Monday 13 September 2010


At times when it's almost too much to bare and the thought of crying starts to enter the mind as a comforting option, even if only for the thought of it as a mental release and  that prospects of tomorrow don't even cross into today. It's these moment when life starts to drag, it starts to hurt as if all is weighing down and there is seemingly no way out, or what leverage there is doesn't add up to much. But when all said and done it's only a thought that has produced these feelings as there remains steadfastly a wealth of options and routes out of the current predicament and that there is a future and it does stretch past today and tomorrow and it is good. The $64,000 question of course is "Well, how do I access it" and then move forward. The answer is simple although the remidy is somewhat sharp in flavour. Life revolves around how we think, it matters not where we are or our position, how we think life is / will be evolves in our mind, that's something we have total control over. The second and equally important part of the two part equation is do something, doesn't quite matter what but do something, even if the first few steps are completely wrong, do it. After a short while all the rubbish steps and pathetic moves will have been resolved and cast away leaving what you are looking for, the green light to progress with life at last.

It can be difficult to be self motivating for some, others actually find it easy, but for many staid veiws of the past tend to persist like warts and take some inertia to shift the dull complexities of thought away from the here and now and to illuminate the tomorrow where we are to step into. Importantly not drag up the past whilst moving onwards, which retards the momentum in going forward. We must be "at one" with our thoughts as well as our abilities otherwise what we think will end up as as a perpetual daydream and never materialisese into anything. Furthermore when we set out on our journey we must from day one be ready to change tack, change direction, seek new boundaries, open up to horizons from different views and perspectives and not be cemented into a single ideology as that will be our immediate downfall both mentally and physically. It is only when we step out do we realise that there are millions more possibilities than we had realised many of which are better than we had ever thought or anticipated.

When life hurts, we need to make it better, we need the soap and life antiseptic to rid us of the rot and dirt and grime of both the accumulated past events and current events that are static and sterile and grimy. We need to feel the refreshing aspects of healing ourselves from every angle and be filled with vim and vigor and an understanding that our life is ours not the property of anyone else's no matter how close they may be to us. That we might just have jumped track with those around us and we need to flee their ambient negativity which is circulating at a repetitive level on their existence. When life hurts it's all too easy to reverse into one's own shell and sulk and feel sorry and everything else that one can muster up, but in reality it's the opposite that needs to happen to break the bondage of self that opens up the newness of happiness, success and a warm and tantalising future.

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