Thursday 30 September 2010


Let's get it clear from the start, something that most people know but a few seem to have problems with, "Life does not revolve around you". And yes, life is not fair, it's not just, it's not an even playing field and it contains no guarantees other than the fact one day you are going to die, it doesn't owe you a living, and it cares not whether you live or die, even if those around you do. If you believe in God fine, but don't wear that as a tag with an empty and hollow back up conversation because it won't work. Your perceptions in life are paramount as to how you see it, and ignorance can be the biggest hurdle you ever come across, not others or the system, but you. You are the biggest problem you are ever going to face, and as you live with yourself, it's something that you have to come to terms with pretty quickly if you want to enjoy what you have got or hope to achieve. If you have any other ideology or thoughts about life then you are on an uphill struggle from day one, and nobody will be there to help you as it will smack of both selfishness and feelings of gross failure by your own hand. All the talk such as "it's not right", "it's not fair", "why have they got and I don't", "why aren't I lucky", etc, are the sounds of failures wanting a free and easy ride. There's always an answer as to why and usually it's not that palatable either, but coming to terms with life head on is a strength that can provide a conduit to moving so much higher in life.

So many people get displaced in life having illusions of grandeur or negative emotions based upon greed or envy that they constantly battle with life and all who are in it building up an attitude that is neither conducive nore helpful in moving forward. Unfortunately such is their limited mentality that they cannot see that fact and thus reside almost permanently in a place of lowly displeasure and then they get into a rut and from that point forward cannot see anyway way out. So to cover it all up they develop even further an enhanced negative attitude and lose their self confidence and life becomes an even greater struggle as they find there is literally no place for them to live within it and be happy, content or share any joy. The rift between our thoughts about what we think we should have and do have is equated to what we do in life. At times we can be left money from deceased people or even win some funds which is still relatively insignificant in the grand order of life, but in between we need some compliance and structured understanding as to why we are where we are if we are not happy with our circumstances. We can all wax lyrical of wanting to up our status but there is a difference between wanting to "up it"to enhance our lives and to literally get out of a rut.

Understanding life no matter how cruel it may seem or grossly unfair is a strength beyond sheer words and visuals, it gives a base upon which to evaluate circumstances, people, things, possessions, materialistic elements, spiritual thoughts and seeing these from a perspective of the self is emancipating. It frees up the pent up confusion and negativity that holds back progress and one's inner abilities to going forward with a good heart and better understanding of life looking from the 'bigger picture' as opposed from a cocooned and narrow view. Communing with life is essential, bottling up a narrow and self centred existence only harbours views that can be seen from within and as such others can't understand nor even want to as it's out of their scope and remit - they have a life too and it doesn't include your misery and thoughts. Staid views about life will always exist, but fortunately most people with some inner push or gumption will be able to beak the self created ceiling that holds them back and enjoy everything that's on offer. If we perceive life by and large that is offering nothing because we are below the ability to take advantage, then an early death is probably the only hope we have left.

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Wednesday 29 September 2010


There's a greatness in collective thought, but at the same time it all depends upon what the thought is, lemmings commit suicide collectively as indeed do wales and some religious orders have done so for whatever reason. Hitler produced an almost collective overriding thought in his followers who were rigid in what the Nazi movement was to stand for, similarly in some religions the collection of 'likeminded' souls all enacting the self same thing produces an ambiance and energy that many can commune with. Unfortunately or sadly in many cases it's not always that good, collective spirits gives rise to a pseudo stability that in reality doesn't exist. It also gives rise also to a quasi base which fragments once the collective has disbanded and old ways, evil doings and narrow thoughts almost revert back to how they were before. In any society good breeds good and bad breeds bad, and those who stand out in either camp as exponents of the opposite doctrine are either ostracised or feared. Collective thought especially in areas like prayer has been proven to be beneficial over long distances where such energy has raised the healing threshold substantially, all difficult to statistically give factual results other than improvement has been over and above chance or current medication and noted accordingly. The power of multiple thought can be something that many find gives rise to feelings within of security or possibly fear, it stems from a base ideology and for the general populous they subliminally take such feelings on board and unless they are of free thought themselves they start to think and feel as a collective then wonder why life isn't going their way, even if the base product is good and solid. If we think collectively then we ruin and dispel any credentials we have for our own abilities after which everything slumps and life becomes a trudge and unfulfilled.

