Monday 30 May 2011


Within the bright lights of our global world and global economy there still exists an "us and them" attitude largely because the "us" carry on developing and the "them" carry on receiving handouts and blaming everyone else for their troubles .How we individually see "us" in relation to "them" (whoever they are) is largely down to our own perceptions. Old habits die hard and whether there is any truth in the mythology that many are brought up with, it's what happens today that makes the grade and not sob stories of the past. One thing for sure is that corruption in Africa hasn't changed one single bit and whilst some advances have been made in relative infrastructures  advances in the West have kept that gap at an almost constant throughout. The Middle East or parts of it are built almost exclusively on the proceeds of the sale of hydrocarbons predominantly sold to the West but also China now and have in real terms developed nothing of great value for the world to share or be beneficiaries of. Islamic countries tend to dwell on control and as such repression is a result, where life tends to be "elasticated" in that only so much can be done before religious busy bodies deem it's enough and it all stops and reverts back to where it started. Shiny new buildings with advanced engineering bought from the West isn't really anything to be that proud of, nor is it exceptional for Western women to do just about anything from running large corporations, being Prime Ministers or driving buses, in the Middle East it's pushing the boundaries against staid ideologies of the past. Much of it is traditional more than religious but with Islam tradition no matter which part of the world one goes has intertwined itself into it and overall bears little resemblance to the "true word" it's all interpolated.

The world and the fabric within it evolves, sometimes it does so in front of our very own eyes with volcanoes, tsunamis and earthquakes changing the face of cities and towns and at times even the landscape, even man made destruction is part of the total effect. Other aspects of evolution we will never ever notice within our lifetime as that will be for the history lessons of the future. Within the glitz and glamour of life which covers a whole multitude of events, feelings, lifestyles, births and deaths we live the best way we can, for some it's a relatively good living, and for others it's not so good. However where we live is relative to where we are and that makes a difference as to how people perceive us and similarly how we perceive life too. The trouble with living in a Neon World, a world which is illuminated with bright lights and punctuated with technology it can be turned off at the blink of an eye, literally. Enjoyment in today's high octane life is also dependent upon age and our health, and if that suffers then our reliance on pleasurable technology as "a must" in life wanes significantly, and indeed we may have to rely on other types of technology to both keep us alive and be mobile.

How we keep ourselves happy is crucial, our frame of mind is what will enhance our lives immeasurably so it's imperative that we be the person we want to be and are not a product of either negative parentage or environment, which for some is just too easy to adopt. Negativity produces cynicism which in turn almost eradicates possibilities from our mind and subliminally holds us back, although we would argue that that is not the case such is our stilted mind in such circumstances, hiding behind what we find easier to accept even if it isn't the truth is what many adopt. Everything in today's world is created by man for man, someone somewhere has a use for it be it a super mobile phone or a high performance expensive car that can be purchased by a few, again it's all relative and it all in the grand order of life provides employment. With technology comes a big change to man's structure, no longer do we need to go to the bank or even the supermarket, we can do everything from the comfort of where we are and that stops us possibly taking as much exercise as we possibly should. It's a horses for courses environment, but with less interaction and computer games on the rise, social activity for many young people is almost alien and their degree of communicable abilities is frighteningly low, almost to the state that for some they become monosyllabic and clam up in company and even lose their composure.

What many don't actually realise is that they have a great deal of control in their lives, it's just that at times life doesn't seem ideal so all the negative issues and events are piled up in front of them and there they stay as a kind of "opt out" excuse as to how they are, whereas it's a pure mental thing, even if those situations are very real. We either move forward regardless or rest on our laurels and do nothing, and of course doing nothing means by default life will take charge and take you where it goes, like it or not, time is ticking by regardless of whilst you wait for things to change on their own, they won't. Even neon lights eventually "go" and have to be replaced, their life like ours is limited, the sparkle and gliz moves on, where once a sign was a paramount feature tomorrow it could be a derelict building or the change of use meaning it not longer holds true for what lies within. We are a little like that, age, temperement, circumstances, situations, knowledge, realisations, etc, the list goes on, we need at times to re-invent ourselves just to remain where we are. Nothing bold, although that's an option, but to embrace tomorrow and not try to drag yesterday with us and then find it doesn't fit and is burdensome. We need to laugh too alonmg the way as that not only lightens the load but makes us realise we can and we are still living.

