Friday, 10 September 2010


There's no secret that around us is energy, whether it's from nature itself or radioactive activity in the minerals around us, there is energy. There's power in the sea and in the rivers, there's in fact an abundance of power all around us working for its own purpose. We can tap into aspects of life to give us power, a boost to our own personal system and arrive at feelings of euphoria whether temporal or somewhat more lasting, never the less we can get a lift from memories or triggers in life that allow for flashbacks of happy times within our lives. Certain types of music or songs can instantly allow us to relive a past moment or memory, foods, smells, atmosphere's, it can be anything that suddenly gives rise to elevated moments in life. The earth is being bombarded daily with a whole array of energy in the form of radiation emanating from outer space or indeed the sun itself, sometimes to the detriment of our own earthly power systems, and that solar flares can cause power breakdowns and the like. Our mobile phones, cars, radios, laptops, etc, all rely on power to fuel their insatiable thirst for continued active life, even if it's a processed life and devised for man's own use.

We at times in moments of quiet reflection need to bolster our inner self to enhance our somewhat subdued state of mind, because of tiredness, stress, current thoughts, life itself, or that we can't just find resolution to our enquiry in life that we so long for to give peace and a degree of inner tranquillity. It's at these times we indulge with listening to our favourite music, reading, bathing in our fragrant foam bath maybe with candles around, or just watching our favourite television programme or video and having a drink of whatever it is that we feel appropriate. Anything to bolster our mind presence and give ourselves upliftment. After a rainfall we sense that fresh clean smell and the ambiance of negatively charged ions that invigorates us, whatever it is we can tap into it to heighten our inner self and repair what the day has taken out. We also have the ability to tap into us too, we don't have to go far or take tablets of someone else's manufacture to provide stimulus to shake off what we have allowed to happen in our minds. We have an inordinate amount of leeway in our attitude and presence and it's this that we need to be in charge of to keep an even keel on our pathway forward.

People have energy both negative and positive and you only need those around you who are positive, the others are superfluous to life for the betterment of yourself. You don't have to discard them, but lessen your communion with them so that you don't attract or pick upon all their baggage and hyped up negative thoughts. We do have a lot of leeway in how we address our lives and even the lone runner makes a choice to tread that route. You can't have everything the way you would like but you can select the best you have and further your cause in that direction. Your mind can be your best friend or your worse enemy, it's your choice. Persistence against the odds is success in the making, wanting security at all costs can give great rewards but perhaps not the inner satisfaction that one craves for. There is energy around us and we must be receptive to it not rejecting it at any cost for if we do we will only be enhancing the negativity around us.

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