Dark forces exist not only in organised crime or religious fanatics, but in the general populous itself, ignorance and lack as well as under developed minds produces negatively biased thoughts that forever seek out what they haven't got themselves or possibly can never achieve. The undercurrents of right and wrong shift towards the uneducated, although crime in law and finance is the fastest growing areas where deceit is the most common cause for sheer personal greed. Our whole society is based upon love, love in its pure form would eradicate any evil, it would eradicate murder, rape, embezzlement, fraud, muggings, and everything else because with love harm would not be a subject nor would wanting to do harm to any other person or animal for that matter. Bring man and religion into the equation and already there are fundamental flaws, add that ongoing factor "time" and one has a hotch potch of ideas, interpretations, doctrines, and anything else that can be drummed up and unless everything is brought up to date it all starts to form growing pains, as there is a dichotomy between man's past doctrine and current situations.

Quantum thought can move mountains, it can cause wars, it can sustain peace, and unless one has a stable religion, one that doesn't have endless excuses, exceptions, and in fact has an answer for opting out here and there then it's not a religion it's a man orientated diatribe that's perverse. Either something "is" or "it isn't" and it fits everyone, no matter who you are or where you are, it doesn't change, and above all it's practical for everyone. Exclusions lead to downfall, fear, no result, hatred, no help, nothing, and thus nothingness is the prevalent result from it all. What do 99% of people get from religion other than perhaps a pseudo peace of mind, the bottom line answer is nothing what so ever. The thought that if something good happens it's thanks to God and if something bad happens God wants it to be that way is stupid, and has no bearing on anything. Atheists are often better off than religious zealots as they have no burden of "this and that" which many religions burden their sad followers with, and thus hold them back as opposed to giving them the freedom to go forward. Quantum thought, where are you placed and where does happiness reside within? If you believe in God is it compatible with religion - which is man made?

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Monday 20 September 2010


It's important that we take ownership in what we do and not cower down to the trivialities of others thoughts and feelings, or be a part of their outward display of what they are experiencing or going through. There's a big difference between being mindful and being rude, selfish and self centred and understanding the emotions that others often put out to show their displeasure based upon their own feelings of importance or their need for some degree of respect other than that of general courtesy. It's not uncommon for people to display their displeasure of others actions and thus try to force an issue of superiority or lack of respect where none was intended or wished by the so called 'wrongdoer'. It's this small-mindedness and often elevated feeling of self importance, even if whom you are talking to is rude and thoughtless that lets ones emotions rule the roost as opposed to the self seeing the bigger picture. Many people feel the need to explain just about everything they do in order to appease others and get 'acceptance' as if others have a higher authority over you, they don't. There is a degree of courtesy involved in exemplary communicating with others; it's how proficient we are at it that gets us further in life as others see a side of us that instils confidence in them.There is for some a degree of subservience that fuels the inner need to be "accepted" or "given permission" or not, it at times equates to a feeling of guilt or not being worthy. These feelings of being given an "acceptance" or a "nod of approval" is totally fallacious and if it's taken up subliminally by others to offer this it says much about that person too. It's also not uncommon for certain people to take a degree of false ownership of what others do or say even if they are not part of the subject matter, this is a big defect in their character as they get upset or put out when they are not told or informed of something. Whilst it's good to talk, it's also bad to say too much at times and volunteer aspects of life, self, work or anything else and for others to read into it a stage that doesn't exist, or to stimulate thought that runs off into a tangent of no value. Every situation in life has its credentials merits and drawbacks, and our task to do what we need to do must be upheld by ourselves and not take into account the fictitious "they" aspect. The "they" aspect is often referred to as what will "they" think or will "they" like it as if some higher collective is lurking around the corner to castigate ones way forward.