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Monday 23 May 2011


It's becoming more and more common today than ever before for the press and associated media including the television to start revelling in the 'ping pong' effect of side bashing, asking comments from opposition on anything just to make a story line, more than the physical content of the story itself. Today it all seems to be predominantly publish a story then on to the next as if the last story is superfluous in every detail, which in publishing terms it usually is. Catching the glance of readers / viewers who are so used to ongoing visual flash points of information that the attention span for most people is at times equal to that of the proverbial goldfish. However within all of this lies a real element of sanity and truth, it may be fuzzy at times and it may be even hidden in subterfuge and rhetoric, yet it's there and those who have a working braincell can usually spot it through the dearth of smart prose and the writers own slant on the bias of it all. Wherever you go in life there are those who are for and against, there isn't really a "one size fits all" even if appears that at times some areas come close to it. Left V right, the good and great versus the underdog, those that do against those that don't, those that believe life is for those who work for it and those who believe others should pay for anyone who wants it, and so the endlessly sided debate continues. Those that forever begrudge success and those that do nothing and frown on those that have had a go and pulled it off, regardless of the enormity of what they have achieved. Nothing new, and it's an attitude that's here to stay, you can usually "see" who says what and why by the actual tone and stance of the vocabulary used that depicts those that say what they say. The successful are always  - or nearly always positive whilst those that live bearing grudges do just that bearing grudges as a life cause and thus cause a whole manner of negative entities within their lives.

Wherever you go in the world there is always the "left" no matter what the left is about they seem to be endlessly struggling with pushing that proverbrial "water up hill" syndrome. Seemingly too their offices are staffed with quite dull people, although not always unpleasant but can never let themselves go for fear that "enjoyment" may overcome them and then they would lose their status at being "lefties" and that would never do. But no matter which side of the fence you reside, you need something or someone to aspire to, because if you don't then there is no purpose and no point in going down that avenue. Left people have Left ideas, forever feeling threatened by their inane and often inept remarks about reality as it is, the "bigger picture" it uses terms of "them" and "they " as blanket terminology for areas of life that they either despise or have a grudge with, or is it that the "them's" and "they's" are actually successful hence they are where they are and the "Lefties" are in fact still dragging the shackles of idealism and bygone times behind and as such just can't transcend the quagmire that they are constantly stirring up for themselves. It's not that in fact the "left" are constant losers, the struggle in the Middle East and other countries to overturn religiously run zealots and unelected dynasties and families is working, and it will happen, even though in the mayhem of it all there will be enormous casualties casualties because the 'loving' ruling families don't want to give up their cosy relationship with power and money, so fighting ensues.

There is a new Left emerging in the world, one of the general populous, one that isn't focused on wealth as such nor "rights" nor anything else, it's a Left that is encompassing the general morality with regards commercial fraud, ultra smart marketing by multi-national companies, banking greed and inept regulatory bodies. Targeting weaknesses in demographics to sell more at any cost, hearing political rhetoric and knowing it's just that, sounds good but does little - and in effect it doesn't sound all that good anymore. Where unjust is becoming unacceptable and where "politically correctness" is in fact unacceptable too where "others" taking on the mantle of what can and can't be said - which is not on. Honesty like water finds its own level, reforming sentences so as not to cause offence and reduce impact is for the dull, insipid and lonely who seek attention from those they wish to protect even though they have not been asked or elected to do so. Where the words "transparent" and "motive" are required in order to validate what you have done or said as opposed to just doing it and hoping it will work.  This new Left isn't struggling by and large, nor does it have wacky ideas or illusions of what should or shouldn't be it wants to be treated fairly like a human being should be, it wants to be thought about as a person and not a statistic or number for someone to allot or apportion without emotion to a category and then forgotten. This new Left wants to enjoy designer clothes and nice houses if that's their choice, they don't want to be associated with the "roll your own fags" disheveled clothed people from the misfit left that forever outlines them as clannish groups wandering around looking for a home to associate with and complain about others.

