Tuesday 31 August 2010


And just when everything was going well someone dropped a spanner in the works, our organised and adjusted life is thrown out of kilter and we are at sixes and sevens as to what action we need take to rectify or bring back some degree of harmony and equilibrium within our mind. None of us are immune from aspects of life that seemingly just appear from out of nowhere or materialise from what we thought was stable. Life from that point onwards looks somewhat different, the edge has gone off what would have otherwise been light and airy and is now tinged with something like a toothache gnawing incessantly within our mind. Our thoughts turning over and over again, the situation having endless permutations about how to solve it or what to do, and if we are not careful we go into overload ourselves and if that's not checked then like a nuclear reactor we become unstable and then there's no telling what might happen.

The "mind gremlins" live in the dark areas of our mind, they feed like bad religions on negative energy, they dance to our upsets, they disco to our sleepless nights, they frolic to our dismay and they dine well on our stress and instability, they just love it when life gets messy as often we do little to avert any further lowness that may come along. The mind gremlins are a product of ourselves, it's we who creates them and it's us who feeds them too, almost at times encourages them by our negative statements an instant apathy that some latch on to as an excuse to not making any move forward. The mind gremlins if not put into check will ravage our mind and scarify our thoughts to the extent that we start to suffer physical ailments as a result. Where our mind goes our body follows and if our mind goes to a not so nice place then our body will duly follow.

It's imperative that we face up to what's happening, and do our utmost to find whatever humour, lightness, positive solace, uplifting thoughts we can as those will elevate our mind state and stop the downward shift to even more despondency. The good news is that the mind gremlins only live a finite time and as soon as circumstances change they disappear and fade away so quickly one can hardly recognise the emotional upset they have been through. Emotional stability is essential in all of our lives no matter what we are experiencing, and getting into the habit of not entertaining negativity is the best way forward, not even the slightest murmur do we utter, for it's the little cracks in our facade that the gremlins pour into until they populate what once was a haven of fun and excitement.

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