Tuesday, 3 August 2010


Respect is one of those homogeneous words it incorporates a lot of levels and different strata points, it's both subjective and objective and transcends even the dictionary definition. Respect is something we use every day in our own lives and it's not just in relation to other people and what we think of them or what they do it applies to how we think of ourselves too. How we think and how we assimilate life and to a degree intelligence has a part to play in our version of respect in all its guises.

Respect in general has to be earned and that includes people in authority as well as those around us, respect is not something bestowed upon anyone for any reason and it's our own thoughts that give us a degree or respect or not for that person or indeed organisation. There is of course a general degree of respect for fellow human beings, whereby we respect life and values in it and similarly hope that by doing so ourselves others will adhere to that and give us that respect to not harm us or perform ill gotten deeds on us our families our homes and everything else. Of course this is not perfect hence we have police,  never the less it works relatively well.

What one person respects another may throw scorn upon it's so subjective and our thoughts and emotions tie us into life to the extend we can be at permanent loggerheads with everyone or get along well, despite the odd hiccups that we all experience. It should never be underestimated by anyone that they are to be respected because of their position regardless of what it is other than that of a humanitarian level. Self promoting ego and self debasing thoughts are not those of a well balanced mind and tend to throw areas of concern into light, no matter how good or otherwise such people are or appear to be.

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