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Even within the limitations of our own abilities and mentality there are permutations far in excess of what we ever think about or even venture towards. We are mostly our biggest enemy and hold ourselves back because of so  much we have clutched on to of the past, our ego, our pride, our status and anything else that's of an ethereal nature. Of course even the most mundane person has aspirations even if in reality they don't amount to much, but for them it could just be everything.  The word "everything" is so relative to each and every one of us too because what we seek in life, our likes and dislikes make life what it is over and above the essentials that we need to hopefully enjoy a good and decent life. The problem with the majority of people is that they define life based upon what they know as opposed to what could be available, which is a totally different ball park. What we know could well be either very limiting or relatively wide in terms of the broad spectrum of life opportunities. However no one knows and never will the infinitesimal availability of choices, jobs, positions, opportunities which are out there because we are not privy to such information. The presumptuous attitudes that many have preclude a far better life that they could have ever dreamt yet because opportunities that avail themselves don't fall within the narrow criteria that the self mind  dreamt up, they are not only discarded with almost flippant ease but greatness is turned down in that same response.

When we are little we see no barriers to what we want to be whether it's a spaceman or ballet dancer or whatever it is, the choices are relatively narrow because our learning skills are are narrow too, but regardless of circumstances barriers rarely exist. As we get older we realise that there are other things in life that suite us better and veer towards them, or that what we once desired when younger we don't hold the relative skills or abilities which need to be almost inherent to become "at one" with success. In between those two areas are vast swathes of defined activities and opportunities for employment, positions, lifestyles etc, that exist and would admirably suite us yet we know nothing of them, even though many others are enjoying similar things which they have spotted or just stumbled upon in their search "to be different" in life. Thinking to oneself "where are these jobs is a failure mentality" so perhaps if that's what you do your desire to do something different is greater than your ability to do it.

We have to be real with ourselves and honest as to what it is we seek even if the end package isn't so definable, but the area is, we need to be able to do a whole host of things in order to comply with where our desire lies such as moving, working weird hours, travelling, meeting lots of people, etc, etc, often new elements removing our comfort zone. The mind many times seeks out opportunities but from a staid perspective, i.e. if I got this n' that but based on staying where you live, it's almost like writing a prescriptive from your perspective, that rarely exists, or having the most fantastic boat permanent docked in harbour. Those that move and shake have usually had to make great sacrifices and have done so without muttering negativity under their breath, they have taken advantage of what has been offered realised that this is possibly a "once in a lifetime" opportunity and just gone for it.

Our thoughts are only as good as we allow them to be, if we hold ourselves back then the writing is on the wall. We can't mirror image what others have done which is so often the base for "inspirational books" or those books on "how to be a success" because there is always a time line difference, and whilst there may be parallel areas the parameters and variables which happened to them then don't exist anymore to you, although they could even be better. The bottom line is always yourself, not others no matter who they are, it's you, only you can ever walk your pathway and only you can ever see the ultimate as far as you can of what you would like. Very few people ever share something close to what you would want because what you want is intermingled with very personal facts, figures and statistics about you as well as your likes and dislikes.

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