Friday 27 August 2010


Our equilibrium in life is a balance between how we think and what's going on around us, it's how we assimilate it all and how we look beyond the right here right now and see what possibilities and potential holds tomorrow or thereafter. If we dwell on our problems then of course we lose sight of the solutions because we can't proficiently dwell on both at the same time as they produce different emotions and assuming we aren't schizophrenic we have to make a distinction between the two. The bottom line however is that our negative emotions will bring us down, there's no getting away from it, they produce adverse reactions within and change our inner chemistry which ultimately affects us. We know only too well what nerves can do to us, and our negative thoughts produce the same conditions perhaps not immediately but they do and the effects creep on so slowly we start to feel ill or under par without realising we have caused it all. Our mind power is amazing, yet most people take for granted their status quo and prefer to contract out negative feelings by overwhelming them with booze, medication or frivolous activities all of which have negative consequences themselves.

How we view life reflects who we are and our character. We all know within our own circle of friends and even family those who are always bright and bubbly and those who wear their life on their shoulders and look, sound and feel as dull as dishwater. All of what we appear to be comes from within, it doesn't come from anywhere else, it can't, what we say or think emanates from our mind, even if we copy others, it's our decision to have done so. The more selfish we are as people the more we dwell on the negative aspects of life and the more we tend to "play act" for sympathy from others to appease ourselves or even try and to excuse ourselves from doing things. It's always the selfish that feel they are generous and those that are generous (of thought, word, time, understanding, giving help, advice, knowledge etc) say hardly anything.

The human condition is that we are great transmitters and receivers of information, some better than others but never the less we absorb and give out a whole manners of informative aspects of whom we are and how we are and how we feel. Our body language, our voice and the tone of it, what we say and why, the quality of our conversations and responsiveness, etc, all contributes to how others perceive us and their assessment of us. Positive people get on far better than negative people, and positive people attract positive people, it's the collective buzz that they mutually get. Which leaves negative people attracting negative people to share their stories of misery and why they just can't get on in life or why things aren't fair. We have a great deal of control in our lives as to whom we are and whilst some may shun that as it gives little leeway for a get out, it is the total truth. Life is what it is, and within that we have an enormous amount of say as to who we want to be and how we want to enact it all.

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