Thursday 10 March 2011


Everything in life has a life of its own, it has a duration that somewhere it is stamped with a 'best before' or 'expiry date', expiry dates are somewhat final but 'best before' dates indicate that after that date the product is going to go into a state of possible deterioration and then it's of no use to anyone. Friends, jobs, life circumstances, etc, are all finite, they can range from the very short lived to almost a lifetime (whatever a lifetime is), and when they come to a conclusion either via a natural ending or through some circumstantial ending we need to be mindful of the next phase that our life will bring to us and not dwell on the past, for the past is spent time, the future is still full of vast potential no matter what that is. We have that eternal understanding or not of whether God exists and if so which religion depicts Him as many of the current religions are far from loving and caring and seem to drum up hatred, killing and the like all in the name of it. However if your religion upholds killing then what is the Devil supposed to do, as he is supposed to do all these things. But taking all that aside, we have the endles theories of how the universe was formed and how it came about, but the most important question of all, is what was there before the big bang. In sciptures it talks about "world without end" and "infinite" but for the mere human being what does it mean , for mortal minds to comprehend there must have been a start and if so how? Quite imponderrable, we can have good guestimates after the big bang but before it it's all lost science, who, what started the before?

Our own lives comprise a series of starts and stops, we get older and in our earthly form we evolve at a rather fast rate, baby, child, teenager, adult, old person, die, next. During this incredibly short life span we have to make the best of what we can with what we have and where we are otherwise we will miss out and not enjoy to the full what's on offer to us nor give to society too, no matter how small that giving is. As sentient humans we have a rather sophisticated thought process which incorporates lots of etherial aspects inherent in whom we are such as love and hate and fun and terror and all the pairing opposites that we come across on an almost daily basis. The human condition is very real and what we have devised for ourselves at least in the West is basically wondrous, the other world areas haven't done so well at all, the West have grasped evolution to make life better for themselves, even if in the process we have been possibly recklessly negligent in how we have treated our planet. But there again all of human involvement has come at a price and evolution of the whole universe is happening whilst we speak, nothing stays the same even if it appears so, decay is a natural phenominan. All areas of life are put under the test of time even more so religions and the evil minded priests/imams/rabbis of such who can't come to terms with today thus hold on to the past and cause mayhem to try and find a useful position within it all especially for themselves, but time is having the last laugh and leaving more dissolusioned people suffering because of it, it's at this time that uprisings and changes start to form.

The world is speeding up, the planet itself is growing and changing at a rate of knotts, the universe in which we exist is changing, the sun is changing, our weather is changing, and even with man's own influences the planet is evolving although to a large extent will compensate for extremes but in the process it will affect the way we live and what we buy and what we eat and who produces what where. And whilst for years certain countries produced certain products the reverse is happening and such products are declining in some areas and increasing in others, even if this is temporary in the grand order of things. Much of the science that's broadcast is dubious as one camp thinks one way and another thinks another way and then six months down the line they all discover that there was more to the original equation than they thought and it changes yet again, meanwhile we all keep on living and doing the best we can whilst the many scienties play at their hobby of trying to prove their theories yet again. The expert chain especially on television is the most dubious way of receiving correct and properly informative information there currently is, hype sells better than reality, because many don't actually know what reality is. Most news rooms in the media broadcast from another planet.

Even in science computer driven proceedures are not only cutting down costs dramatically it's making accessability to vast areas of the population become a reality. Legal documents can be scanned in minutes as opposed to lawyers reading such over weeks and still missing out on vital areas, medical scans being more accurate than those of human sight, and whilst the need for human intervention will always be there the way in which we interact with life will radically change. That change will affect how we think and our perceptions and also mean in many cases that Universities will have to alter what they teach as the balance of what was available will become more limited and what is becoming more available needs to be nurtured. Unfortunately both educationalists and governments are always slow on the uptake, and whilst politicians may announce the understanding of needed change the deed of physically enacting it remains usually almost dormant. The large multi-national companies will in effect have to teach employees themselves on defined areas of science and technology that are of core value to them as new technology is already pushing boundaries to limits we have yet to experience.

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