Wednesday 1 September 2010


Love is something we all want to feel, regardless of where it comes from, it's even better if it comes from someone who is significant in our lives and we can reciprocate that feeling as it gives an elevated stance and meaning to life and all that's within it. We soon know if we are not loved as there is a void in the pit of our stomach that aches and longs for it to be quenched by those very humanistic feelings that can only do the trick. Those who don't have significant others and keep their love to themselves awaiting that "special" person to arrive are so mean and self conceited that it rarely happens and often are quite dull people. The narrowness and stupidity of humans at times is but amazing, living in a microcosm of their own design then wondering why everything never goes according to plan.

It is however important  the we remain who we are and don't mask or hide that fact, even if we put on "airs and graces" to go for that interview, we still need to be who we are. If we go around pretending or trying to be everything to everyone we end up being nothing to ourselves. This is called the Chameleon Effect, we are who we deem we are to lots of individuals to try and carry favour or be better thought of because we are more in tune with what they are seeking or we perceive they are seeking. Often however that's so far from the truth in that we need to be loved and or liked for who we are, warts and all. If we are something that we are not then we are always up against being disappointing to others who see that we are not who they thought we were and they get suspicious and often leave well alone thinking, what more don't I know or understand about this person.

Our self esteem has a lot to do with how we think and feel and react, and we need to uphold who we are in order to get the best out of life.We need to feel comfortable in our skin and be at one with our thoughts and feelings even if they differ from those of others. It's the differences not the sameness's that make the difference in life and elevate us to a state where we are who we are and not some hotch potch of a pseudo person trying to be a Chameleon because then we become disingenuous. Our friends and family love us just the way we are, even our annoying little points it matters not. Similarly even if we aspire to others and what they do or how they go about it all, we will never ever be them, so we need to maximise who we are to reach what we perceive is best for us, that way we have a far better chance of making the grade.

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