The "New Left" are in fact quite "conservative" in many respects, upholding values and potentials and commercialism, they don't want to be associated with "old school" as that now smacks of corruptness, nepotism, divisive and engineered fraud, it stymies growth with bombastic gatekeepers holding out the exceptionally bright in favour of home grown fodder. With technology today vast areas of life including those in finance and law can be done more efficiently and 100 times faster and on time via electronic means, eradicating unnacounted time spans, grossly enhanced and smugly generated fees. Where threats by the big finance corporations pose that if their staff are pushed they will all move to another far away place - let them go, you don't think that there aren't those waiting for that to happen. After all if these irreplaceable people all died overnight would the companies close - NO - they would continue. The real freedom in the West is not dissimilar to those in the Middle East wanting to gain their say in life after what has been 'guardedly ringfenced' and held on to for years. The new left is already pupating, it's metamorphosing as we speak it's growing subliminally until the tipping point is reached and then it will by default become the "New Right" and the left will be the 'has beens' who will quietly live on the fat of their own lot and slowly be the new equivalent of the "roll your own fags"  brigade of another era.

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Thursday 19 May 2011


We all strive to be happy it's an almost inherent feeling that come what may without happiness life is a trudge and everything seems to be at loggerheads, we don't attain any gratification or satisfaction and a general dullness prevails over everything. Some people are blessed with being naturally happy even when in the most dire situations whilst at the other end of the spectrum there are those that feel happiness is a struggle in itself despite the fact that they may be comfortable in their surroundings and financial disposition etc. Happiness is an intrinsic part of the human species, we are born with it and even a few days old we start to laugh even though we know of nothing to laugh about. Children respond to love, they have a conduit that's unfettered and unhindered by life itself, it's just all so embryonic that they have not had time to pick up negativity and mayhem and anything else. The trouble today with many people is that they want to be labelled and singled out with their problem(s) and condition(s) that it almost atomatically alienates them from the general ambiance of life and the more they stick to that footing the further away they slip into a world of shallowness, and gossamer sincerity with fleeting 'happy' events to the point that self despondency ensues. Companies, government and the media like to pigeon hole you so it makes it easier and more comfortable for them to address you, but in doing so it places them further away and can at times isolate your own unique qualities that they don't, can't or won't understand. As much of life is computer driven, if the box doesn't equate to you on the form it's always the second best to "nearest fit", which may not hold many truths.

A happy environment a happier population, a happier population less violence, more co-operation, and above all a better work force - assuming the company that you are working for also complies with that sentiment and ideology. When people are happy they atomically take on the mantle of "ownership" as opposed to "blame culture". When individuals take on the mantle of ownership it uplifts their self esteem, self worth, self value and also looks towards the bigger picture as opposed to being a microcosm within it all. Natural ownership comes with being happy, it doesn't mean you can't have "ownership" without being happy but it's very limited "ownership" and shows less humanitarian aspects and when the heat is really tuned on it just dissipates into the ether. The new phrases of "happy companies" or about people being happy is almost spoken about with tongue in cheek dialogue, it's a pseudo stance that broadcasters talk about as a lighthearted topic and can add any quip or anecdote they like to humour their rhetoric for effect. But the seriousness of such is that sadly people are literally going on courses to be happy, especially the 30+ and single. No one can teach you to be happy, if you have to follow a plan and "think happy" i.e. steps to make yourself happy then it's not going to work although that will make the course operators very happy with your financial contribution.

