Saturday 14 August 2010


Without hope in our lives no matter how distant it appears we have nothing to motivate us or seek a pathway forward, without hope we are aimless and docile just going through the motions of living which is barely living at all.Without hope we lose sight of the future because there isn't one for us in our mind and without hope we are at a loss as to what to do and find self encouragement in mustering up the energy to further ourselves in any direction for any cause. Hope is just so important in our lives no matter where we are or who we are, if hope fades away then so do we.

Hope however doesn't have favorites nor enemies, for even enemies and those that do deeds against society and ironically in the name of religion have hope, such is the power of the thought that everythingng will succeed and that we will have the energy, knowledge, ability and foresight to gain what we set out to do, even if it ends up not quite as we expected. The journey in life is usually a series of mountains and plateaus, for some the inclined walk is shallow for others it's steep, but without the walk and hope within us everything becomes an uphill struggle and life loses its meaning and becomes without purpose.

 Our everyday life must have hope within it somewhere otherwise we just rely on future events and what's in between tends to be a life of endurance and biding time until the next event comes around. Hope gives us that impetus to see other things and opportunities in life that's why positive minded people and entrepreneurs are always bright and indeed positive and go with their feelings as opposed to working out textbook logic which has no sparkle nor insight into anything.  Academia can have a real stranglehold on hope as academia needs a base to anchor itself, whereas hope allows itself to rise to any occasion without shackles built by others and sees what has yet to be written about.  Real hope is not just a a passing wish but a real thought that is enabling, but like everything in life it's got to come from within and be sincere, sincerity is in short supply today.

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