Friday, 10 June 2011


There are more than we know of people walking all around us on the verge of crying. It's not a new phenomenon, it's been here for a long time, it's just that in some areas of life it's becoming more open and not a closeted world which is cocooned in isolation. For these people life has almost become unbearable in that they have become robotic in style and live for the sake of living. We see people and even think we know them but in reality we know little or nothing of how they think or feel or indeed cope in life. We can all at times have burdens upon us which life throws a spanner in the works such as illness, bereavement, financial loss, relationships, work, or our own purpose, etc, it's all very painful and emotionally taxing, but for some their burden is akin to it being welded to their soul and as a penance they have to endure life for what it is for them. Most people try and put on a brave face and weather the storm seeking to find both hope and glints of light to get some sort of resolution upon which to hang peace and stability. However the big picture dictates, as it always does that we seek from within life for a better perspective than the melancholic approach that can so very often overtake us and gets us to wallow in our own sorrow and self pity, neither of which is smart nor does us any good what so ever. Allowing negativity to provide comfort is always bad, moody and selfish people throwing tantrums, sulking, slamming doors, sighing, stamping feet, in forced isolation and sleep for the sake of it, etc, all pathetic stuff by pathetic people.

Our world lives and moves and creates a life with our own mind, nowhere else, what we think we do with instructions direct from source - our mind, even if we at times wonder why we did or do things, it's all augmented by our own thought process. The standard sayings of "they made me mad", "they made me do it" are in effect the greatest cop outs one can have. Granted what was said to you may have caused some degree of consternation but then applying your own ego, arrogance, pride and all the rest to the conversation you fuelled your own heightened emotion which took over from logic and caused a degree of lack, which is what it is, and reduced yourself to a state whereby your emotions are now leading your motives and actions and not your logical thought. This is a common problem in the Middle East where many think emotionally before logically, hence on going problems and endless broken resolutions. Most great leaders are those that can keep cool in times of stress hence they tend to be more creative and faster at finding solutions than those who start to panic and fuss and get nowhere fast. Often making a fuss is a call for attention and the way we make a fuss dictates whether we are looking for praise or sympathy, either way it's not a good reaction to have and tends to highlight insecurity and a deeper need within us and possibly degrees of insecurity and lacking in positive leadership abilities or personal directives.

The facade that many put up is for self preservation, it's their own personal "firewall" that protects them from "harmful" or "potentially destructive" elements in life that could easily topple their fragile structure within. We all in our daily lives have the ability to cope even in heated circumstances, but when one is suffering deeper or more serious problems the reaction of the mind is to increase its defences and shield ourselves from as much as possible including prying eyes so that we can have more personal time and some degree of solace to hopefully cope better. The problem with anyone under either stressful conditions or life burdens is that at times one can lose the ability to be open and often shroud one's thoughts to an extent that one becomes almost illusive or even a little vacant with regards everyone around them as well as less observant and the ability to laugh easily. Wrapped in personal thoughts always has its consequences but when deep thoughts become a way of life they have the overall effect of creating a sub-life, i.e. living a life within one's general life and making it work too. To live life we must both love and laugh, if either are out of balance then life seems an uphill struggle and we dwell on the minutiae missing totally the bigger picture and the solutions. We can't find solutions if we dwell on the problems and that's where most fall foul of themselves then feel both isolated, under par, excluded and become tetchy and open to abuse as they radiate negative energy, it's almost a self created scenario that should never ever come into existence, although few realise it and haven't a clue as to how to cope and rectify the situation.

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