Saturday, 12 November 2011


Often when things don't go right or as expected we get disappointed or despondent or dismayed etc, as much of the time we put a lot of energy into what we do with the hope that the outcome will serve us well in whatever way it is deemed to do. How we think about life and more to the point "our take on it" defines much of what we do and our ability to progress. The more insular we are the more we see taking steps forward as boulders standing in the way and it's a struggle to stir up the energy to do things. It's a case of the mind's willing but the body somehow is disengaged and tethered to a cossetted version of stability and staidness not wanting to venture forth without a massive safety net, and of course that attitude is not what creators nor entrepreneurs are all about. If we don't live outside of our comfort zone then our aspirations are no more than mere thoughts that will never be translated into positive actions, we are no better than armchair experts the sort you see often on television. Excuses and regurgitating past failures or avenues of empty virtue are common conversations as is linking the state of the economy and others struggles and weaving them into your own story. For those that "see" what they are doing everything is a possibility within what is broadcast and that which has made headline story. The real reality is that if you make any excuse whatsoever especially based on current situations you will never pull yourself out of the rut you so cosily live within and often then marvel at others seemingly doing well as if it's astounding. Whereas this aspect is available to yourself, it's just you undervaluing yourself and negating opportunities based on hypothetical conjecture, which is the kiss of death to positive growth.

Reality and truth as it is is at times light years away from our version of it. It's not that our version doesn't hold merit it's just that our version is a failed version full of excusable rhetoric and solutions that are predominantly pie in the sky. Sitting at home talking about the future and doing little if anything about it, or if deeds are done it's almost negligible on the scale of things indicates much of our ability or perhaps lack of it. If we have uninspiring friends / people around us then our conversations will reflect a dowdiness of life. If we have vibrant friends and those who are positive and do well then our whole thought process is subliminally filled with great potential even if at any one time we are not experiencing it, we know it's there and exists and it isn't that far away. Our level of intelligence and knowledge on a certain subject can fall on to stony and sterile ground if we don't exude whom we are, and that's akin to the "Shop Window Effect". We can wax lyrical until our hearts content but few will pick up on what we say because the plausibility and belief behind it will be too somber and dull and lack that zest that should have made it all come alive. Those that live in a dowdy world mock those that have or enjoy any exuberance with degrees of superficiality, whereas it's them who holds life back not the other way around.

It's often the case that rather shallow people do well, and those that have more depth struggle, and whilst there is a degree of truth in that it's not a smug resting place for those that find the forward route heavy going. We see often people in jobs and wonder how on earth they got them, then we see those that interviewed them and it all falls into place. Life is like that people in a company are only as good as those who select them and often the interviewers are subliminal gatekeepers with narrow personal views affecting their judgment. However the route to self governance is always wide open and it's up to the self to make it regardless, there's no one stopping you but yourself and of course your service or product. The really scary thing about our own reality is that for many it's just not compatible with the reality that many others have and there is an almost permanent discord then with the on-going reality of truth, which is yet something else. The truth is always the same but perceptions of it interwoven with how we think also produce convoluted versions of our ideas and mind workings so that unrest is an almost permanent fixture in one's life. This slightly discordant temperament in life perceptions is a major cause of problems for many in that they never quite feel easy at rest or satisfied in life, feeling that they are missing out, and to some extent they are, thus their overall mental condition isn't that good either. Enjoying the moment every day brings home everything into a place of understanding that then allows us to see all angles and all sides and be more harmonious in the way we think and feel, and more importantly the way forward.

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