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Hey, who doesn't have a moan at times, who doesn't feel that certain others or foreigners are taking advantage of a system or opportunity at the expense of "the home grown lot". Where others opinions clash with your own and you find it almost incomprehensible that governments or politicians do or say what they do, or that "politically correct" morons have enforced something that should never have even been considered. Well, we can go on all day like this because it's a fact of life that these things are with us and people being people do all sorts of unjust, stupid things and pathetic actions are done or taken. We only have to see the celebrity line up where in some circumstances stupidity and self grandoise- ment is actually a credential or pre-requisite for being where they are, as are the follow up procedures in psychiatric clinics, rehab and everything else which tends to be the only support they get. Our daily news is full or "so called experts" who are often in effect journalists who just know about a subject and do very little else, hence much of the time their rhetoric is almost "stating the obvious" very few have anything illuminating or enlightening to say not that it matters because the public forget what was said the previous day anyway, news today is more of a show than an informative programme. Hysteria and sensationalism are more important than bold cold unadulterated truths, not perhaps quite as sexy but at least you get more of what you want into the allotted times and not a 'behind news desk' version of bias, stupidity and all the rest that seems to emanate from that source.

Even the most bland person has a thought bias, we all have a bias, if we didn't we wouldn't have an opinion, it's where that opinion comes from that produces the anger or placidity of our statements. Much of our opinion is based on 'what's in it for us', which is the creed of anything in the Financial Services which resides upon its' own God the worshipful God of Banking - greed at all costs. With the various wars raging around the world and instability especially of religious intent becoming rife opinions fly around like fireworks going off in the box. Where global politicians have reached an "all time low" in the credibility stakes, and governments, United Nations, the EEC Parliament, etc, are seen more as cash cows for those that walk through their doors than anything else, such is their almost aloof stance when it comes to accountability and inner corruption. Whole societies such as the Middle East are almost impotent in the global realm of things for without oil they are but nothing and powerless, no one wants their on going instability and thus they remain prisoners in their own countries battling with archaic and empty religious diatribe that's causing great unrest and holding back the progress for the vast majority of those that live their.

We are fed a menu of bias, it's up to us which bias we prefer, the one which resonates with our way of thinking and thus we choose the publications, news slots that tend to be more in line with our thoughts. We even choose our friends and partners that share the same or similar views as we feel more confident and comfortable with them in our company. Our morals and ways of living all show our credentials in the way we display same to the world at large. Social networks come up with some of the weirdest opinions about the most diverse topics, from political to social to life itself and aspects within it. Many are from relatively narrow minded people who do very little in life but share an ongoing anger and it all comes out in their statements and the language used. Anger is one of the most common aspects of sharing an opinion or unrest or unease, and how that is portrayed defines our knowledge, depth of understanding and languid ability. Even someone with a relatively restricted vocabulary can be pertinent and to the point without being rude, although some use rudeness as punctuation feeling it smart, it's not, but then that shows up too.

Most things in life are transient, they have a "shelf life" and then they either become mundane, dull, run out of steam or just plain boring. Even news of wars after a time pale into degrees of insignificance as more up to date news takes over even if the new news is hollow and has no value.  Expert advice is relative and may not at all be right and proper for purpose based on what one is seeking or requires, nothing in life is purely black and white except life itself. Of course there are people who are knowledgeable in what they do or know and have an easy way or portraying same with an openness and understanding that's both soluble and palatable by just about anyone, even if it ruffles a few feathers. Sadly the media doesn't have enough of such people so it's still down to us to assess the best we can with the information we hold and go forward with it. Most expert advice is of little use to us it's about subjects and areas beyond our control and we don't know if they are right or wrong anyway. Making the best decisions for yourself is always the best route forward even if at times you could have been better informed. But controlling life from the self is far better than giving it away to strangers, every time.

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