Monday, 30 May 2011


Within the bright lights of our global world and global economy there still exists an "us and them" attitude largely because the "us" carry on developing and the "them" carry on receiving handouts and blaming everyone else for their troubles .How we individually see "us" in relation to "them" (whoever they are) is largely down to our own perceptions. Old habits die hard and whether there is any truth in the mythology that many are brought up with, it's what happens today that makes the grade and not sob stories of the past. One thing for sure is that corruption in Africa hasn't changed one single bit and whilst some advances have been made in relative infrastructures  advances in the West have kept that gap at an almost constant throughout. The Middle East or parts of it are built almost exclusively on the proceeds of the sale of hydrocarbons predominantly sold to the West but also China now and have in real terms developed nothing of great value for the world to share or be beneficiaries of. Islamic countries tend to dwell on control and as such repression is a result, where life tends to be "elasticated" in that only so much can be done before religious busy bodies deem it's enough and it all stops and reverts back to where it started. Shiny new buildings with advanced engineering bought from the West isn't really anything to be that proud of, nor is it exceptional for Western women to do just about anything from running large corporations, being Prime Ministers or driving buses, in the Middle East it's pushing the boundaries against staid ideologies of the past. Much of it is traditional more than religious but with Islam tradition no matter which part of the world one goes has intertwined itself into it and overall bears little resemblance to the "true word" it's all interpolated.

The world and the fabric within it evolves, sometimes it does so in front of our very own eyes with volcanoes, tsunamis and earthquakes changing the face of cities and towns and at times even the landscape, even man made destruction is part of the total effect. Other aspects of evolution we will never ever notice within our lifetime as that will be for the history lessons of the future. Within the glitz and glamour of life which covers a whole multitude of events, feelings, lifestyles, births and deaths we live the best way we can, for some it's a relatively good living, and for others it's not so good. However where we live is relative to where we are and that makes a difference as to how people perceive us and similarly how we perceive life too. The trouble with living in a Neon World, a world which is illuminated with bright lights and punctuated with technology it can be turned off at the blink of an eye, literally. Enjoyment in today's high octane life is also dependent upon age and our health, and if that suffers then our reliance on pleasurable technology as "a must" in life wanes significantly, and indeed we may have to rely on other types of technology to both keep us alive and be mobile.

How we keep ourselves happy is crucial, our frame of mind is what will enhance our lives immeasurably so it's imperative that we be the person we want to be and are not a product of either negative parentage or environment, which for some is just too easy to adopt. Negativity produces cynicism which in turn almost eradicates possibilities from our mind and subliminally holds us back, although we would argue that that is not the case such is our stilted mind in such circumstances, hiding behind what we find easier to accept even if it isn't the truth is what many adopt. Everything in today's world is created by man for man, someone somewhere has a use for it be it a super mobile phone or a high performance expensive car that can be purchased by a few, again it's all relative and it all in the grand order of life provides employment. With technology comes a big change to man's structure, no longer do we need to go to the bank or even the supermarket, we can do everything from the comfort of where we are and that stops us possibly taking as much exercise as we possibly should. It's a horses for courses environment, but with less interaction and computer games on the rise, social activity for many young people is almost alien and their degree of communicable abilities is frighteningly low, almost to the state that for some they become monosyllabic and clam up in company and even lose their composure.

What many don't actually realise is that they have a great deal of control in their lives, it's just that at times life doesn't seem ideal so all the negative issues and events are piled up in front of them and there they stay as a kind of "opt out" excuse as to how they are, whereas it's a pure mental thing, even if those situations are very real. We either move forward regardless or rest on our laurels and do nothing, and of course doing nothing means by default life will take charge and take you where it goes, like it or not, time is ticking by regardless of whilst you wait for things to change on their own, they won't. Even neon lights eventually "go" and have to be replaced, their life like ours is limited, the sparkle and gliz moves on, where once a sign was a paramount feature tomorrow it could be a derelict building or the change of use meaning it not longer holds true for what lies within. We are a little like that, age, temperement, circumstances, situations, knowledge, realisations, etc, the list goes on, we need at times to re-invent ourselves just to remain where we are. Nothing bold, although that's an option, but to embrace tomorrow and not try to drag yesterday with us and then find it doesn't fit and is burdensome. We need to laugh too alonmg the way as that not only lightens the load but makes us realise we can and we are still living.

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