If people feel aggrieved, put upon, not cared for, taken for granted then the "happiness factor" is seriously reduced, not that you may not be unhappy or that your private life is going swimmingly well, it's the transient part of your work that offers nothing to your inner being, it doesn't contribute to your happiness factor. And when emergencies arise in a company, and they do, the unhappy staff hand over all creative responsibility to the management to sort it out, whereas if one is happy then there is an automatic feeling based on knowledge of what one does in their job to override the current situation and offer additional support without being asked, which can have profound effects especially towards the bottom line and the financial health of the company. Also quality control improves, less mistakes are made as with a happy workforce people "see" aspects that need to be graded in quality that they don't see when unhappy as the mind tends to wander off elsewhere. Happy people tend to take less "silly gambles" or be open to fraud than those that feel happier both in themselves and their environment.

To be "happy" personally and commercially it's all to do with our "frame of mind" and it's not a "chicken and an egg" situation, it's a very real deliberate attitude. With happiness everything is about "attitude" and the incompetence of much of today's management cannot be stressed enough, many people can do a job (sometimes only just) but it's how they administer it that makes a world of difference. We've experienced airline crew that have to deal with a whole multitude of people, some glide along no matter what's thrown at them, whereas others in exactly the same situation plod along with curt expressions eyes avoiding everyone in sight and getting more angry by the second. For those that believe in God it can give a presence of purpose and inner calm, yet when "religion" takes over it's mayhem, unrest, anger, bad workmanship and everything else that's negative. All the religiously controlled countries on the planet are backward, whilst those that allow God to be a personal choice have prospered greatly and are definitely far more stable and individually better off.

The intertwining of many aspects of life is becoming individually more of an issue, with more crowded places, a plethora of different cultures which can change an environment out of all recgnition and how individuals are allowed to express themselves or feel comfortable within. Even transport and the quality of same can adversly affect how individuals start and finish the day. Commerce and happiness need to be linked, it doesn't matter what we do we need not only the satisfaction that our jobs, life, partners give us but high degrees of happiness too, for if that is out of kilter then we view everything else in a different light often seeing things too which don't actually exist. We create our attitude no one else can do it for us, it comes from within, the same place where we make all of our decisions and form our opinions and live our lives, it's our mind. It's thus so crucial that we endeavour to see life for what it is and make the best out of being happy and not waiting for it to arrive at some ficticious point in the future. Happiness is decisional, it can't be taught no matter what course helps break barriers and intruduces aspercts of life that may elevate our thought process.  

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Tuesday 17 May 2011


The "self help" industry is booming, one only has to see the surefit of books and magazines guiding people from where they are to becoming all of a sudden, rich, successful, happier, more stable, more spiritual, more abundant with friends, more comfortable with home life and family, how to deal with this and that, and the list is almost endless. Of course saged words are cast down to paper but by and large none of them have a great workable base otherwise they would be constantly best sellers like "The Bible" or similar such books. Every month or so there is yet another "self help" book superceeded by another "breakthrough" idea that has beeen proven to have made the author at least more wealthy but nothing much more,  infact the authors are still probably finding life as it was before, maybe back on therapy too but more knowledgeable about how to deal with it. The plethora of people who come through some sort of trauma or ordeal and for some reason think they are now experts on humanity and thus decide to write a book so that the rest of the global population can follow suite is amazing, most are women for whatever reason, they often make the headlines then die down into mundanity where they belong. There's no doubt that many are a good read but then so are many fiction books out there too that promise nothing other than what they are - entertainment. The grasp for "something more" for many is always in evidsence, horroscopes, tarrot cards, clairvoyance, rune stones, numerology, reading the tea leaves, palmistry, the list goes on and on, some are so addicted to these forms of divination that they are trapped by their own desire to break free and enjoy a happier life.

There are always good tips and advice to be had in all aspects of life from cooking, gardening, cleaning, travelling, DIY, you name it there are probably books of an informative nature pertaining to whatever it is you want to know, painting and decorationg, car manitainance, stamp collecting, star gazing, potholing, and so on. But when it comes to living life itself it's a whole different ball game, for what good and proper advice may be expedient for one is almost an anathema for another. And what one author wrote about what was pertinent to them, then, in those circumstances, at that time, with their friends / contacts, with those credentials, and so on and so forth, doesn't always hold true with others on a seemingly parallell course. All of us have different criteria and as such do not posses the same clout nor accuracy of implementation, also "time lines" make a world of difference too, and that's rarely ever taken into account. It's all a bit like playing a game at the fair ground, just because you got a "bulls eye" once doesn't mean it will ever happen again. Life is different every day for everyone even if it appears the same, we may appear stagnat to ourselves but decay is etching away at both our bodies and life itself and if we don't make the best of it (no excuses please) then it's down to us, otherwise just learn to live with it and lump it.

