Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Within our lives we have a multitude of circumstances and events that help shape who we are and how we think. There is a reality situation which is all about how it really is and a philosophical thought process based upon conjecture and how we deem it is via our own contrived thoughts. The latter may in fact not be too far from the truth but the bottom line is that it won't change a solitary thing unless we either make change happen itself or come to terms more succinctly with whom we are. The future is always open to what we have in mind even if it doesn't quite turn out like we had intended, which is often the case, but that doesn't for one minute mean it can't be better. One of the biggest problems that most people suffer from is acute narrow mindedness, we get an incling of what's available in life and what we can possibly manage then make a 'bee' line for it negating potential and possibilities that come before us, which then leaves us forever short and frustrated. What is 'out there' is amazingly enormous, there lies ahead of us a massive array of possible and fabulous options that we don't know exists, that we are not privy to in our insular world of "I know what I want" or even "I don't know what I want". Failure for many is allowing their own narrowness to negate the good and the great because initially it seems alien and doesn't fall within the self defined, narrow, dull and boring divisive pathway that's been created to whizz us through to success, which it probably won't. Life holds no prisoners nor has any favourites, it has bigger and better things to do than to tamper with whom we are and our minuscule emotional stance on it all. Even those around us who love us have their own pathway to tread so it really is down to us to "go for it" no matter how small the initial step may happen to be. It takes a small pin to burst a big balloon, and "boy" do you know it when it goes off bang.

In between our ailments, our financial circumstances, our work or home environment, our friends or lack of them, what we wear and eat, what we watch on television, any recreation we take part in and anything else that's apt, we need to live, and "LIVE" in capitals, not the live which equates to "survive" and have an instant dialogue at the ready to say why that is to confirm our stance. It's just so easy to be experts on our life situation, but deep down others see through it all, not that we are telling lies or even making up stories, it just doesn't ring a bell with most people as they like to be stimulated even a little by others self determination. Of course within our communing with life and others there are many levels of thought consciousness and intelligence and to some degree there can be a compatibility problem especially if one thinks in an entirely different way, but that's OK too, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. But if we think in a different way, and assuming that way is perhaps a little more "out of the box" or even "extraordinarily zany" then we should be both happy about that fact, and be able to cope with those who don't, can't or won't understand. We DON'T need permission from anyone to be who we are, NOR do we need permission to please others OR aquiess to say things in a way that they will understand or make it more palatable for, unless we feel there is a real need at times to do so. We DON'T need people around us who DON'T understand, unless they are perhaps our parents - but they love us anyway regardless etc, otherwise what are we doing mixing with "undesirable aliens" then complaining that "nobody understands" that really sucks and undermines who you are as a person. It also stands out that there is something wrong in the communication department when it comes to the bigger picture. We have "friends / acquaintances" at different levels and that's all OK too, none of it should need explanation nor credential, our friends for whatever reason are our friends and if we don't like our 'friends friends' it's because there isn't a bond with between us and them as there is with our intermediary friend.

Living each day we should find some "joy" and not revert to "Oh how can I enjoy life like this", "when things get better", or make up any other such statement as an admonishment of how we are as that will become our backdrop for life and we will then find that 'nothing' is the operative word and deed in our world and we will then attract "nothing". If we can't see any goodness no matter what it is even the "spring  shoots" or the "autumn colours" or whatever it denotes that our minds are more than insular they are selfishly switched to "poor old me" which isolates us in an instant, and that really hardens our minds, our thoughts, our spirit, our soul, our thought process and we seek constantly for negativity as that's become our "buzz" word as opposed to hope, potential, love, fun, harmony, friendship, helping, giving, life, etc, etc. If we keep accounts on who does what for whom then that's also a litmus tests as to how we think, and it's not to say that we need to be a sponge to everyone, but the difference between the two scenarios is very great. If one has to think about giving and receiving in life then it already shows that there is a mean streak within, although many would not like to admit it and in fact mean people always think they are the most generous on the planet - in their dreams. It's also strange that those who constantly talk about the "evilness of wealth" are always those who never have any money, everyone else gets on with life, it does get boring with this narrowness of thought.

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