Monday 2 August 2010


There's so much written about "Spirituality" from people who haven't a clue, there's so much clap trap embedded in dogma and mythological diatribe that it appears that it's the lost and bewildered who are the ones who try and seek out what they are missing out in life. It's strange to note that "ALL" those religions and cultures that worship "mother earth" "Hallowed land" "burial places" have either died out or are beyond "third world" status. i.e. those that place spirituality as almost a venerated area are failures.If one believes in "spirituality" then the material by definition has no place, and even graveyards have no link with spirituality as "spirit" is now beyond the material.

Life is for the living, and those that go out on a limb to India or other places to seek out Gurus do so at the cost of giving up on society by and large. There are many ways to attain that "higher self" understanding and it's "horses for courses" as we are all different, but for the masses, i.e. the world population as a whole it's totally impractical and unnecessary to seek what we already have within us. Our makeup and thoughts dictate what our needs are and it's usually the lost, pathetic and selfish that seem to need to find in "spirituality" what others can do without as they understand already who they are and their purpose or it doesn't pose a problem as they have "other" things to get on with.

The word "spirituality" is in itself a bit of an anathema in that very few can define it succinctly, although many have their version of what it is but still don't know the mechanics nor attributes or base definitions of how it comes about. Whether we believe in God or not we all have a "spiritual" aspect to us, the physical has the commonality of molecular construction, the spiritual goes beyond to the ethereal without constraints and has nothing to do with the stupidity of religious leaders who don't know anymore than the regurgitated doctrines written on yesterdays fast food wrappers.

Unrest in society has almost by default placed "spirituality" as the answer  (or one of them) to "finding oneself" and that if we can commune with the cosmos or the universe all will be revealed. Death is our only release from molecular construction, our spirit as always goes beyond and it's up to us to enjoy the here and now for if we don't then we have not only wasted our lives, we have defaulted upon purpose for spirit is purposeful and if we seek to find what isn't lost we are really speaking from a dark orifice of life itself. Those that find aspects of purpose, meaning, self, un-fulfillment etc of life an issue, they have brought it about themselves upon which the cure is "self". Those that continue to be lost in life at whatever level they reside do so by their own hand of destruction and latter life disappointment and unrest and often mental problems.

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