The marketing of a better life or potential is all too much for many to resist, thinking that "there must be more to it than this" whatever "this" is, but over 99% of the time how you see life and enjoy it resides totally within your mind, not out of it, and if not being careful that attitiude can be like a "dog chasing its tail", everyhing is where it is and there's nothing more, yet you never get to grasp it even though it's still there. The fickle and stupid are always the first to jump into the mode of wanting to find something better. Then there are the curious, and then there are the despereate ones, those predominantly female over 30, single and worried about that fact. Men also have feelings in the same plane but they often don't dwell on it as much and see it more philosophically than emotionally, there lies a big difference in perception. Looking towards others or magazines for self help whether it's personal or building your empire it matters not, even with saged advice you have to implement it all and that relies on whether you are good at what you do and have the "bottle" to carry on when the going gets rough, or fall by the wayside with endless excuses as to why this and that didn't happen, and of course it is never your fault always circumatances.

Why some make a big deal out of life, finding it hard at every corner to go forward and others seemingly breeze along is completely alien in concept, yet life throws no good nor bad punches towards any of us, life is the way it is and it's up to us to drive our life vehicle as best we can avoiding the potholes, taking the short cuts when available, enjoying the ride and keeping our vehicle well maintained and clean, we cannot do more, although we can do a lot less and suffer from that consequence. We can go to "self motivating" speaches and they are usually relatively good, not designed for entrepreneurs because they are already ahead of the game, but for those who think they can do better and need a push, because they just can't do it themselves. The only thing with self motivation is that when the meeting is over and you go back to your home, everything is as you left it, smell, decoration, look, layout etc, and when you wake up next moring you have to still do whatever you have to do on your own, even if you think whatever it is you want to do is more feasible now than before. Life is all about you as far as what you do, the bigger picture it isn't just about you it's how you commune with all around you and if that difference isn't established then problems will ensue.

Some people are addicted to "self help" either groups or publications, but that is a reflection and a condition of their mental state no more than that because until they come to terms with life and themselves they will forever be on that treadmill. They always have an explanation as to why this n' that is as it is as opposed to those who notice what's around them and move on, not dwelling on either the good, the bad or the indifferent. So many perople would do better just getting on with life rather than seeking a "third party" to try and make sence of their lives or from their point of view bring it all into focus as that will never happen. At the end of the day you still have to walk the walk and talk the talk regardless of what others say or do, and if your "hard wiring" is at fault then you just have to accept that you know the difference and make the right choices based on that knowledge. And for those who talk to the Universe and mother earth and anything else you deem expedient to talk to with your woes, well, everyone else say a little prayer that they get better very quickly.

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Sunday 15 May 2011


With transglobe and inter continental migration as well as the increase in "mixed marriages" either via different races, cultures, religions or a combination of all three and possibly other factors too there stems a new breed of human being having their ancestral roots in far flung places and possibly not even knowing anything about them. The need today for "ancestral" understanding is almost becoming a fad, it can enrich one's life from a personal point of view but for those around you it makes no difference whatsoever as all they see is "you, here , now" and for them that's more than enough. What is culture and what has ancestory got to do with anything pertaining to the here and now? After all if your mother was Nigerian and your father was an Australian born of French parentage and you were born in the UK what does it mean to you?  The short answer is nothing, your culture starts where you were born, that is reality, that is what affects you from the word "GO", nothing more. You know of nothing else and you are affected by nothing other than the circumstances in which you are brought up. Do you have a heritage, yes, where you live, you live and presumably have a British passport so that's your culture, everything else is purely second hand or third party or even heresay. You are definitely not Nigerian, definitely not Australian and definitely not French either, and unless you ever visit any of these places you know no more of them than anyone else who hasn't any connection with them, even if there are traits and sayings and some furnishings at home depicting such places.

