Sunday 29 August 2010


We see today on television and read in the press reports from all over the world on situations that are taking place, we even see close to home the immediacy of devastation in relatively stable backgrounds caused by flash floods and the like. In relation to such we have an opinion and make judgments based on the facts we are privy to. We also experience the results of the global economy whereby we have to all do nothing to see the effects on our daily shopping and banking systems, and restraints and higher costs that are levied to pay for such gross shortfalls, and we have an opinion and are judgmental on all this too whether it affects us greatly or not at all in terms of changing our lifestyle. And then over and above all this we have our opinions as individuals about how life should be and how others react to aspects of life and why, and this may bear no relation whatsoever as to how we live our own lives, in fact it can be quite contradictory. Then we have situational judgments based upon a belief structure that's man made, it's called religion, and for people who either become devout or fanatical one s not to believe what they say as it's tainted with instability. What they purport to be and indeed hide behind doesn't exist and as God equates to love these people, if one can call them that are as far removed from love as is almost possible. They breed a version of love called "conditional love" which is tantamount to devil worship.

Being too hasty and casting a judgement can be the biggest downfall in one's life, it can thwart real aspects of life based upon instant emotions and it can negate any positive effect and benefit that's outside current thought. Just because certain people do things outside of one's own personal remit doesn't preclude them from being generally good people. The more judgmental a person is the less stable they are, and also the opposite applies to politically correct people who are almost valueless and bring nothing to society other than what they can utilise for the personal emotional aspects they seek for themselves. It's good to have an opinion and it's good at times to judge what is right or wrong and there are areas where it's very clear about both aspects of life with regards humanity and the human condition. But we need to walk the walk and talk the talk in order for any degree of merit to be fully realised otherwise we will be empty vessels with no credentials and that will reflect badly upon who we are, if it doesn't already.

The right attitude is essential to us communing with life proficiently, and whether we believe in God or not being judgmental can open us up to others seeing our failures and our weaknesses without even having to ask, it's all evident in our conversations. It furthermore narrows us down to an area of life which pigeon holes us by default so that we almost smote ourselves by our own hand in not furthering life for the better but squandering it and living in a rut. The upshot of being repetitively judgmental is that we forever 'miss the plot' and rather than see the bigger picture live in a microcosm and never allow our full potential or that of others around us to blossom forth and indeed walk the love walk, as that's just a figment of our imagination.

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