Common courtesy is always very good, but there needs to be a definition as to the line between informing and feeling the need to inform those whom it doesn't concern. We can apportion or share our doings or ways to those we have esteem for such as our partners, very close friends and maybe the odd person that the subject matter means something to or has been instrumental in what we are doing. Outside of all this idle chit chat forms at times a protocol at a level that others may expect continuity on and then foolishly when it isn't forthcoming take offence, it's silly and small minded but it regularly happens. Others assume that they are privy to what you do etc, which is not the case. We need to be mindful who we are and what we say, being secretive and monosyllabic isn't smart either as it renders us an outcast of our own making. Being prudent with conversation allows one to get on in life and keeps busy bodies at bay and stops idle chatter that can turn even the dullest aspects of life into something of an intrigue.
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Wednesday 15 September 2010


It's strange when we hear friends, family, work colleagues etc reciting script they've heard from someone else or even worse a strap line from a commercial. They talk with a pseudo authority that because its been broadcast it has credence or substance regarding what it purports to represent. However, the television, radio, press are comprised of people who are fallible and get it wrong, even  Prime Ministers or Presidents of countries get it wrong, they've no divine knowledge even if by some strange chance they think they have. Our involvement with others varies considerably in that within the general populous there are variances who interrelate with the media almost all the time and those who scantily browse from time to time to pick up the highlights and nothing more. At times the news is no more that a designer drivel soap based on what's happened today and cherry picked for its shock factor or negativity boost to try and reach public emotion, even if it carries little score. The presentation of the news and such is sadly an art form more than what it's supposed to do relate the news in an unbiased fashion.

Snippets quoted from celebrities, news articles, government releases, etc all form today's backdrop of 'white noise' it's the ever present wallpaper that's constantly changing and then revering back to the old print again only to be changed once more. The fact that over 98% of people we ever meet have no bearing upon our lives whatsoever, they don't pay us, take charge of our bills nor anything else, that over 85% of the news has no direct bearing upon us either, it's all about other people and situations, and what actually does concern us such as tax rises and the weather are going to happen anyway whether we like it or not. There's very little that we can do and as for some celebrity having another affair - the third this month? Well, next. We either have dull lives or are sadly lacking in a life of our own if we have to be entertained by what others have designed and concocted to present to us as if it's the first and last word on life.

Original thought is so refreshing, and it doesn't mean we can't hear excellent comments and information from others that's really stimulating, unfortunately it tends not to be news driven nor media reported unless it's on the inner pages of a newspaper somewhere as a filler. If someone somewhere does something no matter how blase or stupid holds no credentials for us to emulate same, nor even to consider how to interpolate it into a situation outside of what it was. Because if we consider such things it throws up the question "what are we doing in life" and to what extent are we free spirited within our own domain, and how best do we live the life that's conducive to us rather than linked to someone we don't know and they don't know us either. It says a lot about our intellect and creativity if we punctuate our conversations with others comments or aspects of life unless its relevant to a pertinent topic such as sport etc. We are the product of whom we are and so if we are always a sponge to others attributes or failings they we aren't much of a product at all, and we have created that dowdy image of ourselves, and when that happens we tend to live up to that image too.

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Tuesday 14 September 2010


We all have a "higher self" both within us and without us, whether we utilise any of it is down to us, many people don't utilise their inner abilities at all preferring to 'farm out' or 'out source' their decisions to others. It's this "out sourcing" or following or mimicking or copying others that leads many to their own downfall and destruction in that happiness and joy and love ends up being conditional and fleeting. In many cases our "higher self" is looked upon as something cranky and often it's quite right too, those who dabble in "New Age" stuff believing that the Universe is going to do whatever they feel is appropriate die wondering and waiting and usually totally lost and pathetic too. It may be an interesting journey but the destination is beyond sadness. Then there is your higher self but based upon God and Godly stuff, the need for higher self stuff in God is actually God himself - which is what you are a part of, it's just that the many followers and  morons can't see that and thus fall short of what God can do. Muslims can never really attain their higher self because their belief stops personal development.  If Jesus can walk on water, change water into wine (he's my best friend already), and perform healing then he utilises the cosmic structures of the universe and the atomic correlation-ship that's common to all. He knows that healing is changing molecular and bio matter, and that death of the physical body is but atomic restructuring, the "spirit" lives on. Matter transference and creation or replication are but atoms structured. Most religions look upon their God as some sort of "magician" with a temperament who if you upset Him will "get you back" which shows you how pathetic it all is, but it exists, hence most believers never get any real benefit other than mental solace from it all.

