Friday, 6 August 2010


Satire is as old as the hills, in Western culture it's accepted as a form of expression by anyone who has a point to make about anything or anyone, no one is immune and it`s almost fair game for all. It's a sign of maturity and freedom. Newspapers and magazines go to town on it and indeed there are some television programmes  built around satire itself. For most of us we take it for granted as it`s wallpaper and taken as tongue in cheek, it`s sophisticated, intelligent and it represents a society that`s free and up for question. It often highlights the failings of man by the public at large and that allows for evolution to proceed with a more dedicated thought for humanity rather than the will of a few despots with hidden agendas.

For those that live in Islamic countries or other backward societies it`s a different ball game, where restrictions and subversion are standard form, where a few make the regulations for the many, where evil lives untouched and unfettered. Where fear from religious yet  un Godly fanatics reigns and everything is done in the name of God, the killings, the beatings, the murders, the jailing, everything from a so called loving God is tipped by the hand of man to the devil's throne. And what positive things has their God ever done to the vast majority that live well below world standards and endure global atrocities more than any other race on the planet. Even atheists and agnostics have a better life.

It`s often the simplest and seemingly insignificant things that can topple and ruin the ego of people, those that need to control and in many cases hide behind religion, not God but religion for their own sake. Of course the down side of this is that countries and the respective populations remain in fear and always behind the times, a burden upon the global community and acting as the Devil`s plaything, a symbiosis of pure negative virtue. Where leaders can't take criticism, they can't take negativity, they have gross ego problems, in short they are lesser humans than the average who just gets on with life.

Laughing at what you want to, saying what you want to, doing what you want to when you want to is all part of satire. It`s not having to flee your own country to talk about it from the comfort of another, evil has no boundaries and suppression is about organised evil. A society that has repression especially in the name of God is a society without love, real love is God, real love has NO strings nor conditions. No "honour killings" or outmoded tribal rubbish like that, that's the base of an evil society, that's the base of destruction by your own hand.

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