Wednesday, 30 November 2011


Just about everywhere we go today their are sets of rules and regulations, there are conditions and parameters, there are "unspoken" ethics and "unspoken" ways and protocols that we adhere to or we become the odd one out, something that most people are reluctant to be. The vast majority of people want an easy life of sorts, they find it difficult enough coping with the instability of fluctuating markets (not that they understand what it's all about), crime, forever rising prices, unemployment, biased radio, television and media programmes, the unfairness of being treated like an alien in their own country, and politicians playing at "international" games whilst messing around with their own home turf. Life today isn't what it used to be, it's a mixture of both better and worse. With our technology advancing at such a great pace we are in the West suffering or experiencing systematic problems and afflictions as side effects of what we have created. Of course this is all nothing new, every age has had its problems it's just now they are exponentially growing at a rate of knots that's in some cases even taking the creators outside of their comfort zone or sheer knowledge levels. Behavioural experts whilst identifying problems can do very little other than state the obvious and state bureaucracy is so slow it never really catches up with anything, forever lagging behind whilst still holding meetings discussing it all and of course their own rights and conditions as well and wasting even more money.

It's those that literally jump out of the box and punch the matrix that make life what it is today, it's the entrepreneurs and the advanced often initially seen as zany people who break the mould and move and shake creating employment. No one else creates employment even the government, whilst employers themselves they don't create wealth, they spend what others have created and earned. Governments are parasitic in that they rely on sales generated by their populous to fuel their coffers and support alien nations, overseas wars, international aid and anything else that's seen as good and wholesome whilst leaving garing gaps in their homelands. Politicians live is a global world of "make believe" feeling that their knowledge will solve problems, just look at Palestine and Africa as an ongoing example on nothingness. And why immigration is a one way stream, where tin pot governments of many countries never ever get to grips with problems because they are part of the problem hence it's a perpetuating cycle. Emerging markets are desperate for strong leadership that otherwise would squander it's own growth not knowing the difference between investment and bribery and corruption.

But closer to home, individuals need to feel that there is a future and some who are advanced thinkers need more scope than others as the future lies in their hands. Everyone has a place in life, everyone has a purpose and everyone has a job to do to contribute to the bigger picture. Within all of this are vectors in our time continuum that allow those that have the clarity to see through and make their entrance. There are no credentials other than that of future vision, perspective and decision, it's this that allows the future to develop for mankind, not the closeted and fear based Iran syndrome model and such similar nations who live in an envelope of hatred and darkness and will do so until Armageddon arrives and it will then be all too late. The politicians of the West at this present time are the lowest denominators of history, fooling themselves by combining commercialism, politics, popularity, smugness and deceit which results in building a platform in a swamp as opposed to firm ground, hence the massive unrest and upheaval in many areas and endless press statements of underhanded dealings. Where even the press have delved to the depths where detritus lives.

For most people the future is bright, the future is good, the future is rosy the future is sustainable but it comes from following ones inner heart, not that of the lemmings that latch on to today's deeds to find a common cause only to realise that it's flawed and unsustainable because commercial antics have perpetuated it for personal gain of which you are not a party to. Life is good and wholesome for many, it's how it should be even if not perfect. It's always the imperfections that tend to gain kudos in life and not the vastness of what is already just fine. The scratch on your new Rolls Royce doesn't make any difference to the driving experience or comfort, yet it becomes a talking point, it's the negative mind re-alignment that we must change and put a stop to the scant minutiae of dull thoughts and enjoy what we have and not the little bits of what we don't have. Who rules your life, you or circumstances of little virtue. 

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