We can already change many things in life even if controlled in laboratory conditions, and there's much in life that scientists cannot fathom out to do with those who have telepathic thoughts etc, but as we aren't that clever enough yet to measure such and thus can't prove it the scientific community can only do what they do and say that the "jury is out" on the subject, which doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. Remember the "flat earth" scientists, well some people still have that thought and concept still at heart on other subjects. Our minds are such potent organs yet we scratch the surface of what can be achieved with positive thought behind any implementation of any implication. Our "higher self" is often the subject of lectures and workshops and Gurus in India who chant and do breathing exercises and the like, but with real determination and pure thought ability we don't need to go through courses to eradicate the dross of modern life and the fabricated media detritus. We can do it right here right now.

There's nothing mystical or taboo about our higher self, and whether you believe it or not or have your own version of what it is no one really cares as they can't experience anyone else's higher self only their own, so no matter how plausible things sound coming from others lips as to how this and that works, it's usually a load of old tosh, just like they are. If you are given some weird and wonderful journey to embark upon and some money has to change hands to find your higher self, then it's just proven you are daft and stupid as well, and the only thing you'll achieve is a headache or migraine and a dent in your wallet. But if you are lonely and lost it's often such people that embark on these courses so you may have to go through it to realise it is you that's lost the plot and not everyone else, and that you are lonely because of the way you think nothing more.

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Monday 13 September 2010


At times when it's almost too much to bare and the thought of crying starts to enter the mind as a comforting option, even if only for the thought of it as a mental release and  that prospects of tomorrow don't even cross into today. It's these moment when life starts to drag, it starts to hurt as if all is weighing down and there is seemingly no way out, or what leverage there is doesn't add up to much. But when all said and done it's only a thought that has produced these feelings as there remains steadfastly a wealth of options and routes out of the current predicament and that there is a future and it does stretch past today and tomorrow and it is good. The $64,000 question of course is "Well, how do I access it" and then move forward. The answer is simple although the remidy is somewhat sharp in flavour. Life revolves around how we think, it matters not where we are or our position, how we think life is / will be evolves in our mind, that's something we have total control over. The second and equally important part of the two part equation is do something, doesn't quite matter what but do something, even if the first few steps are completely wrong, do it. After a short while all the rubbish steps and pathetic moves will have been resolved and cast away leaving what you are looking for, the green light to progress with life at last.

It can be difficult to be self motivating for some, others actually find it easy, but for many staid veiws of the past tend to persist like warts and take some inertia to shift the dull complexities of thought away from the here and now and to illuminate the tomorrow where we are to step into. Importantly not drag up the past whilst moving onwards, which retards the momentum in going forward. We must be "at one" with our thoughts as well as our abilities otherwise what we think will end up as as a perpetual daydream and never materialisese into anything. Furthermore when we set out on our journey we must from day one be ready to change tack, change direction, seek new boundaries, open up to horizons from different views and perspectives and not be cemented into a single ideology as that will be our immediate downfall both mentally and physically. It is only when we step out do we realise that there are millions more possibilities than we had realised many of which are better than we had ever thought or anticipated.

When life hurts, we need to make it better, we need the soap and life antiseptic to rid us of the rot and dirt and grime of both the accumulated past events and current events that are static and sterile and grimy. We need to feel the refreshing aspects of healing ourselves from every angle and be filled with vim and vigor and an understanding that our life is ours not the property of anyone else's no matter how close they may be to us. That we might just have jumped track with those around us and we need to flee their ambient negativity which is circulating at a repetitive level on their existence. When life hurts it's all too easy to reverse into one's own shell and sulk and feel sorry and everything else that one can muster up, but in reality it's the opposite that needs to happen to break the bondage of self that opens up the newness of happiness, success and a warm and tantalising future.

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Friday 10 September 2010


There's no secret that around us is energy, whether it's from nature itself or radioactive activity in the minerals around us, there is energy. There's power in the sea and in the rivers, there's in fact an abundance of power all around us working for its own purpose. We can tap into aspects of life to give us power, a boost to our own personal system and arrive at feelings of euphoria whether temporal or somewhat more lasting, never the less we can get a lift from memories or triggers in life that allow for flashbacks of happy times within our lives. Certain types of music or songs can instantly allow us to relive a past moment or memory, foods, smells, atmosphere's, it can be anything that suddenly gives rise to elevated moments in life. The earth is being bombarded daily with a whole array of energy in the form of radiation emanating from outer space or indeed the sun itself, sometimes to the detriment of our own earthly power systems, and that solar flares can cause power breakdowns and the like. Our mobile phones, cars, radios, laptops, etc, all rely on power to fuel their insatiable thirst for continued active life, even if it's a processed life and devised for man's own use.

