, one that doesn't have endless excuses, exceptions, and in fact has an answer for opting out here and there then it's not a religion it's a man orientated diatribe that's perverse. Either something "is" or "it isn't" and it fits everyone, no matter who you are or where you are, it doesn't change, and above all it's practical for everyone. Exclusions lead to downfall, fear, no result, hatred, no help, nothing, and thus nothingness is the prevalent result from it all. What do 99% of people get from religion other than perhaps a pseudo peace of mind, the bottom line answer is nothing what so ever. The thought that if something good happens it's thanks to God and if something bad happens God wants it to be that way is stupid, and has no bearing on anything. Atheists are often better off than religious zealots as they have no burden of "this and that" which many religions burden their sad followers with, and thus hold them back as opposed to giving them the freedom to go forward. Quantum thought, where are you placed and where does happiness reside within?

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Thursday 10 November 2011


Everything in life has a vibration, not the New Age mumbo jumbo of speaking to plants and hugging trees and being "at one" with the Universe (as if you can not be a part of it anyway), but a real technical manifestation of atoms and molecules and protons and neutrons and (and morons) and everything else spinning and moving in the way that they do to form what we know as life. Whether it's life that's living in a humanoid form or more materialistic substances such as oil and sugar they all have a common denominator and they all have a vibration. In our air based atmosphere we are walking, eating, sleeping and breathing in an invisible pea soup fog of radio waves, darting around all over the place seeking a reception that provides us with radio, television, sat nav, telephony and a myriad of other uses including our auto car-locks and radio controlled models. We are in short all a part of one massive vibration, a vibration that creates and destroys and in the in-between process of birth and decay we have a short interlude where "sentient life" has a momentary period where humanoids can change, manifest and alter the processes to a limited extent for their own good or bad as happens at times.

Within every structure there are subliminal nuances and inherent variances which by their own nature have properties that can be harnessed and understood to indicate or predict change of state or pattern, these have enormous uses especially in a world which by its own evolutionary processes is evolving rapidly today. The prediction of natural events such as volcano's, tsunamis, earthquakes, whilst still not totally accurate can at least indicate and inform to save human lives. However further up the ladder there are those who can in layman's terms " read minds" or "understand" or "empathise" with others thoughts, this area is still a cloudy arena for scientists because as yet they haven't built equipment to sophisticated levels to measure such thought transference's, so like much of science it's all elasticated, and until it can be measured and repeated it's still a bit of a "no no" on the sceptibility scale. Yet there are remarkable events between humans often in different countries that can almost telepathically converse subliminally to one another,  thoughts that are inherently there without direct positioning of the self, a sharing that happens almost instantly like one's back up hard drive on a PC.

We can often "feel" the presence of "attitudes" or "atmosphere's" with people, not even reading body language or hearing tonal variances, we can pick up far deeper thoughts even with those we have met for the first time and know nothing of. We have feelings about what we are doing over and above the emotions of greed or anxiety or just plain nerves. We have at times an eerie understanding of something that we have never been a party to or even have a knowledge of the workings of or constituent parts of nor even subliminally seen similar events on TV, we just know and understand which at times we can't comprehend. We can "feel" presences at times and recall events or secrets that are of astounding fact, we can predict with uncanny accuracy situations depicting great clarity of detail often to a degree that there is no fore evidence as to suggest the outcome or what the end result would produce. The human mind is one of the most sophisticated transmitters and receivers known to man, and despite technologies deciphering the brain functions, what goes on within is still a great mystery and why some have such abilities and others are as thick as two short planks.

The two major killers in thought transference are intellectualising and hypothesising and being of a "new age" disposition, all stop dead in the tracks any abilities one may have had to receive or pick up information that's in the ether, trying to decipher thoughts and feelings is yet another way of eliminating abilities in that direction. Instantaneous understanding no matter how weird or seemingly unintelligible are the key notes to allow effective transmission and reception. Often when a situation brews up people immediately look at one another with a knowing feeling of general understanding, this is because the mind doesn't contain pre-meditated thought and it's not been deliberated upon, it's all fresh and unadulterated without back up thoughts or regurgitate diatribe of anything else. It allows the presence to float freely outside of ourselves whilst we are thinking of something else or even the subject matter but from a different perspective. This feeling is different from a "general understanding" of common thought as to what's going on based upon morals or embarrassing scenes, it's more subtle and intrinsic and it can carry so that others who know nothing of what's happened can identify without pre-knowledge.

