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Children are in many ways quite virtuous in that they "have a go"at what they do or say, they don't know any other, and we see comical aspects of what they do and say on television via clips sent in by parents of their own children doing somewhat 'silly' things. Children more often than not don't have pre-conceptions nor do they have the amount of amassed stupidity that humans do based on what others think or say, children if they lose the plot just "have a go" the best they can. As they get older parents and the educational system brow beats us into thinking in a certain way, the press and media make fodder of people who have made mistakes or got it wrong forgetting all the right and good things that such people have done in the past. The world unfortunately by and large is made up of lemmings and dull pathetic people, these include parents and educationalists who have in turn been conditioned and who by their own volition think they are just and right, yet what do they really know other than what they have been taught and never challenged, the little imagination that's actually left is so governed by "outside and alien thoughts" that they become almost mentally impotent and facile. Fortunately there are those who do break free, those that do have a mind of their own and despite protestations, veering from others, and struggles feel at least they are worthwhile citizens within the galaxy of numbskull's and can and do make a difference. Scientists often get things wrong every day for years in trying to find a cure or get a breakthrough in a particular field, but they do and it's because of them that many people are still alive today or enjoy a better quality of life no matter how small, it's all grist to the mill of getting better in life.

People who are prepared to be wrong which is not the same as the self opinionated and bombastic folk who feel the need to tell everyone their story who are self created failures by default, are those who walk their own pathway. Those that see life from a different perspective and are genuinely interested in what life is all about and not a potted hysterically inept version depicted by soap television programmes or television chat programmes using the same old fogies time and time again which are for the mentally subnormal and pedestrian flock. The road to ending up being wrong can be very enlightening, it's often far better than being "safe" and literally doing nothing all your life except live within the narrow parameters of insularity, which is what many in the Middle East have been subjected to over many centuries and are now finding that their own voice is as good as anyone else's, even if they haven't a clue as to what to do with it. Being wrong doesn't automatically donate failure or injustice or anything grossly negative, all through our lives we adjust and compensate and learn from our mistakes. Indeed it's those that are successful that have made more mistakes than the "safe" brigade that never do anything and thus never contribute to anything either, always the recipients of what others have done. It's a sad indictment that there are people "out there" who are almost solely seeking those that have made mistakes and to highlight same for their own kudos because they themselves are lacking in their own life and have little or no ability. It says a lot for society that these areas exist and that such areas have followers, but on the grand scale of life it literally does separate the scum from the broth beneath.

For many being wrong is shameful, it's a lack of face in some cultures, but that default assumes that one has to be always right and that credential just does not exist, there is no one on planet earth who is forever correct including the insipid press and media. What lies behind our incorrect actions, predictions, assumptions is key to why we get things wrong, sometimes or in some cases nearly always, even with the best will in the world outside forces dictate our final stance. Those that never do anything can be the culprits of worse negativity than those that do and get it wrong, as those that get it wrong are more likely to be able to effect corrections and modifications far quicker and more effectively than the majority who sit and wait for others to do it for them, and then still haven't a clue.
Corrections, modifications, a change of stance, direction, attitude is how we learn, it's how we evolve, and what might be correct one week may not the next and our ability to understand and adapt is crucial.

Some areas of life are almost changing weekly such as in the food industry where one day we will be living on borrowed time if we eat a certain food, then two weeks later it's the best thing we could take for longevity, and the week following it's all rescinded, and so it goes on. Government and councils make horrific mistakes because they are predominantly run by people who rely on consultants and don't in themselves have any intrinsic knowledge or a feeling for what they do, it's almost always based upon "it was a good idea at the time" but it usually isn't as much of what is implemented it's what has to be drastically changed shortly afterwards. Success is based upon things going wrong, so it eliminates much of the fault lines and leaves what's left as a more true and pure source to work more efficiently. Never be frightened to go for it, make a difference, make an opportunity work, forget that it may be wrong especially if you have done your research. Many a product launch fails one time to work the next, it's just the way it is.

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