Tuesday 22 March 2011


Our minds can be very complex if we allow them free reign, we should at all times be in control of who we are and not allow it to take control and us to follow in a sheep like manner and suffer all the negative consequences that will come upon us. Our differences and thoughts and perceptions on life make us at times see things from an alien perspective, yet, the base credentials are almost always the same for everyone. We all want to live a good and honest and enjoyable life free from as many upsets and pressures as we can be and want to be able to commune with friends, family, loved ones and anyone else who we come into contact with. Unfortunately man being what he is and the evilness of religion (which is nothing to do with God - religion is man made) stops us from ever achieving such goals, and en-route we have divisive people such as Hitler, Saddam Hussein, the despot rulers in Africa and so on that will try anything to achieve their dream even with the suppression and killing of others for their goals. Two countries(although not exclusively) one can never ever trust are Russia and China, their goal posts are on casters and they move them whilst they speak, they too will stop at nothing be it killing and the use of brutal armed force to achieve what they want, they have no hesitation in doing so ever. All Islamic countries uphold killing for their own ideology, people are expendable as one can see daily in the press.The television stations are full of staid old commentators (guests or in house) who they wheel out time and time again to regurgitate the same comments on the same subjects, such is their armchair expertise and mostly they get much of it wrong. But that's not important to the media it's the programmes interest rate at the time and nothing more such is the transient nature of what is becoming "ZOO Television", especially in the afternoons where the brain dead watch the brain dead. It rekindles one's belief almost in a new zombie culture where couch potatoes develop diabetes, mental health problems, laziness, muscle failure and lose sight of life itself.

On a more personal note those who literally do their best in life, put on a brave face and try as hard as they can, never giving up and smiling in the face of adversity are wanting more. Governments can't help and neither can religious leaders as they are the worst planners and forward thinkers on the planet, in fact if we had to rely on them we would all be dead, most of them contributing nothing to life but hardship and emptiness.What's to do, and how do we know what to do, and if we know how, how do we literally enact it all from the framework in which we currently live. We live and die within our minds, our whole life lives in our minds everything we do is in our minds, our loves, likes, dislikes, upsets, laughter, sadness, our abilities, our strengths our weaknesses and our successes and our failures. It's not our material possessions that make us who we are although in a material world they certainly do play a part in how we see ourselves and there's no way of getting away from that.We can't hide ever behind smart rhetoric unless we are politicians because it never works, we just kid ourselves. Even when we are in doubt or perplexed thought, the deed of doing nothing is tantamount to failure and giving up because it allows life to take us where it wants to go and in the process thwarts whatever resolve we have for ourselves. Doing something when all around is doing it's own things makes for us to commune with life and avail ourselves of possibilities most of which we would never ever consider or have thought about, such is the smugness of doing nothing.

Today more than ever people are disengaging from life, they feel almost helpless in their abilities in trying to either resolve their situation or make headway to some better place. Of course it's all back to square one again, we live in our minds, life is as it is, if we need to make headway we have to move, it's that simple, engaging in self thought is facile and useless, engaging with others at no matter what level allows us to leave the place of staid and negative thought and break free from the torpid calm which we have allowed to happen. Facing the future with a happy outlook no matter how bad it is, making light of disasters and elevating our experience as just that is what makes those who do, do, and those who don't don't. Whatever besets and befalls us lives only in our mind, nowhere else, we only make of it what we do no one else does. The future is in our mind, happiness is within and all that's good lies within, and if we choose to share the goodness then so much better but the negativity no one wants, they have their own course and need as much light as possible, not that input of impending gloom generated by others.

Of course we may need help, we may need encouragement not everyone is entrepreneurial and can generate the impetus themselves, but life and advancement is open to all, not just a few, singling out successful people in the public gaze is nothing compared to the hundreds of millions of individuals who have carved a niche out for themselves from seemingly improbably areas of life. The beauty of evolution is that it's always opening up new avenues and doesn't have favourites, it doesn't hinder some at the expense of others, and whilst life and progress is not linear it's still an open pathway to venture forth and enjoy the fruits of creative labour. We are the product of ourselves, the future starts today not yesterday, what happens tomorrow starts today, and what lies in store is open for ongoing negotiation. What ever happened is the past, what can happen lies in tomorrows vision of endless possibilities, it's all back down to how we think and feel and present ourselves and how positive we are. All the great successes have libraries of failure experiences and can all laugh in hindsight at what they had to endure, go through, put up with and everything else, but paying your entrance fee to success is but 'par for the course'. Of course you can procrastinate and make assumptions that you are worse off than everyone else and that every one else has better opportunities than you, but if that's the case it's purely mind talk taking over, and until you take control of your own mind then nothing will happen except by default. The ball is in your court, where it always has been.

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