Life if we let it can be far better with the knowledge that "we know" more often accurately what we are doing or are at than just going or doing because "that's it" and hoping for the best. We can so much more enjoy life and the associated camaraderie and love and common feelings without any awkward attachment that can at times prove uncomfortable and leave us almost void of conversation as that opens us up even further to contrived conversation trying to say something smart which never comes off and leaves us wondering why we said it and wishing we hadn't. Listening to our inner self is always the best way forward it's us talking from deep within, it's an ability we all have, it's a shame that many rely too much on others for advice, those who cannot ever know how we feel deep down.

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Wednesday 9 November 2011


Enjoying life for many seems an illusive trail, there permanently appears to be a disengagement with that on-going feeling of enjoyment where everything seems to have an up or a down motion with little in between. It's not that for many life is bad or it doesn't have quality either, it's all a very personal thing that is deep within and only engaged from time to time with regards real heart felt 'gut rendering' fun. The rest of the time it's more like fitting pieces together to make the "whole one" but somehow that "whole one" keeps moving and there aren't enough pieces to complete the picture. No matter where we reside in life there are always going to be problems, if we were financially poor then suddenly we inherited great wealth our problems wouldn't stop, they just shift to a different location and our mind then gets back on to the "reset button" and familiar conversations of "if I could just have this fixed then" and so on and so forth. It's a case of the carrot and the donkey, perfection and our vision of great contentment is always just that step ahead, and it always will be. Happiness is within us, it lies nowhere else, it's not in self help books or books on motivation or in courses or classes, it's with us right now, the only thing that perhaps stops one from accessing it is our eternal excuses. Hypothesising about life or even worse intellectualising about life wrecks creativity from the bottom upwards. Once one starts to intellectualise about anything creatively it disengages and future plans become mind toys and nothing else, hence many academics are dull and at times distant no matter how brilliant they may be at their chosen subject.

Many people go around with that often dazed or slightly vacant look, as if consumed almost all the time in their thoughts, a bit like those who listen to their iPods 24/7, almost disengaged from life and subsumed in a world of audible uplift and not quite aware of the nuances of life around them. The exclamations that people come up with who are not self propelled when starting conversations tend to be those of a 'sigh' as if to punctuate what's to follow, or a slight hollow laugh as if "you don't really want to hear what I have to say" (and we don't) so the preceding conversation is mellowed out and somewhat contrived, even if accurate in delivery. The fact that there has been a punctuated start by a designer expression is often more than enough to relive what was to have been said or maybe left to another time with another person when the audience could be more receptive. The problem is getting worse, where people are fed with media negativity, governmental threats of severe problems ahead, slightly cushioned by the fact they they say they are doing their best to help everyone at the same time, it's all a pack of lies as they haven't a clue as to what's going to happen anymore than sheer guesswork gets it right.

Most people who have a good relationship pull through, they share their commitment and just do the best they can enjoying the love and camaraderie. The singles who are under 30 have a future by and large and thus keep themselves entertained. Those 30+ and single for them it's a different ball game as the future looms large and unless they enjoy a good stipend have little to offer anyone but their self crankiness and stilted views on life, huddled in either excuses or devised theories that have little substance other than their own perceptions which they have based their total conjecture upon, and won't be moved from it either. Anything that takes our mind off of what is expedient and correctly focused tarnishes subliminally our view ahead, sometimes unnoticed but never the less the accuracy of the future and our potential is degraded to a definable extent and thus we lose our edge.

