Thursday, 24 November 2011


There are books written on the subject, there are courses run on the subject, there are Guru's who proclaim to know the secret or answer yet none of them have taken the world by storm or become part of the national curriculum to provide better and stable students for the future. Life at times isn't easy and some seemingly cope better than others when under duress. Others goes to pieces at the mere thought that something might go wrong but that 's another story in itself.

We all have ideas, aspirations, dreams, thoughts etc, about how we would like life to pan out, we have our standards too and for many we like to try and better ourselves in many ways allowing us the ability to grasp a part of life that pleases us and tastes better than what we previously had. We also need to keep our feet firmly on the ground too for if we allow ourselves the luxury of wandering off mentally to another place we will then have unwittingly placed upon us an expectation that we may never ever be able to realise. If we have too many of these expectations in life we will probably have many areas in which we fall short, and when we do fall short we become disappointed and downtrodden and start to compare others and situations and that makes us feel even worse.

The general peace and quiet we need at times to allow ourselves to "chill out" gives us time to recharge our batteries which is vitally important. Other recreational activities may also be useful even going to the gym allows us to "let off steam' and feel better both physically and mentally. But where we are in our mind is where it all happens. Everything in life happens within our mind, our world lives in our mind, everything we do is in our mind and there is no getting away from it, so it's vitally important that we keep our mind in tip top condition so that we are in tip top condition too.

So many people let themselves down by internally bickering about trivia and what others do or say that they have little time for original thought about who they are and their lives and those of their significant others around them. It's all this extraneous thought that keeps us from having peace within, it's this external knowledge that the vast majority of us harbour that is useless or needless or about others who contribute nothing to whom we are. It's us who becomes fodder for the news media and press that blow out of proportion every single event as if the world is living day by day and surviving because of them.

To reside in that place of peace we need to know what's important to us, and what isn't. We need to know who we are and where we are in life even if it's not ideal at the moment, we need to accept that to move on as and when the time and circumstances allow. If we can't have degrees of inner peace now we will find that when we we move on we will drag the mayhem with us and then become dissatisfied that what we thought would elevate our lives has just run out of steam.

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