Tuesday, 29 November 2011


One of the main reason many people get so fed up and mentally estranged from what is going on is that media reportage is virtually a "one way medium" as is that of television and the press in general and especially so of politicians. Whereby the tone and content of the subject matter has seemingly been devised to be definitive in content and delivery regardless of the many other permutations that are available. In short it's trite and narrow and ultra biased, says very little like a bromidic sermon even if well written and has been designed to "fill in a publishing gap" for the sake of getting copy out. The way everything is hyped up and specific content left out to highlight events that in reality aren't what they seem. The headlines read that 5000 jobs to go. What is left out is that it's over 5 years and through natural wastage and retirement and that no one is actually going to be fired or made redundant, deceitful content at the expense of attracting readers and fuelling discontent in the process.

The use of a soliloquy is often used in theatre whereby the actor or actress addresses the audience with very personal thoughts and feelings as if others were not a party to their thoughts and lives and it can be very effective in its place. Sadly many people today are wrapped up in their own thoughts and feel very much isolated and cocooned in their own world addressing those around them at times with snippets or glances of their inner self which can not only be very disturbing but alarming too. Especially for those who presumably thought they knew the person concerned and then to hear somewhat intimate (within reason usually) feelings come out in drubs and drabs that has highlighted their internal plight and struggle with an aspect of life that's not only troubling but has far reaching connotations. Hearing such prose from those around has often that feeling towards the self of sorrow but more importantly helplessness in that there is little one can often do other than venture forth and say "I'm here if you need me" but even that sounds wet and insidious and without much merit even if it's well meant.

Our mental health is just so important for if it slips one degree we can start to fall behind in our ability to reason, feel constantly upset and put upon, feel threatened by anything no matter how small, fear the future, forever wonder "what it's all about", have constant agitation within and feel stressed and anxious in areas that we can't even identify. The need for calm and inner peace is a crusade that forever seems to be thwarted on every step we take, to feel more at ease with those around and to be able to laugh from the heart and not just a fleeting robotic movement of the lips that resets itself back into a stern look. Are there other players in our lives or are we just a part of a scenario called life and here we are enacting it as a sole performer going through the motions of 'me' and 'them'. We see others interact in better and warmer ways at times yet it just can't touch ourselves as that micron thin membrane separates us from the outside world one that has depth and understanding on levels that we used to know so well.

Of course a soliloquy is a tool to use, it's not a way of life, and our plight or feeling that is akin is but temporal, even if it is to us so very real. Our happiness regime can change in a flash, and it literally needs that initial spark to rapidly alter our every thoughts and feelings and grasp and align them to where they need to be in the here and now and not wandering off in some dank mind place that's self generated. We deserve to be happy, and we must at all costs proceed down that route and definitely not follow others anywhere where the destination smacks of anything else. Many people often find themselves mentally in a place where they know they shouldn't be yet seem to feel that they are helpless to get out of it. Well the very good news is that you will get out of it, and once out you will not revisit it again.   

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