Thursday 12 August 2010


It's amazing and also somewhat ironic that certain areas of life are riddled with hypocrisy, not that hypocrisy is confined to any one place or situation, but some areas are seemingly prone to it becoming almost a way of life or by default because of culture or habits of the past. Religion is one of the major areas where hypocrisy is ripe, so is the aspect of death or to put it more gently bereavement. Where religious holidays come around and all and sundry get excited and warm and smiley and think "Godly" thoughts, only to revert to their real selves after the dated event has ceased. Similarly in death the "paying of respects" when you haven't seen the bereaved for 20 years is beyond hypocrisy it's a damned insult.

Hypocrisy however is almost a requirement to be in the media, advertising and finance, and in many cases customer services served by overseas call centres, smart words are just that, the reality of wading through the bottom line truth and un-fabricated and divisive content is a quagmire in itself. Where company voicemail says leave a message and I'll phone you back - do they? Cherry picking is almost de regeure when it comes to communications and it's very rarely policed so it's down to the honesty of the individual who hides behind the corporate blanket and does as little as possible over and above their remit.

The unfortunate thing about hypocrisy is that like a virus it spreads within the beholder, and bit by bit they become by default a hypocrite of their own making, this then spreads out into other areas until the instigator of the deed almost subsumes the role of being two faced, aloof, insincere, complacent, selfish and starts to cut corners and falls behind on anything that's not directly connected or concerning them, which may work for them but for those who rely on additional information spells gross failure. Hypocrisy is rarely taken up in companies despite the need to enhance communicational skills, but the self is where it needs to be made to work effectively for if it doesn't lip service will become a 'norm' and then excuses then verging on telling lies which will be the result of not tacking dedication from the outset.  

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