Thursday 19 August 2010


How many times have we heard other people say "we always do it like this", or "it's my culture" or "it's my religion" or "it's the way its always been done" or whatever the verbiage is that is endlessly recited. By and large there are valid reasons why things are done as they are and the order in which they are done. Something's have a very defined order and to do whatever it is in any other order would not only be pointless but futile also. However as times goes by processes change, the mechanics of doing things change and above all people change too. From empires created in companies by some bombastic individuals for their own ends times move on and their redundancy is well overdue. For those who reside in a culture that is of a bygone era they at times plan their own failure and demise by saying "it's our/my culture" but it has no longer any gravitas nor purpose so they are reenacting a step towards modern incompatibility as well as failure and outmoded mentalities. And for those that follow religions that only rely on the past not the present the supposedly living God that helps you today no longer exists because you see no proof of that what so ever. In some religions only mayhem and bad things happen.

Negativity is a state of mind, it's something that we create even if our families were negative and that can have some bearing upon how we think unless we engage our brain and change that stance. If our families were positive then the opposite could happen we will be are far brighter and responsive to life. Our attitude weighs heavily upon what we do in life, a positive attitude gets us into a frame of mind as to what to do and how, a negative frame of mind always makes us ponder and see everything around us as either an obstacle or of a magnitude that it's beyond us. Wherever there is a positive mind we see the "Bigger Picture" and not the lot that we are currently standing on that has little merit or any virtue.

In our own working life and daily world we can be subliminally looking out for the negative side of anything, no matter what it is, we can even see good things and suddenly revert to the flip side and thus negate any benefit that we may have been privy to or utilise for ourselves. Looking on the bright or positive side of any situation brings far better closure and resolution so that we don't harbour any ill effects or mind stances that seem to bug us continually.

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