It's always interesting that people feel they have an affinity to where their parents emenate from and talk about their culture or heritage, like many Indians do in the UK, "Our culture" and yet they are third or fourth generation Brirtish and often haven't even set foot outside the UK. Just because those children living in families of mixed origin eat or partake of certain foods endemic to where their parents came from still means nothing. Half the UK dine out in Indian, Chinese, French, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Thai, Mexican, Turkish, Lebanese, Vietnemese, Moroccan, Polish, German, Scandinavian, restaurants, etc, etc, etc, and think nothing of it, moreover all the supermarkets sell ready made meals and ingredients for making all the dishes at home also.  The emotive actions that some people go to yet at the same time have the most tenuious connections beggars belief, feeling either pride or disgust at what their alternative homeland is doing or been done to. Many Arabs who have left their homelands have that attitude of how marvelous it was, so why did they leave when no one wanted them in their host country if it was so good, stay there. The bottom line about culture is your OWN culture starts where you are, and if you move on then the continuation of your culture starts where you reside thereafter, so you may have a number of influences such is life today for many people, but you can't have an honest culture passed down as heresay because it doesn't gel, much of it is your parents sentimentality to see it carried on in their children, no more than that.

There are groups of people who seem to want to drag up the past for some atrocity done years ago in another time and another era of understanding, yet have nothing in common other than lineage at a distance smacks of both personal instibility,an emply belonging where they are now for their own social reasons and lacking in foresight as to life itself, in short pathetic and worthless people. There is but one way in life and that is forward, even saying "sorry" for the past other than appeasing some edgo's makes no difference whatsoever to the subject matter or circumstances.  There's much said today about "resolution" or "completence" or "closure" of a subject, but that's purely an emotional state and rests on people harbouring anger, hatred and unrest deliberately, which of course smacks of a lack of self esteem and self value, as again it changes nothing other than fuels inner discontent and says something about those that choose to harbour such feelings. If love and REAL LOVE is within then resolution will have been accepted and life will have moved on, although one can't forget one can uderstand the bigger picture and embrace the living both from a culturally accepted perspective and those around you. If you believe in God then to hold grudges and carry on hatred within is a sin, so you are on your own if that's what you are doing. Whatever you feel you have to do by holding on to cultural or event past you are wrong, but then it's your life and you'll die with that feeling no one else will.

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Tuesday 10 May 2011


Silence is not all what it appears to be, just because we can't hear anything personally doesn't mean that there is nothing going on, in fact for the major part there is a lot going on, there is an awful lot of noise out there and its being used to determine many aspects of life including mathematical and geometrical properties, the health of cars and a whole manner of other things. We need soundings from water and space to determine distances and shapes and often densities of substances, thankfully our hearing doesn't stretch further than it does otherwise we would be all going mad deciphering what's what. Silence can on it's own be both comforting and oppressive, we at times long for silence to just listen to "as it were - nothing" other than the residual noises of life itself, even if that includes our own breathing. But after a while silence can be oppressive we need to hear familiar sounds, people and other noises as these relate to us as an understanding of whom we are and what makes us tick, it's a degree of familiarity that at times we need just to convince ourselves that all is as it should be, which is not strictly essential even though we tend to think it is. How we utilise sound plays a vital part in our lives today, we have our mobile music players, car sound systems, home music centres and in hospitals we have ultra-sound to see what's going on deep inside us and determine what needs to be done. We use sound as a warning or as an advice point, door bell, oven clock, bedroom alarm, car horn, seat belt warning sound, light warning sound in our car, burglar alarms, fire alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, telephone ringing tones, the list is endless. Even on our computer there are many little sounds and pings that advise us that stuff has taken place - or not and that it needs attention, so sound is everywhere in our lives whether by design or default. It's when it gets out of hand that it can at times backfire and irk us, it can irritate our thought processes and if we are feeling a little stressed out or not be as we should be then all sounds appear louder than normal, highlighting our degree of unease at the time and it gets on our nerves.

