Monday, 14 November 2011


We live in a more complex place in life now than we ever used to and it's going to get more difficult too especially as we as a race get older. The young become far more IT literate and as we advance in incredible ways we will be utilising microchips embedded within the body. It's already started with tagging animals and the advantages of incorporating a chip within is that it can open up areas of life without having to remember passwords and codes and will enable individuals to do far more than they ever dreamt of. Of course all of this has a grossly sinister side too, one of "big brother" and one of control. Our every movement tracked and every step recorded which to the free and creative it's almost a nightmare to enter into, yet it's almost here as we speak. If you have a smart phone the chances are now that where it goes you are tracked. if you have it turned on, if you have sat nav then not only do you use it to find where you are going you are telling the world at large that too, even if it's not broadcast as such. So your so called "secret affair" is not so secret after all, especially when it's presented in court as evidence, and your undercover mission posing as Mr Smith fools no one at the control centre as they know your real name, billing address and all your previous movements, including airline, train and hotel details too and where you filled up your car, the list is endless. Of course from a parents point of view, especially today's neurotic parents "chipping" your child will give you 24/7 access to whatever it is they are doing and where and when.

In most societies within all the developmental structures there are those who buck the trend, most people will moan and groan but go with the flow because they know no better, the press and media will make headlines out of it all but do nothing, and it will be only those that actually make a difference who will enjoy a freedom that others can only dream about. Far from being restrictive to be part of a minority in life it offers excitement in that it allows one to always think outside the box and enjoy the realms of wild creativity that others either can't understand or more likely feel threatened with. It's a closed world to some extent yet the Sunday Papers and "so called" intellectual magazines will wax lyrical about it all as if they are past experts on the subject with articles by writers that feign knowledge, but all in vein as in reality they are but onlookers into a world that will never ever admit them. Most articles are researched rather than written from inherent and real inside knowledge but for the punters a good read is a good read and as they can't contradict what's been written because of their sheer ignorance it's just another published article, archived, then on to the next.

Our lives are more interwoven with world events than ever they used to be. Once most countries were singularly cushioned by world events because of their own productivity even if it wasn't that great, the icing on the cake or the fall in return wasn't as reliant upon overseas conditions as now it is. With an on going global financial crisis enveloping, areas of deceitful finance and corruption on a massive scale, often brought about by circumstance of greed more than a deliberate end, the fragility of life is for many becoming even more brittle. The professionalism of large companies is at an all time low, the global avaricious factor has taken the humanistic element out of the work and production environment  and even with the newly cited areas of "eco" and "sustainable" threaded into corporate speak, underlying it all is a vociferous hue of cruelty and cold venom of expendable humans. Nothing to do with sweat camps or slave labour, but corporate deliberations at playing games of business as if it's a Monopoly of "heads I win tails you lose" and  "I'm all right regardless of what happens". Governments are impervious and grossly impotent at this as their professionalism isn't that of high business and never will be, politicians are rarely that smart nor bold enough of themselves to make long standing decisions without fear of their own positions. The really good and trusted politician is almost a dying breed if not on the verge of extinction.

Despite the gloom and doom and the rift between rich and poor, it's a mentality concept that keeps people alive. If it wasn't for the relatively wealthy or moderately comfortable there wouldn't be anything at all for those who can't or won't make it in life. The biggest costs of social services are for those on low incomes, the biggest social problems on just about all levels are in this self same category. The poverty, the education, the lifestyles, the illegitimate children, the violence, the mental health, etc all fall also into this area of life. It's virtually the same the world over no matter what society or governmental strategy is run, except for Islamic countries which suffer more natural disasters and ingrained failure than anywhere else, where their own governments hold the populous back because control is false power, breading even more fear and more control in the process. The Arab Spring will ultimately bring upon more upheaval, desperation, failure, internal fighting of great magnitude and intrinsic unrest, in fact as long as Islam is an inherent characteristic doom is the only end in sight, which is already manifesting itself.

There is however a bright and fabulous future within all of this, and latching on to it is but a mind meld with what's out there, there's no one holding anyone back personally, we think and move within ourselves, it's us that has to make the effort, not talk about it. It's us that has to see the opportunities and go for it 100% not clutching on the doom and gloom stories as that's the opt out and cop out for failure. There are areas in life that are ripe for development as new ideas and technologies and services are every day needed. If we look we will find, if we rest at home lapping up the detritus that's washed ashore then we can expect what we expect to see, the odd bit of driftwood for a home decoration and nothing more. The story continues......

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