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It's difficult at times to come to terms with aspects of life, what we are personally going through has nothing to do with what others are experiencing whether it be to a greater or lesser degree, one thing doesn't not enhance or reduce our own plight. Talk is what it is, it can be cheap or meaningful, it can be that of cold callous afternoon television rhetoric the "Zoo TV slots" of making fun of unfortunate people for cheap programmes or it can be saged words that hit home and almost give an instant remedy to what we need to hear, as opposed to what we want to hear. Finding the right information or help can be a task in itself, there are books written on a whole manner of "Self Help" situations often containing excellent content, but they rarely work otherwise they would be up on sales equivalent to the Bible hitting No1 position year in year out. Many 'self help' authors have been in therapy themselves and their writing reflects at times past questions and ideas from their counsellors, some of whom aren't that stable either. The complexity of the human mind is as simple as it is literally complex, stability is one of the key factors of modern society and it shouldn't be as the way forward for each and every one of us is different even if we encounter similar or parallel situations. Trying to conform to stereotype "complaints" which psychiatrists and the like have put a name to makes matters even worse, where once we coped, now we have an official complaint and rarely a cure, just a smart word for it, 'stress' being the over used name and often culprit of  nothing more than being busy or having a lot to do.

It can be a lonely pathway for any individual trying to reconcile who they are, what they are, where they are going and what's going to happen over and above the obvious. For the majority of the population all these areas are either transient aspects of personal growth or limited 'time lines' in between areas of life which throws the mind into a semi-quandary to soon dissipate as life takes a turn for the better and the mundanity of our past thoughts pale into the background of life and soon become a distant memory. For some however or those going through a "challenging" phase of life it is a very real world of mayhem, bleak reality, lack, misunderstanding, trying to find an inner home of contentment, isolation and a feeling of being the "only one" but that is just a feeling nothing more, it's also allowing selfishness to take a hold too, which is not good. How we react to anything is governed to some extent as to how we are "hard wired" and some make a bigger meal out of things than others, some can smile at adversity whilst others just cower down and cause life to be worse than it is, everything in life is a perception from within. It goes without saying that the more positively minded we are the better life will always be and we will see more opportunities than those who constantly dwell on the negativity and miss out on the opportunities that pass them by.

Of course resolution is the name of the game and this has no set time frame, so it could be an overnight success that hits home or it could last a number of years as could be the case, either way we have to live proficiently at the same time or we will lose respect for ourselves and the ability to see life from a good position, always experiencing steep highs and deep lows. This also isn't any good and fosters again selfishness and pathetic insularity towards being smug and opting out at times veering on the side of cossetting the inner self. If this happens then we even lose track of what our plight is and it becomes a  way of life more than a temporary situation regardless of how long temporary is. Our plight can be exacerbated by financial lack, illness, family, friends, let down and all the other things that everyone else on the planet experiences at some time in their lives, so piling these things on to what we have already have is just another smugness of our own making to try and find even more excuses as to why we can't go forward, it's at times easy to hide behind excuses than not, but doing so lowers the pit of darkness even further. We build our reality, it's nothing to do with circumstances or situations they are as they are, they have not singled us out as they have no concern towards us, we have all the ability we need to progress and find the elevator at the bottom of the pit, the one that all the others have similarly found when they looked and exited on to higher brighter Terra firma to smell and feel and taste life as it should be.

The "darkness" is an overwhelming feeling of "temporal nothingness" it has to be experienced to feel the void within and has nothing to do at times with a lack of anything in particular, although it usually is, it's the feeling that there is a piece of the jigsaw missing and where to find it if ever is forever illusive. That illusive aspect of "will it ever", "can it ever" and worse "what if it doesn't" is self induced selfishness, life only needs to supply the smallest of attributes for all these feelings to evaporate, like the satisfaction of finding your car keys. Your big expensive car with all it's advanced servo-electrical systems just stays on  the drive until you find your keys, and that's the self same thing with life, it's the keys that elevate and propel life forward. The big steel safety doors are opened in a flash with your six digit code, but without such a code it's you and an in penetrative barrier. The codes, the keys are all out there, there's no conspiracy to stop you or anyone else from seeking and finding them, they exist in abundance. At times though we prefer our own take on "luck" or "chance" to intervene and then all will be well, it won't forget that, you have to do it, full stop. And as best we can, no matter how we are "hard wired" we have to be positive and stop dwelling on hypothetical and intellectual mind conversations because they lead nowhere to the outside world, and end up being an endless loop of internal dimension. How we exist is crucial and whether we are mono-minded or able to multi-task it matters not, we need to break free from our own self delusions that the jigsaw piece is the key it's not, we are not inanimate, we are fluid and what one sees today could be different tomorrow and therefor the pieces themselves mutate to reflect our surroundings. It's at the end of the day down to us, comparisons of others are futile, it's us, us, us, us, us and what others do or happens is towards them, not us. Let's take ownership right now and walk our pathway, that way we will at least have every opportunity when it happens, and the will to take full advantage of it and not have ethereal strings tied to imponderable areas of life that we created out of self pity. When we can take ownership we can then proficiently look after all else, but until that time we are almost useless to everyone especially ourselves.

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