We at times in moments of quiet reflection need to bolster our inner self to enhance our somewhat subdued state of mind, because of tiredness, stress, current thoughts, life itself, or that we can't just find resolution to our enquiry in life that we so long for to give peace and a degree of inner tranquillity. It's at these times we indulge with listening to our favourite music, reading, bathing in our fragrant foam bath maybe with candles around, or just watching our favourite television programme or video and having a drink of whatever it is that we feel appropriate. Anything to bolster our mind presence and give ourselves upliftment. After a rainfall we sense that fresh clean smell and the ambiance of negatively charged ions that invigorates us, whatever it is we can tap into it to heighten our inner self and repair what the day has taken out. We also have the ability to tap into us too, we don't have to go far or take tablets of someone else's manufacture to provide stimulus to shake off what we have allowed to happen in our minds. We have an inordinate amount of leeway in our attitude and presence and it's this that we need to be in charge of to keep an even keel on our pathway forward.

People have energy both negative and positive and you only need those around you who are positive, the others are superfluous to life for the betterment of yourself. You don't have to discard them, but lessen your communion with them so that you don't attract or pick upon all their baggage and hyped up negative thoughts. We do have a lot of leeway in how we address our lives and even the lone runner makes a choice to tread that route. You can't have everything the way you would like but you can select the best you have and further your cause in that direction. Your mind can be your best friend or your worse enemy, it's your choice. Persistence against the odds is success in the making, wanting security at all costs can give great rewards but perhaps not the inner satisfaction that one craves for. There is energy around us and we must be receptive to it not rejecting it at any cost for if we do we will only be enhancing the negativity around us.

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Wednesday 8 September 2010


Do you feel that you are in charge of your life or that you are a pawn within it, and that it's basically a hopeless mess or you have that feelings of  "what can I do to change it" attitude that has an enormity that's so grand it's almost daunting. Our feelings can change daily, some days we can be fine and others well, it's just too much to bear, but all that rests upon how we really are within more than circumstances. Circumstances are what they are and how we react to them is just that, it's very personal even if we share a commonality with others views. It's very easy to say "don't worry" or "don't get stressed out" but unanswered questions play hard within especially with minds that are not creative or are not able to be self orientated or entrepreneurial. There's no right nor wrong with much in our thought processes as they are all linked to different base matter and knowledge platforms, and what some get stressed out about others don't even consider it a problem, such is our outlook on life and how we deem we are going to be. But being vulnerable by our own hand is quite a dangerous thing, it can loosen all our nuts and bolts and stop us literally from moving forward and make life a drudgery rather than a point of time in which to live.

Self esteem and keeping our own counsel is one of the most valuable things we can do as it stops dead the thoughts and feelings of those around us who haven't a clue how we think or feel, even if they know us well. It's those people who are in themselves at sixes and sevens in life and feel the need to share their point of view yet would not accept any responsibility if you took it and it all went wrong. Surrounding or listening to those who see life differently especially those more lowly than yourself is sheer folly, by all means pass the time of day, but that's it move on. Dwelling on the problem aborts the will for a solution and it's solutions that are needed not the constant regurgitation of the problems.

Vulnerability has the dreadful effect of people forever wanting to share or talk about their downfalls or plight as if by magic in doing so it will suddenly lift, it wont, in fact it makes everything worse by giving it gravitas and an ongoing episode effect. Solutions as to what next may take time, solutions as to the ultimate aim may be in the light of today far fetched but tomorrow achievable need to be nurtured for if we don't or can't nurture such ideas then all is lost. There is always light at the end of the tunnel, but for some that's too easy and they manufacture scenarios that once the exit has been reached how long will it last, this perpetual negativity that really does thwart life and the self existence that some breed within and even transfer to others. Doing what's best for the self in life matters is the best policy which doesn't mean negating others nor responsibilities for life is a compromise, every day is a compromise and it's all linked to how we think and feel, so if that's rocky what do you think life's going to be like - rocky.

