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Everything in life has a vibration, not the New Age mumbo jumbo of speaking to plants and hugging trees and being "at one" with the Universe (as if you can not be a part of it anyway), but a real technical manifestation of atoms and molecules and protons and neutrons and (and morons) and everything else spinning and moving in the way that they do to form what we know as life. Whether it's life that's living in a humanoid form or more materialistic substances such as oil and sugar they all have a common denominator and they all have a vibration. In our air based atmosphere we are walking, eating, sleeping and breathing in an invisible pea soup fog of radio waves, darting around all over the place seeking a reception that provides us with radio, television, sat nav, telephony and a myriad of other uses including our auto car-locks and radio controlled models. We are in short all a part of one massive vibration, a vibration that creates and destroys and in the in-between process of birth and decay we have a short interlude where "sentient life" has a momentary period where humanoids can change, manifest and alter the processes to a limited extent for their own good or bad as happens at times.

Within every structure there are subliminal nuances and inherent variances which by their own nature have properties that can be harnessed and understood to indicate or predict change of state or pattern, these have enormous uses especially in a world which by its own evolutionary processes is evolving rapidly today. The prediction of natural events such as volcano's, tsunamis, earthquakes, whilst still not totally accurate can at least indicate and inform to save human lives. However further up the ladder there are those who can in layman's terms " read minds" or "understand" or "empathise" with others thoughts, this area is still a cloudy arena for scientists because as yet they haven't built equipment to sophisticated levels to measure such thought transference's, so like much of science it's all elasticated, and until it can be measured and repeated it's still a bit of a "no no" on the sceptibility scale. Yet there are remarkable events between humans often in different countries that can almost telepathically converse subliminally to one another,  thoughts that are inherently there without direct positioning of the self, a sharing that happens almost instantly like one's back up hard drive on a PC.

We can often "feel" the presence of "attitudes" or "atmosphere's" with people, not even reading body language or hearing tonal variances, we can pick up far deeper thoughts even with those we have met for the first time and know nothing of. We have feelings about what we are doing over and above the emotions of greed or anxiety or just plain nerves. We have at times an eerie understanding of something that we have never been a party to or even have a knowledge of the workings of or constituent parts of nor even subliminally seen similar events on TV, we just know and understand which at times we can't comprehend. We can "feel" presences at times and recall events or secrets that are of astounding fact, we can predict with uncanny accuracy situations depicting great clarity of detail often to a degree that there is no fore evidence as to suggest the outcome or what the end result would produce. The human mind is one of the most sophisticated transmitters and receivers known to man, and despite technologies deciphering the brain functions, what goes on within is still a great mystery and why some have such abilities and others are as thick as two short planks.

The two major killers in thought transference are intellectualising and hypothesising and being of a "new age" disposition, all stop dead in the tracks any abilities one may have had to receive or pick up information that's in the ether, trying to decipher thoughts and feelings is yet another way of eliminating abilities in that direction. Instantaneous understanding no matter how weird or seemingly unintelligible are the key notes to allow effective transmission and reception. Often when a situation brews up people immediately look at one another with a knowing feeling of general understanding, this is because the mind doesn't contain pre-meditated thought and it's not been deliberated upon, it's all fresh and unadulterated without back up thoughts or regurgitate diatribe of anything else. It allows the presence to float freely outside of ourselves whilst we are thinking of something else or even the subject matter but from a different perspective. This feeling is different from a "general understanding" of common thought as to what's going on based upon morals or embarrassing scenes, it's more subtle and intrinsic and it can carry so that others who know nothing of what's happened can identify without pre-knowledge.

Life if we let it can be far better with the knowledge that "we know" more often accurately what we are doing or are at than just going or doing because "that's it" and hoping for the best. We can so much more enjoy life and the associated camaraderie and love and common feelings without any awkward attachment that can at times prove uncomfortable and leave us almost void of conversation as that opens us up even further to contrived conversation trying to say something smart which never comes off and leaves us wondering why we said it and wishing we hadn't. Listening to our inner self is always the best way forward it's us talking from deep within, it's an ability we all have, it's a shame that many rely too much on others for advice, those who cannot ever know how we feel deep down.

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