The happiness and future of many whether employed, unemployed or just dazed with negative future possibilities is forever increasing. The quest for inner solace, happiness and contentment is fragmented into a temple of discretionary hopes and unsubstantiated dreams that wax and wain frequently thus causing much unrest and a lack of solidity of the inner self. Living for the moment is fine but most people need to feel there is somewhere to step into for without that their own resolve diminishes and their whole mind set goes with it firing at a reduced rate which they know renders them under par for what they need to excel at in going forward. It's always going to be those that have a "bigger picture" view that will really enjoy life even if their foresight looms large with unpleasant events, which are already on the cards.  Listening to one's inner self helps enormously and not being a party to hypothetical rhetoric is essential for once one follows the end is in sight and there's no turning back for the many. Be at peace with life even the atrocities and world events, heightened punctuated emotions will lead you into a bottomless pit which strips life and negates the soul, something which is really not worth considering, don't allow self emotional effects be your downfall.

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Monday 7 November 2011


The word failure can for many send a shiver down the spine as if it's something like Armageddon approaching, yet failure has been given a rather bad name and is not all its purported to be. We all like to succeed, we like to win, we like to come out on top, we like to be at the forefront even if we are somewhat timid in our disposition, we don't really want to be lagging behind at the back straggling on. But success is a really good bed mate with failure, it's the antithesis of it yet at the same time it more often than not relies on failure to allow success to succeed. Strength comes with knowledge, knowledge comes with learning and learning comes from experience and experience comes from literally "having a go" or "trying something out" and seeing how it all pans out.

The route to success in our world is full of unpredictables, it's full of Topsy turvy scenarios that at time give us great elation and at others almost throw us into despair. Whatever life throws at us we do come through it all, sometimes eventually, sometimes thinking "only just" but we do, and that's success on it's own merits. It's the little pitfalls and hiccups that gives us the strength and ability to continue and know what to do when "stuff" goes wrong.

Some people have failure built into their job specifications, scientists and engineers often spend years developing, researching, trying, stopping and starting again, and eventually they come up with advanced solutions often comprising of the most weird concepts and connections in how they all came about success. Sometimes success eventually comes about through an accident in doing something wrong and seeing a startling result, but nothing happens in isolation, and nothing happens without someone doing something to make it all happen, regardless of how it does.

Our greatest inventions, pharmaceutical discoveries etc, have come about through dedicated and diligent work spanning many years and endless failures, but success breaks through eventually. Those that can't stand failure aren't much good themselves and show little compassion towards others and life, it's just a trait they carry. Most of today's companies have been through many a disaster fuelled by the avaricious and two faced media and sometimes politicians trying to gain kudos only for the companies to emerge stronger and better.

Our own lives no matter what level they reside are not immune from failure, whether it's financial, relationship, health, friends, work, but we muster through and whilst it may not be ideal, we as humans succeed, we overcome, we survive. The whole human race has survived for thousands of years some areas better than others, never the less survival equates to success and overcoming the obstacles that at times appear to enslave us. We must never let ego and pride overtake us when we have to face any degree of failure, by looking at the positive aspects of life we will gain ground like never before, it's only the pathetic and stupid that dwell on problems and not the solutions.

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Friday 4 November 2011


Love is the corner stone of our society and indeed life, for without love we have nothing to live for. Without love life is but a drudgery surviving from one day to the next, and for some that is their reality.
Religions are supposedly based upon LOVE, well serious ones anyway, however there are some that kill in the name of God but they are part of the darkness that's enveloping much of our world at present and will self annihilate themselves in the fullness of time.

Diagrammatically here's an aspect that defines love:-
Love is a white cylindrical object, it's pure white and supports itself where it stands. It has no strings, no conditions, it has no shadows nor anything untoward, love is the ultimate in what we can have in life.

Of course then comes mankind, and as soon as man hits the scene we have conditions and as soon as we have "religions" enter the affray we have complete failure. There isn't a stable Islamic country on the planet, go see for yourself to anyone??? Where pure love is in evidence hurt and hardship do not exist, killings are not even on the vocabulary, and anguish and depression and anxiety, and hatred, and jealousy and envy and greed don't exist either. Conversation with phrases like "If you love me" etc, well, don't even go there, if your partner says that other than in fun, pack your bags and go now.
Love gives us that fantastic feeling within that makes us want to continue in life regardless of what or who is around us, loves quenches those inner pangs of nothingness that so many suffer from, it fill that inner void that so many also have in the pit of their stomach, love transcends the mundanity of life by making what seemingly seems little very special.

