Wednesday, 4 August 2010


It's nice to feel wanted, to feel loved, to feel you have a place in life and that you have some degree of heritage, because without these things we are but empty entities travelling a pathway without credentials. The unfortunate thing however is that life is evolving faster and faster and many of those that hang on to cultural roles are the less educated and the down trodden. The higher up in life's strata's one gets the more accommodating one is in making both cultural aspects of life and today's real values come together in a more homogeneous and pleasant way. Religious cultures are the sheer death of any society as can be seen by Islamic countries which are all behind the times and house the biggest number of peasants and poor. Even those countries with new shiny buildings have an 'offstage' ensemble of poverty and total lack of education and the burdens that such brings. 

There's nothing wrong with culture unless one becomes the culture and like King Canute think that one is impervious to outside forces, and holding on to traditions is honourable and a proud thing to do. Whilst all around are racing forward enjoying a more pleasant and hospitable life with the world at large, and not being cocooned in some backwater fuelled and fostered by the pathetic and narrow and divisive and recalcitrant failures in life.

We can all enjoy the past in a reflective mode, but like medicine and dentistry it moves on to what is more efficient and compatible with today's environment and human being. Where aviation started out with wooden aircraft it's now metal and even composite such is evolution, culture should evolve too especially the religious cultures that hold only death, disharmony, oppression, subservience, illiteracy, and inner egos for those that run their course as co-owners with the devil and all his works.

Many cultures are riddled with protocols and oppressive female conditions, none of these have love as a stronghold and thus are by their base alignment and foundations strangling new blood and developments by those that are selfish, embedded with hatred and have no thoughts to anyone else but themselves and similar minded people. Societies that are heavily culturally dependent are always lacking and falling behind those that take all into consideration and utilise what's good and reject what's bad. Education or lack of it has a lot to answer for, religions in such countries kill by smothering nature and and when all goes wrong, blame it on others such is their useless and pathetic stance in life. Hollow Gods need excuses real Gods stand proud with positive results, not hoards of untrustworthy men making up rules as they go on as a facade bahind a God that doesn't exist.

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