We like the silence too, we tend to sleep better, we feel refreshed as the brain doesn't have to listen to all the noises around us and we thus allow ourselves to fall into a hopefully restful state. Even scientists like quiet as they can then see more clearly what they are working on, removing extraneous sounds and clutter thus it aids focus and heads progress. There is also another form of silence it's that inner peace which we can generate ourselves that provides a more tranquil state, a state that is conducive to a better quality of life and a state that provides degrees of harmony that promotes stability, healing and clarity of thought. If any of these are out of kilter then we can suffer from a breakdown or have an upset system or mental imbalance. The ambient noise today is getting greater and greater, despite technology advancing in respect to sound insulation we are recipients of the fall out of the sound of modern technology, even personal music systems or mobile phones. The sound of "nothing" comes at a cost, we can't escape from all sounds but we are sold holidays or retreats on the basis of reduced sounds or in many cases "different" sounds that because they are different they have a different bearing upon us. Even a city break from one large city to another has a different feel to it regardless of the ambient noise level. What some may regard as "wallpaper" sounds, i.e. the sound of their children others regards as an intrusion and a nuisance in particular on transport where they have no option to move elsewhere. Everything has a value and is subjective and like life itself its value is what it means to us, how we respond to the noise, the feel, the memory, what it does for us etc, etc. Many people become nostalgic at listening to "old songs / music" as it brings back a time date memory, similarly some music can bring a memory of a "not so nice time" and so on. A city dweller may get unnerved at the silence of the countryside whilst a country dweller may have a similar experience in taking in a plethora of noises that they are not used to in the city.

Within the hustle and bustle of life, the ups and downs, the negativity of the news, the gloom of world events, the quarterly reports from corporate entities vying for even higher turnover, the banks and credit card companies coming up with yet more ways of charging fees and interest, and overseas unrest from dictatorial countries, one needs to be master of one's own life, the world in which we personally live day to day. The bigger picture we can do very little about but where we live we have degrees of control that can affect our every thought and move. It's here that we can understand that "inner silence" that we can place at the door to our world and choose to live the way we do without the superfluous and overbearing knowledge that bombards us every second of every day. The "silence" within is a matter of ourselves placing our priorities within our mind where they should be and not being sidelined by others thoughts and opinions which in reality mean nothing or very little at all. Some people meditate effectively and successfully reduce the mind clutter that causes consternation. But unfortunately life is not a "one size fits all" and for others different means need to be employed in order to reach that same mind state. Elevating mind talk can redically improve our health and allow us the ability to cope better with whatever comes in front of us, it gives us an inner peace and a silence that's there regardless of ambient noises around us, we hear but don't listen to it, which is often the case for many but for the wrong reasons.

Silence is a premium like flying First Class it gives one a sence of privacy, space, freedom and not being hurdled around with everyone else and not being treated as "just another" person. This First Class feeling can be ours, we are special and that "silence" that we so often crave for can be with us even in the height of bedlum and rawcusness around us. Hearing the noise as opposed to listening to it changes our view point, many things that irritate us we deliberately look for or listen for then when we eventually pick them out we get more than frustrated we get annoyed to an extent that we don't enjoy anything else as that irritatrion takes pole position in our thoughts. Mastering one's thoughts can reduce or at times eliminate that feeling that the niggling little noises are overtaking by far the greater elements, but it's us that's allowing that to happen. When life and everything is good we can almost cope with anything, that feeling can stay with us as it's a mind attitude nothing more, no other criteria has changed whatsoever.