Love doesn't hold hands with emotional blackmail that many families try to exert upon their siblings,  a trait not uncommon in Asia or Asian families but not exclusively. Love has a freedom all of its own that provides a base in life of great stability even in times of stress and anxiety or upheaval. Love is something that makes humans human, for those without it are almost like androids just doing what they have to do for the sake of it. Love breeds contentment and separates the good from the bad, the good find favour whereas the bad find what they deserve. Love doesn't exist in most religions as they have tacit edicts that serve more forbidden aspects of life that repress rather than create. All religiously run countries are failures and take from the world as oppose to contribute to it, and their human rights are bottom of the list, should they know what human rights are.

Love is what has made man evolve today where he is now on the planet regardless of the despots who come and go. It separates the third world from the first world, where loves is spoken about in religious contexts and global contexts it's just lip service by the chameleons who say what they have to say for effect rather than purpose and the reality behind it all.

Taking control of who we are gives us life and it gives us love, even if at times we feel helpless, we must hold on to that love quotient as it will not only pull us through it will give us the guidance needed to come out the other end smelling of roses when all the dross reap their unbegotten rewards.
Regardless of what others do or say, keep your own love walk close to yourself at all times, and if something doesn't feel wholesome it probably isn't, that little voice inside is rarely wrong, don't follow like lemmings. Love is something that you have at all times, it never runs out and the more you give out the greater it fills up within. Don't hold back even if things are not reciprocated the way you would have liked. You will always get your reward from love although it may come from a source that you had not anticipated from.

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Thursday 3 November 2011


And just when everything was going well someone dropped a spanner in the works, our organised and adjusted life is thrown out of kilter and we are at sixes and sevens as to what action we need take to rectify or bring back some degree of harmony and equilibrium within our mind. None of us are immune from aspects of life that seemingly just appear from out of nowhere or materialise from what we thought was stable. Life from that point onwards looks somewhat different, the edge has gone off what would have otherwise been light and airy and is now tinged with something like a toothache gnawing incessantly within our mind. Our thoughts turning over and over again, the situation having endless permutations about how to solve it or what to do, and if we are not careful we go into overload ourselves and if that's not checked then like a nuclear reactor we become unstable and then there's no telling what might happen.

The "mind gremlins" live in the dark areas of our mind, they feed like bad religions on negative energy, they dance to our upsets, they disco to our sleepless nights, they frolic to our dismay and they dine well on our stress and instability, they just love it when life gets messy as often we do little to avert any further lowness that may come along. The mind gremlins are a product of ourselves, it's we who creates them and it's us who feeds them too, almost at times encourages them by our negative statements an instant apathy that some latch on to as an excuse to not making any move forward. The mind gremlins if not put into check will ravage our mind and scarify our thoughts to the extent that we start to suffer physical ailments as a result. Where our mind goes our body follows and if our mind goes to a not so nice place then our body will duly follow.

It's imperative that we face up to what's happening, and do our utmost to find whatever humour, lightness, positive solace, uplifting thoughts we can as those will elevate our mind state and stop the downward shift to even more despondency. The good news is that the mind gremlins only live a finite time and as soon as circumstances change they disappear and fade away so quickly one can hardly recognise the emotional upset they have been through. Emotional stability is essential in all of our lives no matter what we are experiencing, and getting into the habit of not entertaining negativity is the best way forward, not even the slightest murmur do we utter, for it's the little cracks in our facade that the gremlins pour into until they populate what once was a haven of fun and excitement.

