Thursday 12 August 2010


Peace is one of the most valuable commodities that's available to us today, and it doesn't mean being on an island in the middle of nowhere. Peace is what we make it, and if we are one of those people who has gotten into a habit of checking our mobile phones every five minutes, then peace isn't something that we are going to achieve, even if we think we can accommodate both. Solitude for some is unnerving, for others it's bliss, so we need to take stock of what peace consists of and what it will hopefully mean for us. Many people go on holiday seeking that "peace" get it, then say, I'm glad to be back it was too quiet or not vibrant enough. Our levels of life and what makes us tick is something we have to take into account.

What we seek in life has a lot to do with how we enjoy it, there is a distinct difference between the country person and the town person and what each defines as peace can be as different as chalk and cheese. Just having a few days away from home or work or whatever breaks the routine can be liberating in itself, any kind of positive change can break the humdrum thought process that carries with it accumulated baggage and thus we find it hard to throw off without some outside stimulus.

But worse still is that thought that "I need to get away" which may reside within can be as burdensome as it also forms a stress related condition that if you don't get away you are going to suffer, which is not usually true, it's just a mind manifestation that we create ourselves. Our attitude governs to a large extent how we react to life, if we react emotionally charged then yes we are going to become tired, frustrated, tense, nervous and all the rest. If we take things in our stride then we see a greater area within life that can not only elevate us forward but can give us the peace that we really need at the right level that will allow us to re-charge our batteries and gain proper momentum in life.

Life is what we make it, it can't be any other way, we are the only ones to live our lives regardless of outside conditions and circumstances so it's imperative that we don't turn them against us as we will then be in a self confrontational situation of which there is no way out.  

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