Thursday, 17 March 2011


We are a product of who we are, regardless of our environment, our circumstances our upbringing and anything else how we interact with all that is down to us, it has to be it can't be anyone else, no one else lives our lives. It's easy to blame or put credentials as to why we are like we are but that is a big let down and a lie, for if we know why we are like we are then there's a conscious understanding as to why we act and talk like we do and can't be bothered to change it all. In short it smacks of narrow mindedness, stupidity and divisive selfishness, expecting everyone else to accept you as a less than total person because of your own smug attitude. Would you even want to trust someone like this if they can't respect themselves and try to improve their lot it then holds that the chances that their verve towards you isn't that great either, even if the talk sounds good, but then that's always the easy part. We are all different and talk differently, it's what makes us as individuals the people we are, and whilst we don't expect perfection we do like to see in others something that resonates with our way of thinking and degrees of compatible understanding or something even better, perhaps even admire or aspire to. When we meet others we immediately look for "how compatible" are they with us, as nice as they may be it takes only a few negative notions or traits to allow that initial excitement to cool off fairly rapidly, and then shortly thereafter that person loses their sparkle in our eyes as we think we can 'see through them', whatever that is or means. Our friends and family vary too, and what once was good and great can stretch the relationship from close to arms length because either party has evolved or changed stance which now reflects different views or possibly at times even regressed somewhat and thus has less of a pull when it comes to excitement of life itself or general conversation.

Our environment and how others perceive it or us is a direct relationship for most people on how they present themselves and what they say. Those that are positive by nature get on better in life than those who aren't, those who aren't see dullness and lack as a stumbling block whilst others see failure as a prelude to something that yet hasn't happened but an intermediate learning curve to enjoying better fruits all around. If we talk in a certain way, experience life in a certain way, have narrow views on aspects of life, have narrow experience on aspects of life have narrow thoughts on aspects of life and cosset ourselves in a world of "all about us" then that is a recipe for the "Wallpaper Effect" it's how you show yourself to others, It's a backdrop you carry around with you, it's a staid view of life no matter how life hits you it all seems to come back to the self same thing and revolves around the dullness of negativity and oobtuseness and often out of calibre with the rest of life and that manifests itself as a stain on your already detailed wallpaper. Even if others like what you say or even look like, if there is a discord in how you perceive or understand or "come to terms" with certain aspects they will move away as some areas of progress are just so crucial to moving forward, and others have a life of their own which doesn't have to include putting up with your ineptitude or stubbornness. And whilst as individuals we may have some grand philanthropic mind set that we think is just and great, it won't by and large get you anywhere other than landing on the snakes in life's 'snakes and ladders' existence. Grand mind sets are best kept to oneself until such times as they can be put to the test with adequate backup as one could end up being even more isolated and receive no respect for their ideas, which is deep down what they are seeking.

We see celebrities taking drugs, getting drunk, having brawls, going to rehab, some even become synonymous with such as their "Wallpaper" is a motley shade of disharmony, unrest, plight, ego, fear, sadness, longing, unquenched love, desire, arrogance, sadness, tears, neediness, and a whole lot more, it's all got a lifespan, unfortunately many individuals never get to see the end of it. For other mortals the self same thing exists in different formats but never the less it's very real, what we all experience whether it's more or less than others it's very real to us and we feel the pain or happiness like only we can. It may be comforting to know that we are not alone in what we are feeling but it doesn't stop it. The "wallpaper effect" can be our very downfall not even knowing that we have such a thing, but others will definitely know, even those who don't know us so well if described to them will say "Oh yes that's so and so" not realising just how much information they have subliminally picked up on that person. Communing with life is a great way to expand the mind, the opposite of that is a way to narrow the mind and both show the results of either situation. Our character is one thing, it's often difficult to modify just how we are, although our self input into life can be what we want it to be, we have to market ourselves even if we haven't got a natural disposition towards life nothing heavy or contrived but enough to make people think we aren't the first "zombie" that they've come into contact with, or that the reason they are lonely is because they are really boring.

Individuals and companies have a persona of their own, it's sometimes the charismatic chairman sometimes the quality or innovative nature of the products they produce and sometimes it's because they sell expensive goods cheaply, it all conforms to a 'wallpaper' backdrop which is usually upheld by PR and brand advertising until at such time a re-brand is needed to re-position and smarten up and update the brand into a more modern and acceptable form. Humans are no different if we don't update our mind software from time to time we will be left behind and no amount of rhetoric will shift the stance as by that time everyone else will have moved on.

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