Monday 16 August 2010


It seems at times that society as a whole is in for whatever it can get at whatever cost, the press and the media provide no comfort whatsoever as to values of life or the feelings of others unless they fit in with a story they happen to be running at the time. It all seems so much that everything is just "fair game" and that the individual is but a porn in the charade called life whether you do your best or not. The biggest problem facing the general population in the Western world at least is that of mental health, the stability of life itself and the purpose of it all. For most people when life is good and great little effects one's thoughts with regards negative actions or deeds and the diatribe that the press throw up in hoping to attract your attention has little merit. But unfortunately surfing that high wave and enjoying the breeze and buzz in life eventually comes to a stop as our surf board comes to rest on the sandy beach, no more buoyant water to sustain our thrill and travel is firmly at a stop.

There are many areas in life that we need to apportion gratitude to in order to understand what we have and where we are even if it's not ideal or where we would like to be. If we forever take then there is no buffer nor distinction between good or bad and we will start to find difficulties is assessing what we have to do, where and how, and when and those parameters start to fade into each other we really do have problems in communicating and seeing the bigger picture. Gratitude is almost like a "firming point" in our pathway, like a ratchet on a hill railways that stops it running back, gratitude strengthens our resolve and we see the power that others have in addition to our own in being able to move forward often in ways we had never thought of.

Gratitude helps in our walk in love, it helps us with our friends and loved ones, we take into account the pleasure of who they are and what they do for us even if it's just being there which is no mean thing. It makes us compassionate without being whet or insipid, it gives us resolve and fortitude and makes us feel wholesome and gives added purpose to whom we are. It improves our self esteem and gives enhanced clarity in seeing our way forward, it helps us enormously when we are low or life starts to wobble a bit and tends to unnerve us. In short without gratitude within us we are but rouges of nethanderal man of the past, absolving our higher mental processes of the human condition and resorting to the self which is lonely and cold without compassion and love from fellow man. Gratitude allows for us to absorbe the good in life and reject the bad and find the distiction between both.

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