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Friday 3 September 2010


What makes our world go around is how we view it, it has to be as we are the only ones who respond to life from our perspective. Even if we share concurrent or similar or parallel views with others how it translates to our own feelings via our thoughts is always down to us. Within everyone's life there are set blocks of thought upon which there are conditional and circumstantial aspects that we hold dear to us such as our families, friends, homes, etc, they have a direct link via our emotions and they possess both quality and purpose. Outside of those areas are lesser but still important areas such as our work, our environment and general interests which we hold as values and aspects of morality. The human condition is both painfully complex at times and at other times incredibly simple too, it's this dichotomy that makes us who we are and why we do what we do. We are all different and this difference makes us exciting and it's the elevating thing about human nature that makes us progress in the West and why undeveloped or religiously lead countries almost stagnate they way they do.

The key to enjoying life is to proficiently join up all our key areas of life with coherent and apt communicable and direct thoughts that give us a balance that provides a harmony of understanding and apportions succinctly what is needed and required for us to see life from our point of view. In simple terms we need to utilise what we have within our minds and what we do outside of our minds and make sure that there is an acceptable balance. Even the work/ life balance is what it is, workaholics maybe have a 75/25 split whereas others who just get by have a leisurely 60/40 split or whatever it is, there's not often a 50/50 text book split. In enjoying our lives we need to do what we want which isn't being selfish or self centred it's positioning ourselves and others where they need to be, and whilst most of us are flexible to opt out of that at times to help or acceded to what others want there's a big difference between doing that and being put upon and then getting all uptight about it, and possibly feeling being used.

The interlinking of thoughts is essential for if we have segmented thought we are not running our mind efficiently nor to its maximum potential, and that means we are doing a lot of stuff that is done under sufferance, which has nothing to do with chores that we don't like. The smooth flow and comprehension of life is related to our self esteem and not allowing families or friends or even work collages take advantage of us, we have boundaries that if need to be crossed have a real purpose and motive other than for someone else's benefit at your expense, it's often called selfishness, but it can be laziness and those who are purely "all about me" too, which is not uncommon. Respecting others and drawing the line produces at times those who get their "nose put out of joint" because they didn't get their own way, but it's a salutary lesson and improves ones' standing both within and without.

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Wednesday 1 September 2010


Love is something we all want to feel, regardless of where it comes from, it's even better if it comes from someone who is significant in our lives and we can reciprocate that feeling as it gives an elevated stance and meaning to life and all that's within it. We soon know if we are not loved as there is a void in the pit of our stomach that aches and longs for it to be quenched by those very humanistic feelings that can only do the trick. Those who don't have significant others and keep their love to themselves awaiting that "special" person to arrive are so mean and self conceited that it rarely happens and often are quite dull people. The narrowness and stupidity of humans at times is but amazing, living in a microcosm of their own design then wondering why everything never goes according to plan.

It is however important  the we remain who we are and don't mask or hide that fact, even if we put on "airs and graces" to go for that interview, we still need to be who we are. If we go around pretending or trying to be everything to everyone we end up being nothing to ourselves. This is called the Chameleon Effect, we are who we deem we are to lots of individuals to try and carry favour or be better thought of because we are more in tune with what they are seeking or we perceive they are seeking. Often however that's so far from the truth in that we need to be loved and or liked for who we are, warts and all. If we are something that we are not then we are always up against being disappointing to others who see that we are not who they thought we were and they get suspicious and often leave well alone thinking, what more don't I know or understand about this person.

Our self esteem has a lot to do with how we think and feel and react, and we need to uphold who we are in order to get the best out of life.We need to feel comfortable in our skin and be at one with our thoughts and feelings even if they differ from those of others. It's the differences not the sameness's that make the difference in life and elevate us to a state where we are who we are and not some hotch potch of a pseudo person trying to be a Chameleon because then we become disingenuous. Our friends and family love us just the way we are, even our annoying little points it matters not. Similarly even if we aspire to others and what they do or how they go about it all, we will never ever be them, so we need to maximise who we are to reach what we perceive is best for us, that way we have a far better chance of making the grade.

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