Tuesday 24 August 2010


Are you one of the so called "beautiful people" or are you just you, and if you are just you, what are you, are you beautiful or just ordinary? And how do you describe ordinary in relation to the so called 'beautiful people'. There are many criteria for what we would call beautiful, and what actually "turns us on", what makes us go all "wobbly" within, and it can be more than just skin deep. Of course we have an industry that's as disingenuous and corrupt and mentally unstable as you can get and it's the fashion/cosmetic industry. Such industries rely on vanity (a negative emotion) to survive, it's a self feeding industry that has strong views and lots of money, it's an industry that likes to tear itself up and then throw wild parties, it's an industry that at times licks its own vomit and likes the taste, it's shallow, bimbo friendly and is prone to illusions at any cost to further its cause. The industry is predominantly for women and one only has to look at the newsagents to see dozens and dozens of magazines depicting negative traits that women just can't resist. For men, there are about three magazines outside of the "tits and bums" variety that talk about men's lifestyles and they don't challenge the mind either, all very presescriptive stuff.

But for the average punter, the street pedestrian, what we see we subliminally pick up on, from that point onwards we either run with it or reject it, just keeping the notion of what we have seen in our minds as a reference and then get on with what's important. But to the thick, stupid, vulnerable, unstable, those lacking in self esteem, those devoid of self creativity and those who don't know any better in life it's a totally different ball game, it's how life should be as painted by others. The unfortunate thing is what's painted by others doesn't actually exist in the form it's purported to be, it's there all right but it will never ever be a complete picture as brought together in snippets of condensed media. Where ancient models and possibly those not so ancient have their wrinkles and cellulite airbrushed out to make them look exactly what they aren't, perfect. To change their curvature to meet with how the photo shoots need to portray them, where morals and responsibility could ruin what they set out to do which is sell more make more and attract more. It's almost like a drug, something else which seems to be a popular choice for many of the so called "beautiful people".

We can all see beauty in many aspects of life, we can see character too in people which radiates a beauty from within and changes our thoughts as to the physical beauty of someone, and similarly someone who is very attractive but hasn't a proper functioning brain can change how we feel and they suddenly look less attractive and we see faults which we couldn't before, almost to the point of repulsion. Like anything from a distance it can look wondrous, in finer detail it can be a whole different ball game.

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