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We all strive to be happy it's an almost inherent feeling that come what may without happiness life is a trudge and everything seems to be at loggerheads, we don't attain any gratification or satisfaction and a general dullness prevails over everything. Some people are blessed with being naturally happy even when in the most dire situations whilst at the other end of the spectrum there are those that feel happiness is a struggle in itself despite the fact that they may be comfortable in their surroundings and financial disposition etc. Happiness is an intrinsic part of the human species, we are born with it and even a few days old we start to laugh even though we know of nothing to laugh about. Children respond to love, they have a conduit that's unfettered and unhindered by life itself, it's just all so embryonic that they have not had time to pick up negativity and mayhem and anything else. The trouble today with many people is that they want to be labelled and singled out with their problem(s) and condition(s) that it almost atomatically alienates them from the general ambiance of life and the more they stick to that footing the further away they slip into a world of shallowness, and gossamer sincerity with fleeting 'happy' events to the point that self despondency ensues. Companies, government and the media like to pigeon hole you so it makes it easier and more comfortable for them to address you, but in doing so it places them further away and can at times isolate your own unique qualities that they don't, can't or won't understand. As much of life is computer driven, if the box doesn't equate to you on the form it's always the second best to "nearest fit", which may not hold many truths.

A happy environment a happier population, a happier population less violence, more co-operation, and above all a better work force - assuming the company that you are working for also complies with that sentiment and ideology. When people are happy they atomically take on the mantle of "ownership" as opposed to "blame culture". When individuals take on the mantle of ownership it uplifts their self esteem, self worth, self value and also looks towards the bigger picture as opposed to being a microcosm within it all. Natural ownership comes with being happy, it doesn't mean you can't have "ownership" without being happy but it's very limited "ownership" and shows less humanitarian aspects and when the heat is really tuned on it just dissipates into the ether. The new phrases of "happy companies" or about people being happy is almost spoken about with tongue in cheek dialogue, it's a pseudo stance that broadcasters talk about as a lighthearted topic and can add any quip or anecdote they like to humour their rhetoric for effect. But the seriousness of such is that sadly people are literally going on courses to be happy, especially the 30+ and single. No one can teach you to be happy, if you have to follow a plan and "think happy" i.e. steps to make yourself happy then it's not going to work although that will make the course operators very happy with your financial contribution.

If people feel aggrieved, put upon, not cared for, taken for granted then the "happiness factor" is seriously reduced, not that you may not be unhappy or that your private life is going swimmingly well, it's the transient part of your work that offers nothing to your inner being, it doesn't contribute to your happiness factor. And when emergencies arise in a company, and they do, the unhappy staff hand over all creative responsibility to the management to sort it out, whereas if one is happy then there is an automatic feeling based on knowledge of what one does in their job to override the current situation and offer additional support without being asked, which can have profound effects especially towards the bottom line and the financial health of the company. Also quality control improves, less mistakes are made as with a happy workforce people "see" aspects that need to be graded in quality that they don't see when unhappy as the mind tends to wander off elsewhere. Happy people tend to take less "silly gambles" or be open to fraud than those that feel happier both in themselves and their environment.

To be "happy" personally and commercially it's all to do with our "frame of mind" and it's not a "chicken and an egg" situation, it's a very real deliberate attitude. With happiness everything is about "attitude" and the incompetence of much of today's management cannot be stressed enough, many people can do a job (sometimes only just) but it's how they administer it that makes a world of difference. We've experienced airline crew that have to deal with a whole multitude of people, some glide along no matter what's thrown at them, whereas others in exactly the same situation plod along with curt expressions eyes avoiding everyone in sight and getting more angry by the second. For those that believe in God it can give a presence of purpose and inner calm, yet when "religion" takes over it's mayhem, unrest, anger, bad workmanship and everything else that's negative. All the religiously controlled countries on the planet are backward, whilst those that allow God to be a personal choice have prospered greatly and are definitely far more stable and individually better off.

The intertwining of many aspects of life is becoming individually more of an issue, with more crowded places, a plethora of different cultures which can change an environment out of all recgnition and how individuals are allowed to express themselves or feel comfortable within. Even transport and the quality of same can adversly affect how individuals start and finish the day. Commerce and happiness need to be linked, it doesn't matter what we do we need not only the satisfaction that our jobs, life, partners give us but high degrees of happiness too, for if that is out of kilter then we view everything else in a different light often seeing things too which don't actually exist. We create our attitude no one else can do it for us, it comes from within, the same place where we make all of our decisions and form our opinions and live our lives, it's our mind. It's thus so crucial that we endeavour to see life for what it is and make the best out of being happy and not waiting for it to arrive at some ficticious point in the future. Happiness is decisional, it can't be taught no matter what course helps break barriers and intruduces aspercts of life that may elevate our thought process.  

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