Wednesday 11 August 2010


The difference between machines and humanity is the emotional aspect of thought, it's how we assimilate actions or deeds based upon our feelings towards the subject, and those can vary from person to person for a range of logical reasons based upon circumstances etc, etc., So it can be quite a complex list of attributing factors that causes us to say or do what we do even if it takes a split second to come to that conclusion. We can also make enormous and grave mistakes too with degrees of varying deliberation  based on thoughts residing in negativity or religious connotations, which are usually negative in themselves.

Emotional Intelligence is an aspect of life that's becoming more to the fore in how we live and how we interact with life today, it's becoming more concomitant with artificial intelligence than ever before, and it's increasing exponentially every year. Like it or not we are on a course of hybrid development even if at today's stage of development it appears embryonic, it was only a few years ago that Sci Fi seemed far fetched and today it's reality for much of it.

The average pedestrian in the street and theologian are usually full of armchair thoughts as to what developments mean and how they will impact society and importantly the ethical aspects of stepping too far. However all such thoughts are redundant and facile as the wheels of motion are well in place and even front page media hype of highlighting potential negativity is but a thought of today with no result of changing tomorrow. The "snowball effect" is well in place and on its way, changes beyond our thoughts and conception are now taking place. Just enjoy the ride.

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