Monday, 7 November 2011


The word failure can for many send a shiver down the spine as if it's something like Armageddon approaching, yet failure has been given a rather bad name and is not all its purported to be. We all like to succeed, we like to win, we like to come out on top, we like to be at the forefront even if we are somewhat timid in our disposition, we don't really want to be lagging behind at the back straggling on. But success is a really good bed mate with failure, it's the antithesis of it yet at the same time it more often than not relies on failure to allow success to succeed. Strength comes with knowledge, knowledge comes with learning and learning comes from experience and experience comes from literally "having a go" or "trying something out" and seeing how it all pans out.

The route to success in our world is full of unpredictables, it's full of Topsy turvy scenarios that at time give us great elation and at others almost throw us into despair. Whatever life throws at us we do come through it all, sometimes eventually, sometimes thinking "only just" but we do, and that's success on it's own merits. It's the little pitfalls and hiccups that gives us the strength and ability to continue and know what to do when "stuff" goes wrong.

Some people have failure built into their job specifications, scientists and engineers often spend years developing, researching, trying, stopping and starting again, and eventually they come up with advanced solutions often comprising of the most weird concepts and connections in how they all came about success. Sometimes success eventually comes about through an accident in doing something wrong and seeing a startling result, but nothing happens in isolation, and nothing happens without someone doing something to make it all happen, regardless of how it does.

Our greatest inventions, pharmaceutical discoveries etc, have come about through dedicated and diligent work spanning many years and endless failures, but success breaks through eventually. Those that can't stand failure aren't much good themselves and show little compassion towards others and life, it's just a trait they carry. Most of today's companies have been through many a disaster fuelled by the avaricious and two faced media and sometimes politicians trying to gain kudos only for the companies to emerge stronger and better.

Our own lives no matter what level they reside are not immune from failure, whether it's financial, relationship, health, friends, work, but we muster through and whilst it may not be ideal, we as humans succeed, we overcome, we survive. The whole human race has survived for thousands of years some areas better than others, never the less survival equates to success and overcoming the obstacles that at times appear to enslave us. We must never let ego and pride overtake us when we have to face any degree of failure, by looking at the positive aspects of life we will gain ground like never before, it's only the pathetic and stupid that dwell on problems and not the solutions.

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