Sunday 15 August 2010


There's a lot written about revenge, the bitter sweet deed of getting "one's own back" or having some deliberate recompense for whatever action has not gone your way or deed that has in some way harmed or inconvenienced you. There are movies made about revenge and the ordeal of subterfuge and dastardly contrived and even warped thoughts about what to do and how to do it. The act of "getting even" and how it can subsume someones thoughts or even take over their lives sometimes as a life long quest in trying to 'get back' just for the sake of it. It makes interesting viewing and it makes interesting reading, but when it comes to the real thing, engrossing negative emotions to enact an aspect of life it could not be further from the truth. There is no such thing as sweet revenge even if there is a natural "comeuppance" in life, revenge is an evil thought that has had dexterity and deliberation put behind it for self appeasement and self gratification, often with no physical gain just a thought in the mind.

The self imposition or gratification of taking on the task of being revengeful says a lot about the person who is harbouring such thoughts. If you believe in God then of course you just "don't go there" believing as one should that God will make the culprit atone for his or her deeds and that one must do no more than get on with life as it should be free from the burden of evil and revengeful thoughts. This is true unless you live in the West Bank or Gaza Strip where revenge is a way of life, and it's woven into the fabric of Islam, where whole families are revenge mongers breeding same and dance with the devil to his own tune. But for the more "civilised" revenge whilst it may appease the material aspects within us, it is our own self generating a degree of hatred which fuels the ability to carry out or constantly harbour revengeful thoughts which will forever take the edge of who we are and our life. Revenge is a personal thing even if the thought is shared by others, it can only be felt by the individual concerned not by everyone else even if they are privy to what it's all about.

The negative emotions in life such as greed, hate, envy, pride, jealousy, avariciousness, etc, will all lower our personal values and in many cases make us ill or cause us to be "under par" health wise or even just mentally unstable such is the impact of these feelings on the body. Harbouring any negative feelings - and some carry them on as a personal vendetta throughout their whole life and even bring them into conversations such is their determination to keep revenge alive, reduce the human condition to something that's almost worthless and lacking in total respect. If we don't morally and spiritually appease ourselves and move on, the deed of revenge or the cause of what's happened to us will forever emerge and thwart our happiness trail, it will level off the peaks that we seek to give life real purpose and we will lose sight of both potential, love and harmony, and probably be a pain to those around us too.

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