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Wednesday 2 November 2011


Happiness is almost on a par with one of today's biggest problematical areas of life, Mental Health, getting to grips with oneself and life and finding an acceptable way forward and purpose so that the "hope trail" is forever refreshed a-new and full of zest for whatever is to come. Unfortunately for many it just doesn't exist and because they can't find within their hearts that effectiveness that makes life feel good for no other reason than they feel good, life at times 'sucks', it's a robotic existence full of potential hope that rarely ever gets realised and in between time ticks on by and old age hits hard without a great deal to talk about. Even those who have had a relatively full life often think "what's it all about" as one can't live on old memories but only what is ahead and when that seems dull one's happiness starts to flank and then the mind plays up. Insecurity looms large and then it's "show time" for the Mind Gremlins, those little creatures that live on our indecision, failure and all things negative. They come out to dance and boogie to everything that's not solid in thought and deed and unless we send them scrurrying back they will eventually take over our thought processes. Happiness for many is something that they know they must work on, we must control our minds and not the other way around. The sceptics, the insecure, the mean, the jealous, the greedy and the negative all have views that happiness is material and that it's fleeting, they believe that happiness isn't something one can possess all the time, hence they rarely display any degree of happiness at all and are often dull and pathetic in nature, although not necessarily bad people by any means, just not the life and soul of living. Scientists often come up with theories of happiness as if reeling off "quantum theory" and that's it, but it isn't. Knowing how something works doesn't necessarily improve the situation. Knowing how a car or aero engine works isn't going to help the ride or the destination at the end of the journey. Knowing the chemical interaction of how cakes bake in the oven will not improve our baking, it's our intrinsic knowledge and feel that makes us good drivers or great cooks as well as aptitude. Knowing why a light bulb glows when switched on doesn't improve the light quality or our experience of the light.

The self help books, new age clans, happy clubs, and all the other organisations that utilise happiness as financial fodder have grown up to serve those unfortunate and often lonely people, usually over 30, single and predominantly women but definitely not exclusively, to try and give them a degree of happiness utilising their own known and 'proven' methods. So successful are the vendors of these intrinsic secrets that the world at large has yet to find out but when they do everyone will be happy regardless. Of course it's pushing it a bit to say that happiness reigns 24/7, but our attitude towards life is something that stems from within so we really do have a degree of control even if at times we get knocked sideways by news that's destabilising. It's far easier to be unhappy because there are no expectations that we need to address, failure, unloved, doesn't happen, rained off, lost out, etc, you can't really get much lower than wallowing in the detritus of sadness. But happiness is a state of mind that we can come to terms with and that we will not be dictated to by circumstances, because being unhappy will not solve nor rectify anything, and even pity and sympathy wears a bit thin by those around us after a while. Other people have a life and it most certainly doesn't include us feeling sorry for ourselves or being morbid. Dwelling on unhappiness for whatever reason is a prime cause to thwart real happiness, like those that dwell on problems never see the solutions because they aren't focused on them so they continually miss out, none of this is rocket science it's mind application.

It's smart to mock today, to throw disbelief upon those that try hard and do well and be happy regardless, to those that give it a go whilst the rest scorn others ways and inflate their own circumstances as if they are the only ones with problems and utilise that famous saying "it's alright for them but in my case" which is a load of old twaddle, it's never alright for anyone else, it's just that they get to grips with it and get it over with. Our attitude in every aspect of life is the key outward element in how we both present ourselves and show how we think too, so if it's out of kilter then so are we. If it's negative then even those who have nothing to do with us will keep away so our chances of successfully communing with life are getting shorter and shorter. Accepting both ownership of our lives and where we are in life is a strength that allows us to define our pathway and make appropriate changes en-route to suite our personal circumstances. It's this taking the helm of our own ship that makes both humility rise within and fear depart without. It's also the base for us being happy for whom we are and not reflecting circumstances and then deciding that because it's not what we had wished we are therefore going to be miserable, that's not part of the equation anymore. If happiness is a subject in your life then you have to think about whom you are, for by default you will have made it a "carrot and a donkey situation" always that little bit just out of reach, even though it literally resides within you. Happiness is not an adjunct in life, you don't need books, courses, whatever even if these by default take your mind off of dwelling on the subject, by physically seeking happiness short term you might attain a degree or pseudo happiness, but long term it will fade away leaving an even bigger gap or void which many find it difficult if not some impossible to overcome, even though again happiness is still within you. The power of stupidity reigns out there for the fickle to forever play with. Just think happiness over everything and see the routes towards where it lies.

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