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Wednesday 4 May 2011


Assuming that there is nothing too weird about your mentality and the condition of your mind your ability to make good educated decisions about life should not be too difficult. Everything we do in life stems from our thought process, no matter what we do or think or copy from or create it comes from our mind, and if we implement something, then it's us that has done it, whatever that is. How we decide to put forward our thoughts and feelings differs at times quite substantially, and that is our character and thought process making itself known. We have aptitudes and intelligence levels and sometimes degrees of foresight into our next moves and the consequences of same, although some possess very little of any of these traits and just stumble by in life, such is the way it is. Even terrorism is totally pre-meditated, it's not an action based on "if they hadn't done this I would have not blown them up" which is a tendency of thought especially with mental religious people who can't think clearly nor see the bigger picture. Blowing people up / things up is a deliberate action from a deficient mind in modern humanity, they are creating a world of death not life but they can't see it as deficiency being blinded within their own thoughts and unstable religious ideals.

People in high powered jobs or public view have a tendency towards mental instability, many need to feel that "others" either want or need or respect them, something that the vast population itself neither feels nor needs other than just a few close people around them and the generality of respect, "Show business" is renowned for it's plethora of recurrent "inmates" in various clinics and rehab establishments. But it doesn't stop there, we all create our own version of life, our own reality, and that reality to us can be everything in as much as our expectations can govern our happiness, ability, daily life, aspirations and anything else we throw into the pot. If we struggle with aspirations and expectations and they are not met we can feel a lowness in life and that can lead to a feeling that we are missing out too. The irony of all of that is if our expectations and aspirations are built upon a supposition that life would / will be good when those criteria are met then we are still very likely to feel robbed or thwarted of emotional happiness if they are met because our ideal life is but a technical plan nothing more, it needs soul, love and life itself to interject to make it real.  When life goes one way and our ideals go another if we can't interlink the difference then not only does a dichotomy of thought ensue but it destabilises us to an extent that boundaries, hurdles, distances, routes and pathways to gaining ground all seem distant and loom large, it's at this point if we don't take charge of our life state we will start to lose the plot. The good news is that we can take charge, the bad news is many give up preferring to lease out their problems to others to solve for a fee and then life predominantly not only gets worse but the problems over time tend to get either better on their own or pale into insignificance and then the therapy becomes intrusive in its own way and usually the client calls it a day as they see no headway, wishing they had done that deed a long time ago. But then we are all experts of hindsight.

Supposition, idealism, illusory thoughts, highlights of others lives, comparisons, etc, and everything else we take in can form a Utopian thought process that if shattered leaves us without a back up plan, or a second version of what would make us happy. Suppose, just suppose the religion you so dearly worship even if it's a pathetic robotic worship, didn't really exist and that the God you forever hoped for will change your life, won't, because He hasn't for others because there isn't one, because the reality is that most people never experience God except for what they create in their own minds.  What tends to happen is that many look toward the material aspects of life - which can be seemingly relatively important but negate almost out of hand the social and humanitarian aspects of love, camaraderie, warmth, shared interests, friendship, person-ability, companionship, etc, and it's these feelings that hold us together through the storms. Many a person who loses the plot are without real love and friendship, even if they have at times people near and dear, they aren't as a rule that near and that dear enough to make a difference. Stability in life is paramount it governs how we think and feel and move and the quality of our decisions and above all how we cope on a daily basis. When our stability is compromised all that gets thrown into question and those that are not so robust seek help via tablets and possibly some counselling, whereas the others just knuckle down to get their act together knowing that at the end of the day they steer their ship no one else, definitely not third parties and definitely not tablets.

It's difficult at times to format life when things go wrong or aspirations seem to be waning or other outside factors come into the equation and we feel helpless to either alter or change course. But the reality is that we have many alternatives it's only us sticking to rigid thoughts and doing nothing that  perpetuates the situation and alas one can if not careful fall into a world of inner thought that leads nowhere fast. Reinventing ourselves whatever that means to each person or situation is always an option that throws greater potential our way. Re-assessing who we are and what we offer is yet another way forward, but all the way down the line we must be able to understand who we are and not still cling to yesterdays events as then life will appear to be on elastic every time we move forward we fly back into a reset position, which is not uncommon. Dwelling on the problem always negates the solution as our focus is not defined and thus opportunities and options and advantage points and ideas fly on by to those who are more receptive.

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